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I always forget to post the appropriate things for days of the week 🙈 - so here’s my combined post for #pinkwednesday #texturetuesday #shelfie saturday/sunday 💖💖💖 I’ve already reviewed the HB and Lani products in previous posts so let me know if you want me to tag you in those posts 💛😊 Hope everyone is having a lovely 🐪 day! I’m currently on lunch after finishing my lesson with year 11’s, enjoying my chips and tea at a local chaiwala themed cafe☕️ 🍟 🇬🇧 #skincareroutine #skincareblog #herbivorebotanicals #moonfruit #lapisoil #lanimask
What minis are you loving? 💕💕 Here’s my brightest neon mini family to make this gloomy Monday a little brighter 💖💖 No colour adjustment on the 3rd shot to show a more accurate depiction of the mini electric obsessions eyeshadow shades 💖 . . . . . #minimondayx #hudabeauty #hudaminiobsessions #eyeshadowpalettes #veneffect #makeupflatlay #drunkelephant #hourglass #hourglassambient #rodial #tataharper #beautyblog #instaskin #igskincareblog #beautyflatlay #beautyphotography
What do your AM routines look like? ☀️💛These are 3 different #AMroutines I’ve been alternating between. I shared the 1st shot a few days ago in my stories & had a few questions about it so I thought I’d do a quick review post combined with a challenge post for the #skinemmies2018 created by @antiagingamber & @morethanjustskin. I’m seriously behind so I’m going to skip some & combine the rest! . . . 🌊 Day 3 - toner/mist - my faves this year have been the @lush tea tree toner which I use in my AM & PM routines. It helps control & calm my breakouts & is my go to for refreshing my skin. The JR hydrating accelerator has also become an essential because of its unique formula of beautiful ingredients that leave my skin feeling hydrated & nourished. I love using it during masking as well as in my AM & PM routines. . . . 💕 Day 4 - Brand - I love experimenting with different brands & products & I’ve noticed over the year there are 2 brands that dominate all of my routines & that I repurchase immediately after finishing something, these are #paulaschoice & Dermalogica. Both are #crueltyfree & free from artificial fragrance etc, & I’ve found everything I’ve tried from them consistently reliable for my skin. I’m actually looking forward to a time when I’ve finally managed to use up the rest of my ‘stash’ so I can rely on a handful of brands that I know will deliver the results I need, & for me, these 2 will definitely make the final cut. . . . 😊 Day 5 - AM moisturiser - #Dermalogica active moist is the perfect AM moisturiser for my combination skin because it’s light, keeps my skin hydrated without making it greasy & sinks in quickly so I can apply my makeup & get on with my day. If I’m having a non makeup day, then I use the #REN , but while it’s hydrating, this is a little too heavy for my tzone. The P&M is also a lovely hydrating moisturiser for non makeup days but I mostly use it in my PM routines in combination with a retinol serum. . . . ⬇️⬇️⬇️ cont’d in comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️
What are your fave cleansers? I love challenges but always fall behind, so I’m playing catch-up with the #skinemmies2018 created by @antiagingamber & @morethanjustskin 💖 . . . For days 1&2 the focus was on a 1st & 2nd/AM cleanse, so I wanted to share my 🏆 after a year of trialling different cleansers. . . . 🏆 1st cleanse - @dermalogicauk precleanse soothes my skin as I massage it in & its slightly citrus scent is refreshing & calming. It’s gentle enough to use around my eyes to remove layers of eye makeup & doesn’t leave my skin oily. It turns into a silky milky emulsion that’s easily washed off without needing to wipe away excess with a muslin cloth after. I’ve tried other oil cleansers I’ve enjoyed, particularly the de Mameil pure cleansing dew, however what sets this apart is it delivers on its promise to ‘melt(s) impurities & make-up.’ I find the de Mamiel is perfect for non makeup days but when I want to remove layers of makeup, I turn to Dermalogica. This was initially gifted but I have since purchased it myself & will continue to do so 💖 . . . 🏆 2nd cleanse - I love using the Dermalogica special cleansing gel* straight after the precleanse. It’s soap-free but foams up beautifully & gently to remove my makeup without stripping my skin. This combination has surprised me because it removes my makeup completely, including mascara. I don’t have to follow up with a micellar water or makeup remover. I don’t use waterproof mascara so I’m not sure how these would perform with that. . . . 🏆 AM cleanse - @oskiaskincare renaissance gel because of its beautiful gel texture which transforms into a soothing oil perfect for a quick nourishing & pampering massage. With its calming scent & combination of ingredients that promise to brighten, tighten & perfect, it feels like a real treat to use. It washes off easily & leaves my skin looking brighter & feeling soft & refreshed. . . . *gifted by brand #skincareroutine #skincareessentials #skinfluencer #cleanser #oilcleanser #amcleanser
What skincare ingredients do you enjoy using or what new product have you incorporated recently that really worked? 🍃🌱💚 I think these soft peach shades count as part of pink Wednesday! 💖 . . . I was intrigued by @mgc.derma.skincare when I saw their products on @cultbeauty a while ago, particularly as cannabidiol (CBD) - non-psychoactive – is meant to have sebum controlling abilities & some of their products also contain my skincare faves hyaluronic acid & peptides, all of which sound just like what my congestion prone, oily, dehydrated & combination skin needs. I’ll be trying these out over the next few months once my current moisturisers & serum finish, and I’ll update with any results once I’ve used them up. . . . I want to quickly say something about gifted products and PR as it is something that has been mentioned quite a lot recently. I don’t accept all PR that comes my way and actually turn the majority of it down. I’ve only accepted a few brand gifts since starting this account (4 in total), and those have been products and brands I was already interested in because of their commitment, research & approach to skincare health. The above were all generously gifted by the brand a few weeks ago; I am not affiliated with the brand, or paid by any brands. All opinions and reviews will always genuinely and honestly be formed from my own experience of using products over a period of time 💚 . . . #skincareblogger #skincareblog #skincareroutine #gifted #mgcderma #hyaluronicacid #30plusskincare
Are you getting any of the holiday GWP offers or advent calendars? 🎁 💝 These were all the goodies I received during the last @spacenk GWP event (see my SpaceNK haul post recently when I purchased a few necessities as a birthday gift for myself) 💵 💵 I don’t impulse buy anymore, instead I usually wait to make purchases of products I need/want during an offer such as this or discount. There do seem to be some interesting offers floating around but I’ve decided to not get anything new until I’ve used up my stash 💪🏽 please wish me well on my journey 💖😅 . . . I’m catching up with all of you slowly after my mini ig hiatus, so please don’t feel ignored 😊💛 I’m also fully aware ig won’t show this post to the majority of you as punishment for not living, breathing & sleeping their platform 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I took a mini much needed break from ig over the last week. No mindless scrolling, no Netflix, no apps other than the Kindle app - it became a sort of mini detox from my usual tech traps, and one I urgently needed. It really helped being away from here & reflecting on my own goals. I also actually managed to start reading more & sleeping on time 📚😴 . . . #skincarecommunity #minimonday #skincarehaul
What are your travel essentials? 🚆 ✈️ Whenever I travel, I wish I could take all my current fave full sizes but travelling is always a great way to finally break into my stash of minis & samples 🌟 #skincarecommunity #skincarefaves #skincarebloguk #skinfluencer #skincareminis
What’s the last thing you treated yourself to? 💝 🎁 This is such a late post because I’ve been so inconsistent on IG in the last month or so, but for my birthday last month I finally caved & got the @spacenk clean decoded @carolinehirons box as well as repurchasing my fave natural deodorant from @aureliaskincare & picking up some new stuff from @drroebucks & @hourglasscosmetics 🎁🎁 As you can see, my no-buy September was a huge success 🙈🙈🙈🙈#skincarecommunity #skincarehaul #haul #beautyhaul
How’s your Saturday going? 🧙🏽‍♀️🦉 No reviews because I’m having the laziest day watching Harry Potter & procrastinating over chores while dreaming of being somewhere tropical 🏝☀️ instead of here with the windy-rainy cold happening outside 🌬🌧 Hope you’re having a great weekend 💛💛 #skincare #skincarecommunity #skincareroutine
Do you drink the recommended 2 litres of water a day?🥤🥤🥤Talking of hydration, I’ve been loving the @pestleandmortarcosmetics Hydrate moisturiser. Now the weather is becoming colder & the heating is constantly on, my skin does feel dryer. Luckily, my consistent routines & rotations have meant my skin hasn’t suffered too much from the change in season. This moisturiser has also helped give my skin that vital boost of hydration. . . . 💧Claims - ‘...helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles for a smoother, more refined texture... An antioxidant-rich blend of Pomegranate, Green Tea & Vitamin E work to firm, plump & soften skin naturally, whilst defending against the damaging effects of free radicals & environmental aggressors’ - I’ll keep 🤞 that Hydrate is going all superhero on those pesky free radicals, but I’ve definitely noticed my skin feeling more plump & looking smoother when I use this. . . . 💧I love incorporating it in both AM & PM routines, particularly as part of my retinol routine. I use a retinol serum a few times a week (currently Paula’s Choice 1%) & prefer to focus the rest of my routine on hydration (I’ll share my routine later via stories). This is one of my favourite routines as I always wake up with the most glowy skin, no peeling or adverse reactions. Its taken a bit of trial & error with other retinol routines to get to this point but I’m happy with how my skin is responding now. . . . 💧 When I’ve used this as part of my AM routine, I’ve found it absorbs quickly & layers well with all my other products, & is a great base for makeup. . . . 💧The pump packaging makes this feel so luxe & is easy to untwist to access more product once the pump can no longer dispense the lightweight, cooling, silky textured moisturiser nestled in the elegant monochrome styled tub. . . . 💧I have oily/dehydrated/combo skin but I think this is lightweight enough for most skin types. It’s also #crueltyfree & fragrance free. I’ll post the full ingredients in the comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #instaskin #skincareblog #skincarecommunity #30plusskincare #pestleandmortarcosmetics
What’s your current or favourite moisturiser? 💖💖 It took me a while to convince myself to splurge on the @katburki Vitamin C Intensive face cream but I’m so glad I did. . . . 📸 I’m posting shots I took back when it was sunny, so you’ve already seen this beauty in my routines. . . . 💖I was definitely drawn to the ingredients list (I’ll post it in a comment) & that it’s formulated without a whole load of questionable fillers or ingredients that might trigger sensitivities. . . . 💖The texture feels so luxuriously smooth & cooling. I only use a small amount & find that’s enough. It is lightweight even on my oily dehydrated combination skin & layers perfectly with the rest of my routine. . . . 💖It contains 15% Vit C & claims to brighten the complexion. My skin does look brighter & more even toned, although I can’t say this is the only product in my routine that does that for my skin as I’m quite lucky my skin is in good shape at the moment with the combination of products I’ve been using. . . . 💖It also claims to support collagen production. Sadly I have no scientific or derm background to asses that aspect so I’ll just keep🤞that it’s delivering on that front! Overall, I love using this & it definitely makes my skin feel soothed, nourished & plump. . . . #skincarecommunity #katburki #katburkiskincare #vitamincskincare #cleanbeauty #cleanskincare #moisturizer #over30sskincare #30plusskincare #discoverunder2k #beautybloguk #londonbeautyblog #glossier #boybrow #colourpop #dermalogica #caudalie
What are your current skin issues that you’re working on treating? This is a quick outline of my skincare goals, there’ll be a review for the products above in a later post 💖 . . . Since starting my skincare journey, I’ve incorporated various acids & ingredients into my routines & seen a huge change for the better. My pores are barely visible, my forehead is no longer an oil slick, some of the fine lines around my mouth are gone, my skin is hydrated & glowy. I do however have stubborn fine lines on my forehead, lingering breakouts/texture also on my forehead, & some remaining hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. I’ve been reading about how a professional chemical peel can help with various skin issues, but I’ve been slacking on booking an appointment mostly because of concerns over down time & peeling/flaking. I feel a home treatment, for now, is sufficient for some of the issues I want to deal with. . . . So far I’ve only tried The Ordinary’s peel & it always leaves my skin looking so much brighter. I’ve been interested in trying another peel & when I saw @dermalogicauk were releasing the Rapid Reveal Peel, I knew I had to try it. The products I’ve tried from them so far have worked amazingly well for my skin, so I‘m hoping this will become another favourite. I’ll be introducing the steps into my routine over the next few weeks & I can’t wait to share my progress. . . . The items above were kindly gifted by the brand. I am not an affiliate or paid by any brands, reviews will always genuinely be my opinion & experience of how a product has worked for me 💖 #skincarecommunity #igskincare #instaskin #dermalogica
What have you recently treated yourself to? Did you get Unlocked or will you get the October release? Or both?? 💖🐰 I shared swatches & shots in my stories last week because so many of you dm’d me 💛 Now for the review & how I use it! Tl;dr version: this is the perfect face palette & you’ll be seeing it in alllllll of my posts from now on...ok, not all of them, but in a lot of them, because 🤩🤩 it’s so beautiful & perfect & I celebrate love at first sight always. . . . 🐰 First, thank you @hourglasscosmetics for celebrating your #crueltyfree status & commitment to going #vegan with the promise of donating a percentage of sales of this wonderful palette to the Nonhuman Rights Project 💛 . . . Hourglass create the best face powders I’ve ever used. I’ve been avidly waiting for their limited edition releases this year so when I saw the beautiful selection of new shades in the Unlocked palette, I absolutely had to get it. It’s the perfect size to travel with too, something that’s a must when it comes to a face palette for me. . . . This has 6 stunning shades formulated with Hourglass’ magical concoction of tone perfecting, pore blurring & skin shimmering genius (quick side note for the lovely @dinosaur.skin , Hourglass are totally 🧝‍♀️ approved). Details about each shade are in the comments. I’m NC35 but I do think this can be used by people with lighter tones & deeper tones because the shades are so flattering, versatile & buildable. I believe this is sold out at @cultbeauty (where I purchased it) but @spacenk still have it in stock🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️#hourglassunlockedpalette . . . ⬇️⬇️⬇️Shade reviews & breakdown cont’d in comments⬇️⬇️⬇️
How do you #selfcare on a sick day off work? 🤒🤕 In the past I’ve been that perfectionist workaholic who has gone into work in near collapse condition. Not anymore! I didn’t sleep all night because of a fever so this morning I decided I’d stay put. It also happens to be incredibly sunny today. Cold, but the sun is out 🤩 so of course I had to take some texture shots of this beautiful mask. Review below but tl:dr version - a family member just saw me & well, here’s a quick transcript: 🧔🏾 “You’re not at work today?” 👩🏽 “I’m sick” 🧔🏾 (skeptical silence) “You don’t look sick” 👩🏽 Translation: this mask is amazing. . . . 🍫 🥥 The @lani_hair Tropical Cacao Detox* mask is vegan & cruelty free with 9 ingredients including kaolin, cocoa powder, vitamin c, coconut powder & turmeric. I love that this is a waterless formula. It’s easily mixed together with a few drops of water. The powder bubbles into a silky mousse that you apply in a thin layer for 10-20 minutes. I’ve read other reviews mentioning the decadent scent of this, sadly because my sinuses are making my head feel like it’s about to 🤯 I didn’t get to enjoy that particular part of the routine. But once washed off, my skin felt soft & looked brighter & basically not like the skin of someone who has been up with a fever all night 🤩 Scroll through for the rest of the routine. . . . I can’t intellectualise anything further today, so I’ll catch up with all of you when I feel less like a zombie. Luckily, I don’t look like one. Proof all the beautiful products are doing just what I need! Anyway 🤕😴 *kindly gifted by brand, opinions are always my own 💛💛 #detoxmask #lanitropicalmask #kaolinmask #texturetuesday #crueltyfreeskincare #veganskincare
What are some of your favourite beauty/skincare sets? Are you looking forward to any new sets?🌹🌹 . . . I don’t think this is available any longer but I loved the Rose Hydration Heroes set from @freshbeauty. I used the mask daily when I had a reaction & it really helped provide relief to my skin, with the cooling gel like texture of the moisturiser soothing the redness & irritation 🌹 ☕️ 🍊 I’ve tried a few different products from their various ranges & I find their formulations just work for my skin. I also love the subtle fragrance of their products which adds to the joy of using them. . . . I hope you’re all having a great Monday. I think I’m coming down with a cold so I’m currently trying to drink as much hot lemon tea as possible 😭 . . . #fresh #freshrosefacemask #freshsoycleanser #freshblackteakombucha #freshhydration #beautybloggeruk #beautybloguk #discoverunder2k
What’s at the top of your wishlist? Do you ever share your wishlist when your birthday is approaching, or for Christmas? 🎁🌹 . . . Another beauty subscription I’ve been wanting to explore is @theboxwalla. I’ve always admired their curations so when they included the beautiful @africanbotanics Fleurs d’Afrique oil in their August box, I couldn’t resist signing up. This was my birthday gift to myself this year! I should probably start sharing my wishlists, but I enjoy the element of surprise & usually want a loved one to make the choice of what they gift, or not if they’re unable to. Gifts are beautiful to receive, & this is going to sound hugely cheesy, but I’ll always prefer company over a present 💛💛 Hope you’re having a great Thursday 💛💛 . . . #skincarefaves #skincarewishlist #africanbotanics #fleursdafrique boxwalla #beautysubscription #boxwallasubscription
What are some of your favourite fragrances? 💐 🥀 I’m hoping this beautiful Turkish Delight scented Rose Jam from @lush will become my go to. . . . 💝 I received it for my birthday & I still haven’t used it other than a quick spray & then immediately washed my arm. Mostly because I’m afraid to! I have chronic migraines & I learned very early on that fragrances trigger them. . . . 🤯 When I have a migraine attack, it is completely debilitating & can last for days at a time. Over the years I’ve discovered a lot of my triggers & minimised chances of an attack from developing. For example, my family & friends cannot wear strong fragrances around me, we have to be careful with scented candles or home fragrances. Other causes include certain types of coffee, humid weather, flickering lights, central heating, ac, not drinking or eating at the right times, hormones, tiredness, stress, gluten, additives in food. Of course I can’t control for everything, particularly environmental factors, so walking past a very high end perfume store in London that has a scent blaster type of machine outside is a nightmare. Or trying to practically run away from the sales assistants on fragrance counters while holding my breath & trying to get to the safety of the makeup section! . . . I’m lucky that I don’t have the same reaction to some essential oils so I am able to use them for fragrance instead. As for Rose Jam, I think I’ll have to test it out, but keep a pack of painkillers very close by! . . . #fragrance #skincare #migraines #selfcare #skincarecommunity #skincareblogger #over30skincare #texturetuesday
What are your weekend plans? 💙💙 I’ve finished up most of my #herbivorebotanicals stash, except for these 2 as I only use #lapisoil & #moonfruit on my forehead. Lately I’ve had a few breakouts there & these have helped somewhat in calming the redness. I do hope I can finish up moonfruit before its expiry date as I only need a very small amount each time. 💙💙 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend 💙💙 #skincarecommunity #greenbeauty #instaskincarecommunity #herbivorelapis #herbivoremoonfruit #beautybloggeruk
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