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Cults were great at Velorama. Can’t wait to see a full set of just them someday.
Really loved doing these senior portraits for long-time pals. ❤️
Two members of @wildermiss got married last week (and I finally got the photos of their @veloramafestival set edited last night). Happy wedding, friends!
Matt and Kim are just incredible. As performers, as people, as pretty much everything.
Have you ever seen @dragondeer live? If not, you should fix that. They have some cool Denver shows coming up.
Always a fun time with this lady, especially at a @thehollowmusic show. ❤️
These two have been friends since they were toddlers. One has been singing her whole life, one did his first solo tonight. Love them both. ❤️
Mavis came to @grandoozy ready to play, y’all. Damn, that was good.
De La Soul put on a great show but I especially appreciated when they genuinely asked photographers to put down their cameras and dance along for a bit “since we work so hard all day at these things.” 😍
We’ll be back inside you soon, Mexico.
You never really think about the literal heat artists with big stage productions endure until you have 10 foot flames exploding over your head.
The last time our kid was in Europe he was this size. Later this year, we head to London to start looking at colleges. 😳
This is what’s called a dream come true.
The Growlers were a a trippy end to Day 2 of Velorama!
Ever seen @theunlikelycandidates live? They are incredible.
I had not heard of Rainbow Kitten Surprise before Velorama, but I definitely will never miss them again. Wow. @rksbandofficial @veloramafestival
Had a mammogram today in honor of what would have been my mom’s 78th birthday. Miss you Heidi, Oma and Greta! ❤️
@coldwarkids is one my favorite bands to see live and to photograph. ❤️
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