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Lunchtime yoga 💙🧘🏻‍♀️🍃 #30for30december How are you getting in your 30 minutes today?
I wonder if peanut will love oranges as much as mama 🤗🍊✨ Oranges are a great pregnancy food as they provide folic acid, potassium, and of course vitamin C. Potassium helps lower high blood pressure, which some women experience during pregnancy. If you do experience high blood pressure, a healthy diet with raw fruits and veggies and moving your body will be your best friends 💕 it’s so beautiful how nature heals and supports us 🙏🏼🍃 #veganpregnancy
Like the universe, our nature is continual expansion ✌🏻🌎🌿
Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels! 🌱🐷 After 2 years of eating a plant-based diet my skin has gotten clearer and more balanced, I feel more energized and excited about life, it healed my disordered eating and relationship with food, I eat when and as much as I want, I get sick pretty much never, and feel more at peace and connected to the earth 🌎✨ I notice the biggest difference when eating whole fruits and veggies, mostly raw throughout the day with a big cooked meal for dinner. But you know, what I’ve learned more than anything is that health is all-encompassing. Our thoughts, environment, the people we surround ourselves with all play into our well-being. We set ourselves up for success by creating an environment that makes it easy to thrive ✨🌴🌺
15 WEEKS 🌺✨the baby is the size of an apple now and can move all its joints and limbs 😊 we met with our Midwife yesterday and she is amazing. Her first recommendation was not to take prenatal vitamins and to use the exact herbal infusion I’ve had my eye on. (talk about alignment 🙏🏼✨) So, needless to say I ordered 6 pounds of organic herbs last night haha🌿 which will support me through pregnancy and breastfeeding (plus are good for the whole family✨) My aunt is having a baby and just found out it’s a girl and now I’m even more looking forward to the moment our baby comes earthside and we get to see if it’s a boy or girl 😌💕 any votes?
Seriously missing this divine goodness 🧡🌴✨ I’m so grateful for the fruit-based/raw lifestyle. Nothing makes me feel as good as eating lots of sweet, juicy fruits and raw veggies like cucumber, kale, and avocados, and fresh coconuts. The papaya in Thailand have such a deep flavor and rich orange flesh! How could you resist? 😍🧡🌿
Who can name what this is? 👇🏻🌺 Have you ever used one? New video up on my YouTube about it. Link is in my bio if you’d like to watch me be a dork 😋
Preparing for lotus birth 🌺😊 ——— Are you getting in your daily movement? 💃🏻 #30for30december
Day ✌🏻 of the #30for30december challenge. Bringing you some outdoor gym play time 🔮🌿 I’m working on building strength and muscle. Diet is easier for me (now) but I really want to get my body stronger. To do this, I’ll have to train consistently (but not obsessively) and EAT. Tip: Switch things up and move your body in different ways. If you’re flexible, try incorporating strength training. If you’re a runner, try doing yoga. Strong body, strong mind, strong heart.✨ 🔮 What are you working on right now?
Our 30 for 30 challenge starts today! 🔮 To play, all you have to do is get 30 minutes of exercise in every day for the next 30 days. Practice yoga, go for a walk, play with your dog... anything you like. Use #30for30december and tag me so I can see your posts! Remember that exercise is not a punishment, it’s a practice of loving your body and honoring it. 💎🌿
14 weeks! 🐬✨ baby is the size of a peach now! and yesterday I felt little flutters in my belly. Little one is moving around and having a party in there already ☺️ mama’s energy levels are getting better and the nausea is subsiding 🙏🏼 thank goodness! Which means lots of peanut butter cookies 🍪😉 Thank you for all of your sweet messages 💕 It’s so much fun sharing this with you! 👉🏻 Question: What are your must-haves for for baby and what did you buy that you didn’t need?
This felt like coming home ✨ I’m finally feeling much better and realizing how much muscle I’ve lost. I’ve laid down for basically the last 12 weeks. eek! So I’m making a commitment to myself to work on more strength training and get 30 minutes of exercise in every day, plus 30 minutes of walking. Want to join? 💕
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours ♥️🍁 I have so much to be thankful for this year, but this guy is at the top of my list. Thankful for the love and support he shows me every day. He’s really holding this ship together right now and never stops trying to make me smile. You light up my world @theinfinitecup ✨💛 I love watching you grow into the role of father. We are so lucky to have you ♥️ Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Playground Yoga 🤸🏻‍♀️ #healyourselfwithnature Make time to move your body for ✨30 mins✨ every day. People in the blue zones (the healthiest populations on the planet) have in common daily movement. Simple things like walking or gardening. Get outside and find a way you love to move!🌹🍃
The universe provides (pt. 2) 🔖✨ Trusting that things would unfold as they should, we left the next day for Southern California to visit my family. Robert had a new job lined up with a farm in Grass Valley so we were just going to make a quick trip. But the universe had other plans. While we were in Northern California, I had kept in touch with my old boss and helped him with some online marketing remotely. I went to have lunch with him while we were in LA, and he offered me a job that I couldn’t turn down. A job that means more financial freedom and stability for our growing family. Robert and I knew that this was divinely timed and couldn’t have come together more perfectly. We needed our “no”s to get to our yeses. Even when it doesn’t make sense at first, it always comes together in the end. More than anything I feel so massively supported. By my partner, my family, my friends, the universe, and you. ♥️ Love, Ali
What I Eat In a Day 🌱 1️⃣Celery Juice for tummy healing. I find it helps with the extra acidity you have during pregnancy. 2️⃣Banana smoothie with @gardenoflife Raw Meal and almond milk. 3️⃣Breakfast burrito with red potatoes, onions, bell pepper, avocado for some good fat 🥑, and @followyourheart vegan cheddar. Really hits the comfort-food cravings. 4️⃣Veggie Salad loaded with greens and raw veggies. 🌱♥️ Your blood volume increases 50% when you’re pregnant, which is why some women become anemic during pregnancy. Iron-rich foods include dark leafy greens, beans, pumpkin seeds, lentils, potatoes, nuts, tofu, and even dark chocolate. 🍫 5️⃣Chickpea Pasta loaded with spinach, grape tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, and white beans. Chickpea pasta is SO yummy and packs extra protein. Just add some good cold-pressed olive oil and whatever veggies you have in the fridge and dinner is ready. —— 🍨 Not pictured: I almost always have ice cream for dessert 😋
The universe provides✨(pt. 1) It’s amazing how quickly this angel baby changed everything... As soon as we found out, we started looking for new jobs and thinking about a nice place for our family to live. We started shopping for houses in Grass Valley, a city with little shops to walk around and a better community. We were in the process of securing a loan and buying a home. . One day, Robert went to an interview in Grass Valley and I decided to get a feel for the neighborhood. I went into a cute mystical shop and found a few crystals and went I went to pay, the store owner offered me a little satchet. She told me to of a yes or no question and then open it. . I asked it, “Should we buy a house in Grass Valley?” and it answered... . “No.”
11 weeks 💕 baby is the side of a lime now and I’m really starting to feel like things are changing down there. It’s funny how this little peanut is making me confront myself already. Honestly, I’m struggling with being more impatient, grouchy, and annoyed with people...and trying not to be a brat or be short with my loved ones. 🙇🏻‍♀️ It’s a reminder to practice self-awareness and be mindful of how my words affect others. 🖤 I also haven’t been able to eat as well as I’d like to. Sometimes ice cream is all I can eat and that makes me feel really torn at a time when I want to be on my super A game with nutrition. But I have to stay open to what is and not be too hard on myself. I know this baby is going to teach me things and challenge me in a whole new way and these lessons feel like preparation for the main event 🔮🥀Mama is so excited to meet you, little one 🖤
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