Gunnar Thompson

Certain things in life happen for a reason and all you can do is learn from them and improve

So graduating tech school was pretty darn fun! Next stop Alaska!!!
Ugh I’m just sleepless thinking bout it but I’m so excited to head back home in 5 days!!! I’m extremely excited to see my family my goof ball friends and my puppers!!!
Although I do not consider myself to be a veteran, or anything that even pertains to being one. I am glad to have my great grandfather and my grandfather to follow. even though we are in three different services we all fight for the same cause. This week we should celebrate the ones who gave their lives to defend our great country no matter what race or what side of the spectrum you are on.
Dam, miss the days when I had barely any responsibility. Miss the times with the squad jokin n wrestling around. Miss the times of being out on the field with the bros playin ball and playin with pride n glory. Also miss the times of being the best memer that cascade has ever seen😂. But time is time and we can never go back but only look back and improve from there.
So your boiii graduated BMT like a week ago😂😎
I have been truly blessed to have all of you walk along side of me throughout this part of life. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about how I’m leaving you all behind, but this isn’t goodbye. I love you all and I hope to see you all soon😭😭😊
It has been an awesome adventure with @gwbates , it seems like it was just yesterday I met Garrett my sophomore year. My friendship with Garrett and our crew will be everlasting. Although it saddens me to let you go, but I know along with everyone else that you will succeed at what ever comes your way. Forever love you bud.
Graduation was pretty dope I guess😂
Had fun fishing this morning
Gonna be a journey full of joy, thank you to everyone that has made my life here in Oregon fun and enjoyable even through the ups and downs
Just some panos from my last couple of hikes🌲
Had an awesome day with the Cascade Wrestling family at districts.
The surprises that fishing brings🎣
The flying puppers
#baseballsquad ⚾️💯
Had a pretty cool day hanging with John and riding in his new jeep up in the high up mountains.
Chillin watching the sun set😎
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