Daniel Hague

DC and Marvel fan Prop maker and cosplayer from the 🇬🇧 London.

With the 90’s flash making an appearance on cw Elseworlds. I have decided to go ahead and make my very own 90’s flash costume next year
A whole day of casting green arrow gadgets.
A day of leather painting
Blue kryptonite
That’s one kryptonite necklace done
I’m very happy with my second results next it’s attaching a chain necklace to it
I’m not happy how my kryptonite rock looks like a big pile of snot 😔
Guardians shield gluing work is all done now time for sanding and filling
Almost there with my cw rebirth arrow suit. Repaint the leather and latex shoulder armour pieces to make it more like the tv show and make some arrow gadgets
Guardian helmet foam work is all finished. I have to say it wasn’t as hard as I thought it work be
Guardian helmet WIP
New cosplay heading your way
We our said to say that the great man Stan lee has past away. He has always been my inspiration for drawing my own superheroes. You shall not be missed and will always be in our hearts ♥️
Two days to make latex knee pads for The CW green arrow rebirth concept art cosplay. All painted with brown latex paint and just need rivets to finish them off #cosplay #arrowcosplay #latexprops #latexpaint #dccosplay #cwarrow
Another day of liquid latex castings
Plaster mold of arrows cw rebirth cosplay and the master next to it. Next is latex castings
Cw legends of tomorrow the atom helmet v2 red metallic paint and silver resin visor clips #cosplay #dccosplay #legendsoftomorrow #dctheatom #foamarmor #foamhelmets
Wedding 🎩 👰
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