Zeeshan khalid(Shani)

“Before judging someone judge yourself first”🤔🙏 “What's coming is better than what's gone”🔜 ”Pakistani🇵🇰/Bahraini🇧🇭” “BTI” 📚 “Lahori munda” 😎 “20”

“When your mood is good you just want to take a nice selfie🤳😍”
“Whenever you get free time the best time to spend is with your friends ”Happy weekend peeps❤️🎉📷
“Sometimes the beautiful captions comes without expectations”😎😍👍👌
“If you look deep into the camera you will notice that you are meant to be taken photos of yours”❤️🔥
“Never think that you are better than others because you never know what qualities do other have😎🤔”