dayton, tx

john 13:7 @haylezzgram ^ go follow my other act !

without a single word you take my breath away 💘
i don’t wanna spend my life stuck in a pattern, i don’t wanna gain this world but loose what matters 🧡
me & dodo bird x3 💞
thank you for always being there for me & for always being my personal bully ! i love you so much jaysie ❤️
maybe i should stop & start confessing
i’m not sure why you love me, and i’m not sure what you saw cause my dear the way i see it i’m your only flaw 💞
these calls just waste my minutes don’t even dial my digits, me an you are finished babe 😽
my heart beats fast when you talk slow, slower than a sunset in tupelo 💗
ooooopsie daisy 🤭
it don’t get better than this
oops 🤭
baby i put all i had in it, i held a good hand but i just couldn’t win it, you wanted my love up until you didn’t and that’s just the truth . 💞
when it comes to us every single touch is something special when we’re wrapped up in those sheets. ♥️
even if i knew you’d be my best & worst mistake, i’d still go back and do it again❣️
every storm runs, runs outta rain just like every dark night turns into day every heartache will fade away 🖤
off guards are the best :))
i know im probably better off on my own than lovin a man who didnt know what he had when he had it . 💚
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