Grade A Booty πŸ‘ Served Daily


You can only pick three! Tag your favorites and share with your friends! 1 @caamibernaal 2 @valentina_estrella1 3 @lacikaysomers 4 @paolaskye 5 @juanita_jcv 6 @genesislopezofficial 7 @b_crispin 8 @neivamara 9 @bodybyrt
On a scale of 1-10, how edible is that booty? @paolaskye via @gymbooty
Rate that booty jiggle. 1-8 @nataagataa via @gymbooty
She put your two favorite things together. Who’s excited? @reya__sunshine via @gymbooty
The car or the booty? Tag a friend who likes cars. @asapracky @_chm_photography via @gymbooty
Do you like that booty dimple? Comment below. @_ttownsend_ via @gymbooty
Do you think she’s ready? Comment below and tag a bud. @juanita_jcv @moezart via @gymbooty
Do you think she’s hiding two balls in those pants? @yaelaheart via @gymbooty
Is it big enough? @sarah_mundo via @gymbooty
Would you put baby oil on it? @thisiseames @caamibernaal via @gymbooty
Would you drizzle Nutella on it? Tag a friend who like buns. @juanita_jcv @moezart via @gymbooty
Do you think she’s ready? Tag two friends. @vicky_aisha via @gymbooty
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