✨Lover of life, happiness, dance, the ocean, yoga, healthy food and adventures ✨Goddess✨School teacher ✨Ballet teacher✨Artist ✨Working on self love✨

Super excited to be working alongside these amazing goddesses 😍✨💜 Self love baby!!! If you haven’t read ‘The Goddess Revolution’ or ‘Hungry for More’- they are life changing! Shoutout to these babing goddesses: @iammelwells @selflovesarah_ @swim_out_to_it We got this babes!! ✌🏻✨ #selflove #dreamlife #goddess #dreamteam #yougotthisgoddess
I can’t even 😂🙌🏻 @cloudandvictory
Stretching. Serious face means serious business 😂 #rehab #point
When you gotta pep talk yourself ✌🏻#sarasfavquotes
Throwback to The Grinch Production 2016 🎉 #Whobilation @lcda_rda
Saturday night ready ✨
Mielle is the hardest working ballerina I teach! She turns up every Saturday with the most positive attitude and continues to blow me away with her persistence, passion and improvement! Can we get a cheer for @frenchforhoney !!!🎉🎉🎉 @lcda_rda xxxx
Saturday brunch 🙌🏻
The roller of death 😩😅 #TheySeeMeRolling #Rehab
Weeee I’m so excited for the weekend activities!! 💃🏼🎉 #sarasfavquotes
Dreaming of Thailand 🌴☀️😆 I feel so lucky that when I go through busy periods of life, I’ve got the best memories to look back on but also exciting holiday plans to look forward to!! #daydreamer #traveller #sagittarius #lifeontheroad
All of the giggles with Dad 🤪 Happy Father’s day to the funniest dad ever 🎉🥂🍾
Girls night 🥂
The happy face of a girl who did a tiny, gentle barre after 3 weeks of no dancing!! 🎉💃🏼 #finally #takingiteasy #grandmaballet 🤣
Word 🙌🏻 #sarasfavquotes
Fav dinner! Prawns, salmon, Bok choi and bread & butter 👌🏻
Butterfly tea 🦋✨
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