Grrrrrrecia ;)πŸ’•

Im a 21year old Latasian from Texas. Follow my youtube channel for fun trips and videos <3 Snapchat: itsfatjoebitch

Changed 1 lover for the night. We're 4 lovers now xD hahaha πŸ’•
Another picture of us. The 3 sexy lovers πŸ’•
Throwback with my girlfriend and a girl i met because i was too drunk xD (shes my friend)
He will forever be my 3rd babyπŸ’• #oldpic
Something i made a whilr back :3
Beauty πŸ˜‹
On top of the world πŸ’•
I look so mad here i love it xD!
Love them so much <3
My facceee on yoouuurrr sexyyy phone!
My passion.
Day 10 #keto
In love with this product! Thank you so much LushπŸ’• @lushcosmetics
10/20/18 To my best friends averys 21st birthday party :D everything looked amazing and scary >:)
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