OG Teddy P. 🐻

#NC #Vintage ... 🍝™

This is crazy! It’s all in the mind! 😂
They playin, come on home Auntie! 😘👡 @ashanti
“Remember we bought an ounce of glass from uncle Stanley old ass, tried to re-up and he wouldn’t serve us cause we sold it too fast?” 🤷🏾‍♂️
“They say the tongue is mightier than the sword”
😩 “It was raining.... you gonna let the thief go?”
Stay Dangerous...
This that 2013 Rich Homie! 🔥
📖 @chrisrock
“That part”
“Shout out my accountant cause I need some help to count it, hit the Rari lot and went and mounted 1st day out the county!!!!!” 🐏
WTF is wrong with y’all? LMAOOOOOOO
ON GOD! 😂 Let me get $1.75 on pump 2 and a pack of cigarettes! Then throw $10 worth of pennies on the counter! All while wearing a rain coat, 1 sock, and your shoes on the wrong foot.
I thought Michael Vick racing in the parking lot of Onyx was outlandish! Niggas out here sidesteppin twinkle toes! 😭 WTF
Gucci must’ve gotten a flu shot! 😂 This better not be da Wop!
Plain Sight Overheads... 🍀☘️
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