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Here’s her formula: 1️⃣ Pre-Lightened with #mydentity #magnum8 powder Lightener to an even blonde 2️⃣ On dry hair I applied #mydentity Silver Pearl 8SP 58g + Dark Shadows 20g permanent with 10 vol developer 1:1 ratio 3️⃣ Mids to Ends Silver Pearl 8SP permanent + 10 vol 1:1 ratio and process for 30 mins.
I love textured hair! Who likes this color on her? ❤️ . #hairbesties see you at Hall 37 Stand B36 C35 #cosmoprofworldwidebologna 2019 Bologna, Italy 🇮🇹 I can’t wait to meet you all! ❤️❤️❤️ @guytang_mydentity formula #magnum8 and added 1/32oz @olaplex process til I reach a level 8 and using all permanent mydentity colors 1️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 30g 3MV+ 15g 5MR+ 15g 6RR on rootàge 10vol 2️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 5MR+6RR with 10vol midshaft 3️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 6MR+6RR+ 20g of Pink Glow Dual Booster with 10vol on ends and process for 30mins Dry hair completely and glaze with all @guytang_mydentity DEMI colors 4️⃣ 6MR+6RR+Pink Glow Booster wig 6vol 1:2 ratio and process 25mins . Download my music 🎶 #superpower on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify. 🎵🎹 #hairbestiesforlife #guytangmydentity
I got my first tattoo ever today in Italy at @nero_tattooing Honestly I was so scared. I had a mini melt down before doing it. SuperPower is the name of my single 🎵and my @guytang_mydentity Direct Dye color series. The song and music video shares the most painful yet freeing moment of my life. Also the meaning of SuperPower doesn’t make a person a Hero but it’s about what you do with the Power that makes a difference. Today I had a #GirlsDay with my team @arianasin @ginaatkinson and @kimwasabi got a @guytang_mydentity tattoo and it made me emotional because I feel so much love and support from my team! I am so happy 😀 thank you to @cardink_ and @morwen___ for our amazing tattoos! I lost my tattoo virginity! #SuperPower
Dusty Lavender and Silver Smoke And Midnight Blue! Lifted with #Big9 and 1/32 oz of @olaplex 1️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 15g 3mb+ 40g 8dl 6vol 2️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 55g 8dl+ 5g of Ultra violet booster 3️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 25g 10ss+ 25g Crystal Clear 6vol
I love the NakedSeries in @guytang_mydentity ❤️here is one of our models in Croatia. We used a hybrid of #Magnum8 and #Big9 mix together to highlight her hair to a level 10. 1️⃣Naked8+ 6vol on rootàge to blend her natural in with the highlights 2️⃣Naked10+6vol on mid-shaft 3️⃣Naked10+ CrystalClear+6vol on ends I love the NakedSeries because it’s offers a timeless look. Also try NakedGlow for a warmer look and NakedBlush for a soft Amber Rose look. Thank you to my amazing team @arianasin @ginaatkinson @kimwasabi @mydentitydenise @edmydentity love you guys 😊❤️
I love mixing the New SuperPower colors with @guytang_mydentity into our Vibrant Pastels to deepen them. Here are the formulas.after we prelighten with #Magnum8 with @olaplex til we reach a level 9-10 1️⃣Charcoal on the rootagé 2️⃣Lavender Lust+ Purple Raven 3️⃣Pink Diamond+ Magenta Magic 4️⃣Mint of Steel 5️⃣Arctic Blue+Charcoal 6️⃣Cosmic Coral Thank you to my artistic team @arianasin @hairbynoora @kimwasabi and model @rosalynrosalynrose download my single. Here’s the link for SuperPower
One of our models with level8 hair from Croatia using Amber Rose @guytang_mydentity 1️⃣30g 3Mv+ 55g 8DL permanent 1:1 ratio 6vol rootàge 2️⃣9Ar permanent 1:1 10vol mids 3️⃣25g 9Ar+ 25g 10iG + 10vol ends I also glaze her hair after to add more shine and dimension 1️⃣7rg+9rg with 6vol 2️⃣9Rg with 6vol 3️⃣9Rg+ crystal Clear with 6vol 25mins Thank you to my awesome team @arianasin @ginaatkinson @kimwasabi
Here’s my model @adventures_of_murray lifted to a level 10 using #magnum8 + @olaplex then colored with @guytang_mydentity 6SS + 8SS on the rootáge, Naked8 + 9RG + pink glow mids and Naked10 on ends, all Demi with 6 vol 1:2 ratio
Check out our model from our show in Croatia using all @guytang_mydentity Pastels and SuperPower shades. We lifted her using #Big9 to a level 10. 1️⃣Lavender Lust+Purple Raven on rootáge 2️⃣Blue Ghost(coming soon) 3️⃣Mint of Steel Thank you to my awesome team @arianasin @ginaatkinson @kimwasabi 🎶🎶🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎶🎶🎶🎵 Make sure to stream my single on “SuperPower” on Spotify or download on ITunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music 🎶 🎶🎵🎵🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵
“Why did you bleach her hair just to color it dark?!” I used @guytang_mydentity #magnum8 powder lightener to lift her to level 10 with 10 vol. Then applied #mydentity Vibrant Pastel Direct Dye Charcoal on her rootáge, Lavender Lust on her mids and Pink Diamond on her ends! #superpower #guytangmydentity
Have you tried the clouding technique? I used @guytang_mydentity SuperPower Crimson Spell, Magenta Magic, Blue Mystique and Purple Raven. Thanks @jkissamakeup ❤️ 🎼Download SuperPower Hero Remix on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music etc 🎹
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