Guittard Chocolate Company

Family Owned and Operated for 150 years. #CultivateBetter #GuittardPro #Guittard150

Dark chocolate peppermint cake from @chef_scottgreen — cocoa rouge + 70% Complexité. Who wants in on the virtual dessert party? #GuittardPro
More cookies, please! Ask and you shall receive, straight from the @williamssonoma test kitchen, at that. Fun fact: our limited edition 150th anniversary blend is available at @williamssonoma stores through the holidays. 🍫💫 {📷@isabelleenglish }
Celebrating official #NationalCookieDay amidst (unofficial) national cookie month with these Salted Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies. {📷 and bakes by @theboywhobakes }. Now there’s really no excuse to not bake.
If you could taste the holidays, this is it: gingerbread panna cotta with cranberry gelee, roasted persimmon, sugared cranberries, ginger chantilly, golden cocoa nibs and gingerbread crumble. @pastrychefmatthew knows how to sprinkle all the holiday nostalgia. #guittardpro
On our 150th birthday, we’re donating a percent of proceeds from the sale of our Eureka Works Chocolate to the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative. Follow the link in our profile to learn why, to buy a bar and to give back. #GivingTuesday
Sometimes you just need to balance all the pecan and pumpkin with a little chocolate. Follow the link in our profile for a chocolate tart that’s perfection. {📷@theboywhobakes }
Chocolate “Chip” Cookies that are chewy, crunchy and everything in between. @contimoprovisions for the win. #GuittardPro
Delicious perfection on a plate. Virtual indulgence thanks to @normanloveconfections. #GuittardPro
Last night’s fifth course—The Pastel Imposible made with not one, not two, but three different chocolates, including our Eureka Works 150th Anniversary blend. Thank you @calasf x @truchaybacalao and Chef Kenny for designing an inventive and delicious menu that brought to life chocolate in all its glory. Check out our stories to see the courses. #Guittard150 {📷 @eringgg }
Sundazed via this deliciousness from @alsplacesf. A ‘payday’ bar reimagined in brownie decadence with a caramel-peanut filling sprinkles a nod to nostalgia. #guittardpro {📷@theculinaryedge }
This bat macaron is wishing everyone a Happppy Halloweeeeeeen. Blackberry ganache made with our single origin Ecuador National and from the kitchen of @chef_scottgreen. #guittardpro
From the pages of the latest issue of #bakefromscratch , @thebakefeed presents this triple chocolate cookie — chewy chocolate base + gooey ganache filling + a drizzle of melted chocolate = chocolate indulgence. You can find the recipe (and read the feature on our family biz, penned by 💗 @alicemedrich ) in their November/December issue. Link above. #guittard150
Celebrating all the cocoa farmers who make #NationalChocolateDay possible. 🌱🍫 #CultivateBetter
Spent a day with Fazenda Camboa—growers of the Brazilian cacao used in our 150th anniversary “Eureka Works” chocolate. Learn more about them and the other cacao used in the bar by following the link in our profile. #Guittard150 #CultivateBetter
‘Tis the season for panettone—but really it’s a year-long love affair over here. @thisisfromroy chocolate panettone perfection, captured by @alextestere. #guittardpro
The Black Forest, made with our limited edition 150th anniversary blend and the brainchild of our chef @chefdonaldwressell. Recipe in the link in our profile; buy the chocolate the same place. 🍫 #guittard150
Getting lost in this Tahini Brownie swirl. Thanks for the daydream @heartbeetkitchen and for the recipe, @bonappetitmag. 🌀
Chocolate chocolate chocolate from @noisettebakehouse. Blackout cake + decadent brownies + chocolate shards. Mmmmhmmmm. #guittardpro
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