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It’s the most wonderful time of the year...🎅🏻🎄 the Jew who loves Xmas beyond words. I am so cheesy, I cannot help it. Dreading those Xmas blues come 12/26😩 who feels me?!
Vintage shopping, holiday parties, working together, girls nights, too much eating, deep talks, watching stupid shows, snuggling, sitting in silence, driving all over LA and so much has been too fun having my bff @t_mommy in town the past few days. We are 37 going on 27 and own every minute of it. Don’t go home 😩 So blessed to have such great friends in my life. Friendship is everything to me. Better than therapy. 👩🏽👱🏼‍♀️
Just a girl on a boat, in her happy place at the water. To be young again...with no worries or real fears. Innocence is so beautiful. ✨ Flashing back this Friday to paradise with our littles.
Let’s not judge one another. Let’s accept people for who they are and not make assumptions. We can learn from eachother. Life would be so boring if we were all the same. Stay humble and open minded. You do not know it all. Individuality is rad. Happy Sunday all! I love you all for you! Don’t change. Keep it real. Teach your babies the same message and lead by example. Such a good reminder this time of year. And happy first day of Hannuka my fellow tribe members❤️
This is Davie Dahl, my baby girl. I’m so lucky to be her mama. She’s so cool guys. Cooler then I ever was. She plays flag football, doesn’t need a million friends, eats gefilte fish at the deli, loves god, only wears activewear, hates getting her nails done, loves her brother so much, cries happy tears, loves essential oils, listens to hip hop and the list goes on. We could not be more opposite, but our bond and love for eachother is unreal. Daughters are the best gift. My best friend for life. Feeling emo today on her💕
Still dreaming of our @wwdmagic Vegan Thanksgiving supporting the @peta x @coalition_la clothing line. 🍂🌿It was nice to learn about the fashion options we have when it comes to vegan leather and faux fur. I’m by no means perfect when it comes to this topic but I’m learning. We can all can make our own progress on this journey on how it feels right for each of us as an individual.
Missing Maui today 🌴This was the best view. Nothing like quality time with my favorite people. Back to reality today. I have a case of the Monday’s. Bye👋🏼
MY FASHION COMMUNITY IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST😭 I want to thank all the MAGIC brands, boutiques and industry friends who reached out to help those in my town who lost their homes to the fires. They do not even know these families but are doing what they can to help. I love you all, you are truly MAGIC. ✨ Tap the photo to see all these amazing fashion leaders!
This has been the craziest past week that I for the first time ever almost forgot it was our anniversary today! On 11/11/06, I was lucky enough to marry my high school sweetheart. 22 years later, we stand by eachother through the good and bad. Marriage is not easy. It takes work, patience, love, trust and support. Don’t let social media fake it to you. We only post the highlights. But we work at it daily. That is our commitment to eachother. This man has always loved me for me and let me be the exact person I have become. I love you so much babe. 23 years together, 12 years married, 2 beautiful kids... you have given me so much to be grateful for. I still choose you. @cus88 ❤️ swipe left to see our baby pics together.
What a terrible past couple days for my village. Those of you who are part of this community feel the grief and those watching from a far, thank you for all the love. The shooting at borderline and now the fires, how much more can our city handle? We are safe & have our loved ones. Sending so much love to my community, friends and family. We will get through this together. Just breathe. 🧘🏻‍♀️ #westlakevillage #thousandoaks #thousandoaksstrong
True. Is it a problem I do both?😂😂😂 #reallife
It’s not easy to make a convention center or tradeshow look pretty and like a fashion event. But our deco team nails it everytime. Dreaming of our tropical vibes at #Fameshow 🌺🌴🍍counting down the 2 months until we head to NYC for Fame and @accessoriestheshow ✨who’s coming???
That’s a wrap on Halloween. Now we can finally move on to Christmas!!!!🎅🏻🎄 Let the countdown begin!!!! Tag your Holiday obsessed bestie!
Halloween is my second fav holiday! 8 weeks to Christmas is what Halloween really means! Much love from Bloody Football Player, Sandy from Grease and Groot💀
That’s right all you pretty princesses 👸🏻Happy friYAY! As a serious shopper, I support brick + mortar shops and online stores, plus vintage. It’s an amazing time in fashion for us all to have access to so much great product! And on that note, some of my most fav online shops you need to be checking out: @asos @showpo @lulus @netaporter @agaci_store @iamgia @treasuresofnyc @classic_coco @therealreal 💥 you’re welcome. Xo
Last night I had the honor to host a launch event for the west coast opening of @mm6maisonmargiela in West Hollywood. The best part of all was our #bossbabes panel and raising awareness for the charity @together1heart. I absolutely loved meeting each and every person who came out to support. When I have the opportunity to speak about the career hustle and balancing a family, it always makes me happy. It’s really true, you can do it all. You can have a great career and a family. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise!!!! It was such an honor to also hear the inspiring thoughts from my bae’s @iamrachelmccord and @harmoniekrieger . To hear my career and work life balance advice, you can watch my IGTV episode on my profile. Excuse my overly candid self in advance 🙈 I’m so awkward. Xo
Woke up in Palm Springs this morning feeling super grateful. Spent a full weekend with my immediate family celebrating my mama’s 69 + 🖕🏾birthday (70th)! We have never all vacationed together since having babies. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Family is everything. Make the time to be with yours always. This life goes by way too fast. #sensitivesunday
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