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"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." –Thoreau

Thank you for making John Wick the #1 movie in America....ayyyyyyyyy!!! An overwhelming number of you have loved Sofia’s gangster dogs. So in honor of these extraordinarily beautiful #BelgianMalinois  who damn near stole the show, head to my stories for a tribute to them and their amazing trainers! Enjoy!❤️
Kicking back feeling your love today. I’ve tried to respond to many of you, and I will continue to do so, but please know I am seeing all of your comments and I feel your LOVE and I appreciate you ALL so very much. ♥️ @johnwickmovie
This man right here...is a REAL one!  Thank you @chadstahelski for believing in me and giving me the opportunity of a LIFETIME. The skills I’ve picked up from you, @87elevenaction , and @instinctwolves have made me a stronger, more confident and empowered woman!  I am FOREVER grateful.  I’ve worked with many directors over the years and you are among the best of the best!  Today in #WickPicks I share sweet photos of the many artists that brought @johnwickmovie to life while also touching my heart daily. Thank you to @lionsgate as none of this was possible without you!  Finally, I hope you all go see the film this weekend - get ready to be plastered to your seat !!!!😂❤️
Whew, this is how I’m feeling today!! After all the hard work the day has finally arrived that I get to share something very special with you all that I’m extremely proud of. Let’s go JOHN WICK Whoop whoop!! ❤️
Today is a very special Fitness Friday because it’s Wick Night as well. A true warrior like JOHN WICK starts within, and you fight only as good as you fuel ⚡️ Today’s #PHITTalks is ALL about nutrition and ritual, and @peterleethomas and I got the hook up! We talk transitioning into the keto lifestyle, why cheating on your diet is the BEST, the pros & cons of creatine (+ vegan friendly options!), AND I give y’all the inside scoop on my go-to meal replacement shake 🥤 - Head to IGTV to check it out & happy #FitnessFriday ! ♥️
We cute.✨ @j_corden
Assassin training is a BITCH, and for today’s #WickPicks , I wanted to share a little more about the conditioning required in Wick World. Check stories for a quick peak and catch @johnwickmovie in theaters TOMORROW, May 17th!
Tick Tock, LA. 🕰 @johnwickmovie
Tonight’s line-up by the great @ohre.kilpatrick 〰️
After all that ass kicking, the #JohnWick team certainly made time to “get silly with it” So today’s #WickPicks is all about our fun side 🤪 - check today’s stories for a dose of silly fun weird ridiculousness, courtesy of @johnwickmovie ♥️💥
A huge congratulations to my #WorkCrushWednesday & @johnwickmovie partner in crime #KeanuReeves for being immortalized today in front of Hollywood’s Chinese Theater. A well deserved honor for one of the hardest working actors I’ve ever met!!
Blood, sweat, tears - and a whole lot of love ♥️ @johnwickmovie is out this Friday, 05.17.19.
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