OG Teddy P. 🐻

#NC #Vintage ... 🍝™ “Explicit Content” (No Promo)

When people tell me I drink too much soda....
“Bet dat up”
“... stashin under Craftmatic’s really sleepin on the cheese” 🗣 @2chainz
It ain’t on you it’s in you! 😂
“What you got hostility?.... I don’t get ass whippin’s, I gimm’out” 🤕
Be in your 3rd trimester around the time you find out the Benz was really rented! 😂
“Biggest bracelet in the game....”
Never Forgot... 😂 Wayne was clowning!!!!
Zachary wasn’t no hoe! 😭
“You about to meet em”
You forget to put the “😂” emoji at the end of your text, she’ll think you’re dead serious... Before you know it, her brother and cousin that just got out of prison is outside your house with baseball bats! LMAO
Never forgot...
“I still pull through the Stuy, with handguns as big as the ones Robocop pulled from his thigh” 🤯
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