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This is how left tackles get around 💀 @flashhayer
#25 was feelin himself 🔥🤣
Why is he drinking coffee right before practice 😭💀 . 🎥 tigerfamilylife~/yt
It’s a shame that we will never see hits like this in the nfl without a flag getting called 🙃
Can’t ever get too cocky... (via @bellatormma )
The opponents cornerman sucker punched this guy after he got a DQ win 👀😳
Caption this... 😂💀 (via @chiefs )
Retired Michael Jordan went to a Bulls practice to play 1v1 against Corey Benjamin a Bulls player who said he could beat Jordan... 👀 (via @ballervisions )
idek how I would react if this happened to me 💀 @sloppymaddenplays
Jarvis Landry laid down a HUGE block on Taron Johnson 😳 (via @thecheckdown )
This man had the best seat in the house 😅💀
Shannon Sharpe called the national guard to help the patriots defense 💀😂 @nfl
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