Hasan Minhaj

@patriotact drops on @netflix every Sunday.

I swear that’s a pancreas. New episode of @patriotact streaming now on @netflix ! 📷: @amirbangs
Pure joy.
Met a new @PatriotAct fan. #NowStreaming
Defense wins championships but loses celebrity games. #nbaallstar
15 percent from the field. 100 percent effort. #nbaallstar
America is #1 yet again. We’ll be talking about drug pricing this Sunday on @patriotact. 📸 : @amirbangs
We got our screens back! 📷: @amirbangs
New episodes of @patriotact streaming now?
A new episode of @patriotact drops tonight at midnight. Who’s watching?
Stopped by the @netflix offices and they made me walk up a bunch of stairs. I had to pause to rep my @sacramentokings.
@patriotact is back this Sunday on @netflix. The topic: censorship. And also how to pronounce my name.
Loved chatting with @bri_saidshesaid for @backstagecast. New episodes of @patriotact return this Sunday! 📸 @chad_griffith
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