Hanna Ledyard

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Better with age❤️ #243 #MarineCorpBirthdayBall
Now we get to be frenemies forever!!! 👰🏽👯‍♀️💫 #TohaveandtoHolt
Work all winter, shine all summer✨
I got 99 trees but a birch ain’t one🗺🏕
They hate U.S. 'cause they ain't U.S.🇺🇸❤️
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEC TYLER!! I love you so much and I am so blessed to have someone like you. I wish I could spend today with you, but I guess a few weeks won’t hurt😔 I can’t wait to celebrate you this year, and for many years to come. I love you infinity💓🔁👫
bad habits
Girls just wanna have fun
I look at you and I am home🐭🌟
So, when do we get to go to Whataburger?? On a serious note, welcome back babe!! Plz never leave me that long again☹️ ily x infinity💙
beauty in simplicity
Cause if we don’t leave this town we might never make it out
Looks like ya made it out before me after all😜 Congrats, GRAD!🍾🎓🎉
I may not have been able to play in the snow with my man, BUT he was out doing better things...LIKE BEING THE 3RD MARINE OF HIS RANK TO EVER RECEIVE THIS AWARD (and also winning squad comps through the entire Marine Corp.)😍 boy, how did I get so lucky 🤤💓
Extra thankful for the two best things in my life (and 1 month of deployment down!!) 💙🦃
HBD Carley thx for being born so we could celebrate!! 🤪
We’re missin our boo👻
Checked out the (pup)kin patch today 🐶🎃 Also, #bthobreastcancer 💕
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