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Nickname: Løû Māä 🔸Tunisian girl🇹🇳 🔸Age: 20Yo 🔸English student 🔸 https://outlook.live.com/owa/ 🔸No Facebook ❌ 🔸|Style•Moment| Sparkle like glitter✨

Chilling out 😎🤩
path length can be too dull but one day the end will appear...
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try to control your mood and not the last control you..,because until you get a complete perfect life you need a positive mood.♥️ #positivemood
Miss home 🏡😫😭
I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner ❤ I believe in kising ❤ kissing a lot ❤ I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong ❤ I believe that Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls ever ❤ I believe that each nd every year that passes I got prettier ❤ smarter ❤ chicer ❤ more amazing & beautiful ❤ life-full ❤ crazier and Happier ❤ .. I believe that 1/5 of a century is enough for me to prove my me in the middle of the ovecrowdedness of the others ❤ .. anyways 😂 .. just in case you stopped paying attention to the post .. chuu chuu chuu hands up 😂 .. now that you're paying attention again .. Happy shining beautiful awesome outstanding breath-takin glamerous Day to Me ❤ ❤dear me i love me ❤ #mybirthday #my20thbirthday #oneyearold #birthdaygirl 👑
Looking awesome 😎
Love it 😍 Thank u
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