Art of Gregory Rodriguez

Tiny Greg Owner/artist @victoryinktattoo _______ TRAVEL @goldenstatetattooexpo Jan 25th-27th 2019

Love doing these! Thank you again @username_kim_s
From day 2 @eviantattooshow such an amazing show!!!
Finally got to do this little guy! Here on day 1 @eviantattooshow #iamgroot #wearegroot
Fun one from a few weeks ago!!!🧜‍♂️ #tridenttattoo
YO!!! I WOULD LOVE TO DO MORE HALLOWEEN TATTOOS!! Email or dm me your ideas!!! #inktober
Are you looking for someone to light your way? I got you homie.
Here's a Healed pic of this little guy!! Thanks again @cadi_lack11
Always have a blast doing flowers!!
Started this piece in Tahoe @tahoetattooshow finally got to finish it on @chrisfuckingarber thanks again man!
Fun jammer from last week! @victoryinktattoo #coveruptattoo
Lil dinos are the coolest!! Thanks again @cadi_lack11
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