Harrison Osterfield

Actor | Part Time Sidekick | A really nice guy @unitedagents

Decided I'm gonna own 2019 🔥
Merry Christmas ya filthy animals ✌
Its been a tough week, but I am so grateful to have my Family come support me and see the project @joshuakanebespoke and I have been working on these last few months. To all the people that helped make this happen, you know who you are...you are all superstars ⭐ I believe its due to be out verryy soon 🤘🏼 but not gonna pressure Joshua anymore as he hasn't slept for 3 days 🙈
Sad to say we lost such an integral member of our Family yesterday. It's a shock for us all, but in getting the whole family together we realised how lucky we were to have Grandma in our lives for so long, and how we can cherish and celebrate the countless memories we have of her throughout the future. Love you forever Grandma, Harrison ❤
It popped off at Mary's 🏠 Thanks for coming Sis #marypoppinsreturns #siblingbrowniepoints
When you are asked to strike a pose, but you've been putting strikes on the scoreboard all day 🎳 👑 Ping #haterswillsayitsfake
Never seen @eminem spelt like that... #falseadvertising Clip from Simon & Mark // LondonGuide Created and Improvised by two divs by the name of @hazosterfield & @gregjbirks Link in Bio 🤘🏼
Waiting on the weekend...and a decent Iron @87shots
Worked out its been 6 years since the 4 of us have been together. Probably for the best. Troublemakers ❤ #boardingschoolbros
Was gonna caption this Wednesday blues but then realized its Thursday, then realized the saying is not Wednesday Blues it's Monday blues. So here it is...Blues 💙 #eventfulevening @87shots
'Think of your favourite food'...@michaelshelford #headshots2018
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