Harrison Osterfield

Actor | Part Time Sidekick | A really nice guy @unitedagents Twitter: @hazosterfield

When you think 4 Poached Eggs on Toast is a huge step forward in your cooking career 🍳
'It's October 3rd' 💗
I suppose I'll miss this guy as he goes to America for 3 months on Saturday...but not enough to put him in the caption 😊 Have fun bro x
Vampires are forever 🖤 • Thank you @joshuakanebespoke and all the team for a fantastic night
'Waiting for you to text back ❤...' Reality: 'I wonder if they deliver uber eats here' That's a lollipop stick Mum dw #backtoCali #soon
Aesthetic Me Vs Actual Me
Had a different type of alarm clock the other day ⏰
Bank holiday weekend ❤ Now just waiting for the friends to flock in...hoping this speaker might help 😎 @UltimateEars #WONDERBOOM #ad #foreveralone
Doing a Harrison post: Wear something decent ✔ Do something with your hands ✔ Middle Distance...almost always Wait for the Holland onslaught ✔
Son of a bench 🌲 Great music, great speaker, great weekend. Have an awesome weekend ❤ @UltimateEars #WONDERBOOM #ad #lovemusic 🎶
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