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Faizane Madeena in Colombo
Mawlid welcomed in Bangladesh
One of the men who would work in the Prophet's mosque and was blessed to go inside his blessed room. One worker said to us, "I swear by Allah, there was a time when this city had no electricity, yet witnesses swore that noor would be seen from the chambers of the Prophet which would illuminate the front of the mosque!" ﷺ
*Magnificent Khutba of Ala Hazrat رحمت الله عليه*
The tomb of Ertuğrul Gazi in Söğüt. He is the father of Sultan Osman I - the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Your children will become what you are. So spend your life being the person you want them to grow up to be.
This is a photo of the janaza of Sultan Abdul Hamid ll in 1918. He protected the lands of al-Quds for over 20 years year. When he was offered 150 million sterling in gold to sell Palestine, he replied, "Even if you gave me the gold of the world, I wouldn't accept. Palestine is the land of the Muslims and people have sacrificed their lives for it. I prefer having a sword driven into my chest than to betray my forefathers and religion." A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the name of the courageous and valiant believer lives forever.
May Allāh grant us life in Madinah, death in Madinah, burial in Madinah, resurrection from Madinah, and a union in Jannah with the Master of Madinah - Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ. I pray that we all get to see our Beloved ﷺ on this night.
This is the tomb of the great wali, Sunan Gresik Imam Malik ibn Ibrahim al-Hasani who brought and spread Islam to large areas of Indonesia. He once saw idol worshippers sacrificing women in order to ask for rain. So he said, "If I ask my Lord to make it rain - will you believe in Him?" they agreed, so he made du'a and it rained mercy until they all became Muslim. It was always the awliya who spread Islam across the East and the West.
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