✨ H A I L E Y ✨

*insert whatever you’ve heard here*

hit them angles 🖤
Late happy birthday to my partner in crime! ♥️😍 we’ve always had that “no matter what” type of bond and better believe we’re riding even after the wheels fall off! I love you more than anything bub and I hope you’ve had the best day, be safe tonight 😘 2️⃣7️⃣ ‼️💯
I can’t think of a cool caption right now...
sweet, soft, & warm
shoutout to my hair.. she’s healthy and thriving (:
i look homeless at the moment, but i was cute the other day... gotta keep it interesting lol
I always have been and always will be their number one fan 💙
goofy spooky ooky 🎃🖤
where’s that chip at? probably on ya shoulder, cause i forgot to hit back..
it’s an island ting 🌺
when you generate your own happiness, you glow a little brighter ✨
I can do bad on my own & good by myself
They was hating in the back lol keep on doing your thing 28 💙
beyond accurate..
After 22 years of trial and error, I’ve finally found the best product for my hair 🤩
nephewwww 🤙🏽
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