Engineering at a major rate$ Bookings | Features: Interstellar OUT NOW! ⬇️

Interstellar out now on all media platforms go score that. link in bio 🌐
Patience and perseverance brought me farther than I ever imagined$ 📸 @iisvk
📸 @iisvk
Loyalty and Respect i live by it$ 📸 @iisvk
Trending Topic visual out now! 📽 Link in bio
I see the world in a different way 🌍 📸 @iisvk
My thoughts get vivid won’t run out of vision 📸 @iisvk
I let my work speak for itself$ #selfmade 📸 @iisvk
I been locked in from the start$ 📸 @shotbytrae
This shit like chess how I make my moves$ #thealchemist #truetomyhustle 📸 @iisvk
Dripsta 👹
Trending topic out now steaming on all media platforms iTunes, tidal, Spotify ect.. go score that . #trendingtopic #anotherone
They tried to count me out but I just tripled up$ 📸 @shotbytrae
🛸👽 Til Infinity$ 📸 @shotbytrae
Been spending more time than often becoming one 🌐
The truth will reveal itself.
🎁... Apple music, Spotify, Tidal..
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