Graham Thomson

40 year old blogger, photographer and worrier from the UK. Currently using Canon 7D MkII or iPhone X.

Here are my new glasses. #selfie
‪Running a few errands in town so I thought I’d enjoy a few minutes to myself in the #park .‬
Got some vegetable kebabs sizzling away on the barbecue if you want to pop by. #kebab #vegan #vegetarian #barbecue
Rolling out for #PrideMonth ! #transformers #pride
‪A wise and good boy watched the sunset with me.‬ #dog #chocolatelab
It’s been 9 weeks since I was last on Instagram. So here’s a nice picture I took of a #flower !
‪Popped out to get some pic ‘n’ mix. ‬
‪The circus is in town!‬
‪Lovely weather for it.‬
This little fella let me get close.
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