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Seems pretty straightforward to us.
Wonder if they’ll be hiring new Ministry of Peace armed agents soon, too?
BOSTON (September 19, 2018) — Two constitutional rights advocates have filed a new lawsuit against Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey after she denied them access to public records about “3D printed” guns and related issues. Plaintiffs Brent Carlton and Brandon Combs each filed two requests for public records with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. But on August 29, Lorraine A.G. Tarrow, Healey’s Assistant Attorney General & Records Access Officer, sent Carlton and Combs a letter denying all of the requests, leading to the lawsuit. “Please be advised that the AGO is currently involved in litigation and one or more investigations concerning ‘3Dprinted guns.’ The disclosure of any records related to these ongoing matters that have been and continue to be compiled by this Office would divulge our litigation, prelitigation, and investigative strategies and reveal our sources of information such that our legal and enforcement positions would be compromised,” she wrote. “We cannot provide any more specificity about the requested records without disclosing these AGO legal and investigative strategies.” Attorney Jeffrey Scrimo, Esq., of Lenox, Mass., filed the lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiffs. Attorney General Healey’s “response and refusal to comply with the plaintiffs’ public records requests constitutes a breach of its obligations as set forth in Massachusetts General Laws,” he said in the complaint. “Although Attorney General Healey likes to talk about the importance of the rule of law, she seems to think that the law does not apply to her office when it comes to her incessant political grand-standing, particularly regarding guns,” said Brent Carlton, the lead plaintiff and president of Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A). Carlton is joined in the case by Brandon Combs, who also sent records requests to Attorney General Healey on behalf of himself and advocacy organizations Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation, The Calguns Foundation, and California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees. A copy of the case documents can be found at
We agree - and appreciate every single one of you in the FPC Grassroots Army! #Repost @2ashitter ・・・If you want to join a group that ACTUALLY supports your natural right to self defense and possession of arms, check out @gunpolicy Actual freedom fighters
Freedom is simple. Just leave people alone and let them peacefully exercise their rights how they wish and for the purposes they prefer.
It’s awesome (and appreciated!) when people take the time to read, understand, and thoughtfully consider what we believe—and fight for. Liberty. #getsome via @claytonhuntlibertarian
Here’s some truth about our #Constitution to consider and share on this #ConstitutionDay
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‪The #guncontrol movement isn’t “anti-gun” — they just want to be the only ones with guns. They would use government guns to take yours away and then force you to live by their command. Gun control proponents *love* guns: theirs. 👉 🇺🇸
Pretty sure these will piss off some anti-gun tyrants. Good. 👉 🇺🇸 #constitution #ar15 #freespeech #cantstopthesignal #pewpewlife #secondamendment #2A #gunrights #igmilitia
The #guncontrol movement is about advancing an agenda of totalitarianism. Our #Constitution is offensive to them; its limitations on government, protection of rights, & separation of powers frustrates their efforts. We MUST defend our rights & Republic at all costs.
Constitutional rights don’t have borders. Neither do CA’s cancerous gun control laws. Fight tyranny everywhere.
Some people want to repeal the NFA, or Lautenberg, or whatever. We say that they should repeal the whole damn thing. Legalize freedom. 🖕tyrants 👉
Read the whole thing at 👉 FPCNEWS.ORG. And if you agree, please JOIN @gunpolicy for just $5 until midnight tomorrow 9/15 at 🇺🇸
NEW POST! Head to 👉 🇺🇸 to read the whole thing: “Here’s a couple of ways that we can begin to right the ship. Instead of spending billions and trillions of dollars in bill after bill, how about Congress and President Trump prioritize, say, the Constitution and our rights? Instead of banning a metric ****-ton of things, people, and conduct, maybe state legislators and executives could, you know, stop? (And maybe even start repealing some?) Seriously, this is not hard to understand, folks. The less powerful the government is, the more the People are empowered to live their lives peacefully and without interference. And maybe not get shot. If the government wants to do something actually useful, perhaps it should start with this: Make America Free Again. And leave everyone the **** alone. Sincerely, The FPC Team” #2A #constitution #gunrights #freedom #liberty #marijuana
Tell Congress & President @realdonaldtrump to GET THE JOB DONE at 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Demand #OurGunVote for #2A #secondamendment #gunrights #carry #guns #ar15 #pewpew #igmilitia #constitution #freedom
FPC attorney Raymond DiGuiseppe, a resident of Wilmington, N.C., was able to force another North Carolina city to repeal their #hurricaneflorence gun ban. Raymond was forced to evacuate with his family but he and FPC President Brandon Combs are still working tonight to make sure people in NC can exercise their right to keep and bear arms during and after the dangerous storm causes likely significant damage and disruptions to normal government operations. Stay safe and stay armed, friends. Support work like this? Join the @gunpolicy Grassroots Army for $5 👉 🇺🇸
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