Songer-singwriter lady

Happy b-day cho 💘
20 feels good (and blondes do have more fun)
Kiara nd I had the time of our life with this shoot so I gots to give u more pics
Some morning sunshine for yous
New home life is good
Good morning 2019 <3
Christmas vacation has come to an end but damn was it beautiful. From quality fam time to A+ cat naps I got it all this Christmas ❤️
so are OOTD’s still a thing
Freestyle Friday ft creepy basement (Dreamland-ESTA.)
Helloooooo! so lately I’ve really been digging into my roots and I forgot how much I love to sing classical music. For those of you who don’t know I took 8 years of classical voice training before I ever learned how to play the guitar! This is by no means a great cover but this was one of the first Italian arias I ever learned. “Vittoria, Mio Core!”- Victory, my heart! Pls enjoy me trying to sing this on my first try in like 6 years lol
So I’ve been cooking
Sweet Holy Honey-Sango
Finding Jo
Sunday night sappy sessions w Han
Who is she
Happy 18th beautiful cousin 💋
These hats r back in style right..?
Baby felt boujee
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