Stian Jensen

Ambassador @norgerundt 🇳🇴Norwegian photographer.

A sunrise to remember😊 Lofoten.
Hydnefossen (waterfall) a total of 475m. Norway got some of the biggest waterfalls in the world😊⛰ 🇳🇴
Enjoying the mountains
Bearhunt with my camera🐻
Where the sun sets! 😊⛰
Sunset at the Opera house.. 🌇
One of the better sunsets i have witnessed!!!
Big ben from another angle🇬🇧
Enjoying a warm sunset 😊👌🏻
This nice dog asked for a pic and this is what he got😊
Sunset 😊🇳🇴
Hiking is fashion these days.⛰🏕 Nice to see so many enjoying their summer and the good weather.🇳🇴🇳🇴
Another angle of London eye and Big Ben. Beautiful city you are London 😊
London eye in the blue hour😊🇬🇧
Eidsdal/Norway 😊
London 🇬🇧
Beautiful morning couple a months ago in Bergen 😊
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