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🎒BAG DESIGNER🎒Intern. Speaker🎤World traveler🌎Marathon🏃‍♀️Enjoying freedom with my #handsfreebag ✈️ Next:Liverpool Fashion Week🇬🇧Shop my bags online:

Today I am shipping one of my comfortable and colorful #handsfreebags to Saskatchewan in Canada 🇨🇦 Dark pink outside and light pink inside 💕💕💕
I was fighting with bookkeeping in the last days and putting products in my new online shop. So tonight at 6pm I decided to go out and ride a bike to clear my head from all the numbers. But It was too late and I had to ride back home in the dark without lights. 🙃 How do you clear your head?
I am very excited to see a first fashion catwalk with my #handsfreebags at the Liverpool Fashion Week on October 8th and 9th 2018 🇬🇧🎒
When I traveled to the Johnston Canyon I made a stop in this beautiful valley 🇨🇦😍
Four years ago I was first time speaking on stage where I was invited from Kim Kiyosaki. It happened in Edmonton at Darren Weeks’ Super Conference 🇨🇦 and I was sharing on stage in front of 600 people my idea with #handsfreebags 🎒#kimkiyosaki loved my idea so much that she ordered my first handbag on that day. Now Kim is an owner of two my handsfreebags 💖🍀😍 Since this time changed my life a lot and my bags are sold in many stores in many countries all around the world 🌎 #happyday 😍
I need to come back into the wonderful Drumheller valley to see all interesting fossils. It’s easy to travel with my #handsfreebagforyoursuccess
Good bye Canada 🇨🇦 I had a great time here. ✈️ I am very thankful to all my friends here in Canada that helped me a lot!!! ❤️ Visit Bolero Store in West Edmonton Mall! 😍 There are new arrivals and the largest variety of leather products waiting for you, the best service included!🍀🎒
On the top of Jasper⛰ It was a longer hike through the forest to the top of the hill with a beautiful view. 550m elevation gain. 🇨🇦 Good luck with the Sun on the top. ☀️ Before I got there it was also raining a little and after I returned down to the Hot Springs came a thunderstorm 🌩
I am a hunter! Such a funny cap I found in an Indian store on my way from Canmore to Jasper 🇨🇦🐻⛰😍
This is my stop at the Athabasca Glacier. You would say it’s somehow friendly when you step out of the car but then when you hike up a moraine wall then comes a big change in your face with a strong icy wind and very cold air. Happy with my new purple mittens and my green #handsfreebag on the glacier ❄️💨
I traveled the wonderful road from Canmore to Jasper today and made a stop on the Athabasca Glacier and the Athabasca waterfalls. It was very cold and so crazy windy on the glacier 🙃🇨🇦 From the Athabasca glacier starts the Athabasca river that I touched in the Athabasca town two weeks ago, where the river is already very big and strong. So in the end of my stay in Canada I saw a “birth” of a beautiful, long river that discharges into the Arctic Ocean 🇨🇦😍 I traveled many millions year back and forward, I was exploring nature in the past and making new future with the bags ❤️🎒#CanadaAdventureWithHandsfreebag
Made it with my #handsfreebag to the wonderful glacier by Lake Louise. It was so cold a windy there that my hairs looks like helmet 😂🇨🇦🍀😍
So amazing turquoise is the #LakeLouise 🇨🇦 I hiked to a Tea House and a glacier behind the Tea house today. I travel with my large #handsfreebag so lots of food, water and jackets come in 🎒#GetComfortableWithMyBag #fairmonthotel
Enjoying three days off in Canadian National Parks 🇨🇦😍 #handsfreebag #banffnationalpark
My Canadian favorite 🇨🇦#handsfreebag collection in the Bolero Italy store in West Edmonton Mall #laptopbag 🇨🇦
It was a great afternoon in the Bolero boutique in #WestEdmontonMall where I was introducing my German company with handmade handbags to Canadian women 🍀 Two backpacks (Marley and Greenery) were sold in the last two weeks here and an order for a black one was asking today ✅ 🇨🇦 #BoleroTheBestShopInWem
Beautiful Columbia Wetlands 💖 a 10km hike or climbing? with my #handsfreebag 🇨🇦🙋‍♀️
A short stop at Marble Canyon. I was running up to a beautiful waterfall and back down to a parking lot. No people people here except a Chinese family 🇨🇦🍀💦 #handsfreebag
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