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Everytime when I was in Canada I saw Canadian flags everywhere. I thought Canadians are very proud of their country so I created a Canadian #handsfreebag for all Fans of #Canada 🇨🇦🎒❤️ Hope I can make you happy! 😍
I like very much this orange autumn color on my #handsfreebag 🧡 I am very thankful to the photographers in Manchester who took so wonderful pictures of my bags during the Manchester Fashion Week in the last days 🙏😍
I liked Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It’s a very nice street but almost empty when I compare it with similarly streets in Europe. #prettywoman #feelfree with #handsfreebag 🙋‍♀️🍀
A Manchester Fashion Week just started. Yesterday in Los Angeles USA, today in Manchester UK, tomorrow in Prague CZ, on Thursday in Nuremberg Germany and on Saturday an exhibition with #handsfreebag by #radka #fashionmogul ✈️ 🌎 🙋‍♀️
I found many closed cinemas in the downtown of Los Angeles that also have been changed to jewelry shops. When you walk inside you still can see stairs to the hall that are partly covered with a floor. An old glory meets a new lifestyle here. 🎥🏙
When I climbed up the Bell Rock I was thinking it’s like a building my company. The beginning of the rock was easy to hike up, then it changed to a difficult climbing and I had to use also my hands, legs and knees to make it up and sometimes we had to help each other with my friends and when we made it to the top it was a great feeling that we made it. And what a wonderful view 😍 but one wrong step and you fall down very quickly 🙋‍♀️#handsfreebagforyoursuccess #makeittothetop
I was dreaming about beautiful colorful handbags for many months but one day I decided to turn my dreams into a reality and I made a goal from my dream. I gave me a deadline 31.12.2014 for creating a first backpack and guess... I was in time 🎄In the first few months in 2015 I created many test bags and in July 1st I founded my handbags company in Germany. Do you also have a dream? #bagtree #handsfreebagforyoursuccess #takeaction
The best way to make a progress in what you do is to be happy in what you do #handsfreebagforyoursuccess #travellifestyle
Yesterday we climbed up the Bell Rock in Sedona with a part of my bags I have here for a fashion show. Sitting on a high cliff where a wrong step causes a one way flight down made me really feel very stressful BUT look at the VIEW.... unforgettable 🌵😍 Thank you Claudia and Cecile to take me to this wonderful place in the Sedona desert 🌵😍
When we learned at school about Grand Canyon so it was in the deep communistic time and almost nobody couldn’t travel outside of our country. So today I finally saw the great Grand Canyon in its best beauty during the sunset. And when I wouldn’t see it on my own eyes I wouldn’t not believe the colors. The rocks were so amazing colorful almost like my bags 💜🧡Where everywhere take me my bags with or I take my bags everywhere with...? 🇺🇸🌵That’s a question... 😀
After a day we have spent in London we are heading to another adventure in Los Angeles, Nevada and Arizona ✈️ 🇺🇸 😍#americanairlines #readyfor #fashionweek and #jtfoxx
I always wanted to travel around the world and I didn’t know how to do it when I have to work. ✈️ Now probably Universum made it happen for me because I travel the world with my bags and love what I do, I create wonderful bags and I travel the world to visit boutiques I collaborate with, Fashion Weeks I show my bags in catwalks and Fashion Trade Shows I find the best leather for your bags. ❤️Love my work❤️Look at the wonderful boutique in Purmerend, I found many amazing clothes there. 😍🧡🍀
Our brand new computer bags for you! I just have launched them in Holland and Belgium last weekend. ❤️🧡#handsfreebagforyoursuccess
Today I spent an amazing day in Brussels. I arrived here here for a Global Woman Breakfast and I am very happy that I finally have met very beautiful lady Anne from @corestilostyling Until today we only knew each other from Instagram and now we met for the first time in the reality. We can say we are friends from Instagram. #magichappens 😊❤️😍🤗🙏
Today I am in Holland. 🧡 I drove yesterday afternoon for 8 hours through Germany to get here. It’s 690km from Nuremberg. We are making a great day with my handbags in the beautiful boutique Ladies Fortune. If you are around, you can visit me. Ladies Fortune boutique is the most famous boutique in the Amsterdam area that also organizes fabulous fashion shows. Last time their fashion show made it on the first page of the Dutch newspaper. ❤️ 🇳🇱
A new leather arrival from Italy! ❤️🎄 In the next days we will create from this leather beautiful handbags #justforyou ! 🎁
Yesterday I was making a video for Christmas and I also received an amazing @businessboostertoday magazine that fits great in our handbags. If you like to read news from business or even be futured in this magazine you can contact the magazine. #handsfreebagforyoursuccess
Who wants to have the same handmade leather #purse like @charliesheen and his girlfriend? Here is Charlie Sheen on stage with my special edition of bag for his girlfriend. 💚💙❤️ Christmas is coming soon and if you are looking for a gift...here is a solution for you!! Link to my website is in my bio! 💚🍀#handsfreebagforyoursuccess
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