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When massive private platforms limit expression by banning users based on the content / viewpoint of their speech, and the government hates your speech, content, and viewpoint - maybe even your very existence - where can the free market of ideas exist? Underground. With our guns.
Only idiots and criminals — including terrorists and hostile foreign and domestic actors — support gun control.
BREAKING: Zombie #guncontrol bill that @gunpolicy killed days ago comes back in a different bill via the sneaky, rule-breaking “gut and amend” process. FIGHT BACK at and #StopSB1177 !
Two years ago, we at @gunpolicy made a bold statement after the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting that caused pro-gun rights and pro-self defense shockwaves one can still see today. Our thanks to everyone involved (including those who prefer to remain unnamed). “On Wednesday morning, posters suddenly appeared in West Hollywood, California featuring a gay version of the Gadsden Flag featuring a rattlesnake on top of the gay rainbow. The flags also had the hashtag #ShootBack indicating a more proactive approach to gay self-defense. ... If the series of terrorist attacks across America over recent years have proven anything, it is certainly the government's inability to protect American citizens from acts of terror. Thus the call to arms is much more than symbolic; it is a very real reminder that citizens must be ever-vigilant and prepared to confront evil when it comes intent on violence, and the only real path to ensuring one's own survival is to rely on the most powerful deterrent that one can utilize. Those who would emasculate Americans by denying them the right to bear arms are guilty of aiding and abetting evil when it strikes.” - The Daily Wire, “West Hollywood Inundated With AMAZING Pro-Gun, Pro-Gay Posters,” Hank Berrien, 6/12/16. #2A #gunrights #secondamendment #equality #everyone #rkba #lgbt #shootback
👉 🇺🇸 TOMORROW is the last day to help us STOP the CA "Ghost Parts" Ban bill and Be automagically entered to WIN one of four Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 2 CNC Machines! #2A #secondamendment
BOOM: SACRAMENTO, CA (June 13, 2018) — “Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) a pro-gun rights advocacy organization based in Sacramento, announced that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has agreed to stop enforcing an illegal “underground” gun control regulation. A copy of the Department of Justice’s notice can be found on FPC’s “Regulation Watch” Web page. The DOJ’s certification notice, sent to California’s Office of Administrative Law (OAL) by new Interim Director of the Bureau of Firearms, Brent E. Orick, is a response to a legal petition filed late last month by Raymond DiGuiseppe, an attorney and former California deputy attorney general, on behalf of FPC and three other civil rights organizations. The petition challenged a DOJ gun control regulation related to the State’s “1-in-30-days” handgun purchase limit as an illegal “underground regulation.” The groups say they filed the petition after Becerra’s DOJ had maintained an illegal underground regulation in spite of it being struck down in a unanimous Court of Appeal published opinion as well as being subject to a permanent injunction issued in early May. The California Code of Regulations defines an “underground regulation” as “any guideline, criterion, bulletin, manual, instruction, order, standard of general application, or other rule, including a rule governing a state agency procedure, that is a regulation as defined in Section 11342.600 of the Government Code, but has not been adopted as a regulation and filed with the Secretary of State pursuant to the [California Administrative Procedure Act] and is not subject to an express statutory exemption from adoption pursuant to the APA.” (1 C.C.R. § 250(a).) “It’s deplorable that it took this long and this much effort to get California’s top law enforcement officer to follow the law,” said Craig DeLuz, a spokesperson for the petitioning organizations. According to State law, the OAL must now file the petition and the certification with the Secretary of State, publish a summary of the petition and the certification in the California Regulatory Notice Register, and provide a copy of the certification to the petitioners. (1 C.C.R. § 280.)”
HELP US FIGHT BACK 👉 🇺🇸 The California firearms “Ghost Parts” ban is moving forward in the Legislature. Last Friday, AB 2382 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee, meaning it will be voted on the the entire Anti-Gun Assembly at any time. The bill, which creates the term “firearms precursor part”, would enact virtually-identical laws on most non-firearm parts and components as Gavin Newsom's Proposition 63 and Senator de Leon's SB 1235 did for ammunition. They are literally going to track you and every single ‘precursor” part you buy. They want you to have to go through a DOJ shakedown when you go in to pick up a new barrel or magazine. And they are going to make it so hard to purchase the parts you need that it will be the equivalent to a ban. By contributing $50 or whatever you can TODAY, you will automatically be entered to win ONE OF FOUR Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 2 CNC machines! We CANNOT allow them to regulate common parts as if they were firearms. And we CANNOT let them eviscerate the #SecondAmendment ! #2A #gunrights #ar15 #freedom #constitution #california
Many people hate what they don’t understand. And gun control supporters and politicians don’t understand much at all. They operate irrationally from ignorance and fear.
We torched Calif. AB 1949, the proposed ban on flamethrowers that targeted @elonmusk ’s @the_boring_company “Not A Flamethrower” devices.
Some freedom-haters decided to spout nonsense over on @gunpolicy ’s Twitter feed this morning. Some “feminist witch” and a citizen of Sweden thought it would be a good idea to push for #guncontrol . People who advocate for gun control usually aren’t very informed or intelligent. #2A #secondamendment #gunrights #constitution #nocompromise
‪Today, we recognize and honor the men and women who gave all in service to our great Republic. #MemorialDay
Policy follows principles.
LIKE & SHARE if you agree! 👉 🇺🇸 “The primary purpose of the Second Amendment was and is to protect the fundamental human right of free people to have and carry firearms so they have the ability to shoot bad people who employ unjust force. Those bad people may be a single violent criminal, a mob of racists, or a group of people or politicians who wish to rule rather than represent.” - FPC President Brandon Combs #2A #secondamendment #gunrights #civilrights #humanrights
ICYMI (via This week, @gunpolicy and 3 others filed a legal petition challenging California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and DOJ’s lawless regulation - a regulation that the Court of Appeal held to be illegal, and the trial court ordered to be permanently enjoined. We want to thank our members and donors for providing the resources necessary for us to fight illegal and unconstitutional government actions and actors. If you haven’t yet, please consider joining the FPC Grassroots Army TODAY! 👉 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #2A #secondamendment #gunrights #constitution #nocompromise #liberty #justice
AR’s feeling misunderstood and attacked. Can you help? 👉 🇺🇸 #2A #secondamendment #gunrights #ar15 #semiauto
Good guy with a gun wins again. #shootback #2A #gunrights
TRUMP’S ATF: “The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing” re-start... @tfb_pete @firearmblog
When Obama’s mouthy cowards want to play rough, we can always play rougher.
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