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I’m just giving it all to God. sc: haleydumas

and y’all said it wouldn’t happen...
I’m very emotional as I write this. I’ve held in a secret from many of you for so long, but it’s finally time I share my testimony, my story. I have suffered from depression for about five years now. It’s been very hard, it’s actually the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. The devil told me lies that I believed. Satan told me that I’m too broken for God to use me. He told me that I don’t belong on this earth, that I’m useless and worthless. He told me I would never overcome this war, and that God had forsaken me. My faith struggled. I tried so hard to trust Him and to praise Him, but at one point this year I questioned Him. I questioned His love, power, and even existence. Right after I questioned Him, He reminded me that He loved me so much that He sent Jesus to die a brutal, brutal death so I may have everlasting peace. And you know what? I still struggle, but I praise Him like the depression is gone, because I’m putting my trust in Him. He has blessed me with the best family possible and best youth possible to help me through my rough times. I’ve learned to have faith that when I don’t feel His presence, I know He is still there. When I feel hopeless, I know that Jesus is my living hope, and when I feel that I’ve struggled for too long, that God’s timing is always perfect. If you struggle with depression, anxiety, pain, or anything at all, please dm me!! Never hesitate!! God is using what the devil meant as bad for good, so that I may help others who are struggling. You are never alone, at the very least you have God, and that’s all you need- but you have me too. I love you and I’m proud of you for being so strong and deciding to fight a little longer. If you have any questions, I am ready to answer them. God bless!! #winterblast2018 #beRECKLESS
One team. One band. One family. #theresnoplacelikehome
I decided to wear my #allthingsloyal shirt in honor of Dansby’s first career multi-homer game yesterday ❣️
share a coke #tastethefeeling
finally have someone to do the peace sign with me... welcome to America!
happiness comes in waves
Thank you @dansbyswanson for signing my poster and making me the happiest girl in atl😭 #allthingsloyal #bestbravesgameEVER #dansbyswanson
“theres no place like home” #bandgeeks
run your race 🏃🏻‍♀️🐬#ahsaastatetrackmeet
State bound with my girls! 💞 #4x100relay #boazathletics #runlikeapirate
Happy Birthday Morris! Love and miss you with all of my heart, hope life is treating you well💜
nothing but love for my sport and my best friend❤️
party on wayne
Happy Birthday Kelsey! You might be 18 today, but you’re still a kid at heart. Love you long time💗
We left with cold hands and warm hearts❄️💙 #winterplace #weloveJesus
went bowling and lost, but hey we got food and it was a good night 😋
"It's been forever and ever and ever and a day since we've seen each other!!" #missedyou #heisaforeverfriend
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