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You fell in love with someone before you ever fell in love with yourself. That’s why you’re so fragile and hurt so much, because you lack the ability to smile alone and depend on the person you love to make you happy. Dedicate the rest of this year to yourself! #suicideawareness
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You know your life is created by the thoughts you have, right? Every action made came from a thought. So I ask, do you want a positive life or a negative life? If you chose a positive life, then for every negative thought you get, force two positive ones 🤞🏽your mind is EVERYTHING . Black tank top, glitter 🎗 . RELEASING SUNDAY 9/23
🎗I want you to know that depression exists, but so does happiness. Okay? 🎗 . RELEASING SUNDAY 9/23
🎗I NEED YOU, OKAY? 🎗 . Usually, the people we need most are the ones who are naturally always there for us. Because of that, we forget to tell them how important they truly are to us and how much we need them ❤️ . What if a ‘I NEED YOU’ could save the person you love’s life. Would you say it everyday? . Yellow ribbon (glittered) symbolizes #suicidepreventionmonth . RELEASING SUNDAY 9/23 . 📷 by @thealebalmaceda
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When sadness whispers in your ear, don’t listen . Just because you’re feeling sad, doesn’t mean you need to agree with that feeling and have the rest of your day or life effected . Fight it! . You’re stronger than that whisper in your ear. Smile when you’re sad and tell me how it goes!! 😀 #HeartSpoke #suicidepreventionawareness
Happy #SuicidePreventionMonth I say happy because we are doing something different this month. We are smiling at sadness! . Link in bio, proceeds go to @nami_southern_arizona
Everytime you snooze your alarm, someone else decides to wake up instead . Every time you procrastinate at your studies, someone else is excited to read that paper over and over again . Do you understand? . That following your dreams is no joke. And everyday you make “small” decisions that fight against it, while someone else is working to take it away from you . Who’s ready to have an incredible September!? 🙏🏽😝😊
I’m sorry, but you can’t escape all of the problems holding you down But you can learn to swim when the worst of life wants you to drown . 🤗😊🤞🏽😎🤪😂😍☺️😊 . These are some of the emojis I hope all of you are feeling in your hearts today!! ❤️ #HEARTSPOKE
Don’t let your fears define you. You wanted to be an Artist but feared performing in front of a large crowd . So now you’re going to school to become a nurse . You let fear define you. You should be on a stage . What’s your biggest fear and what are you doing to control it?
Her wrists show battle wounds. But slowly she’ll see, that her smile will show a victory
❗️NEW RELEASE OUT NOW❗️ . LOVE CAN HEAL ALL . Remember, a huge portion of proceeds will go to @nami_southern_arizona . Which is your favorite color? 🤤🌸❤️
Would you buy this? . Notice how the flowers are slowly stopping the heart from bleeding? . That’s what I hope my words can do for you . RELEASING THIS TOMORROW WITH MANY BEAUTIFUL COLOR WAYS ❤️🤞🏽 🌸 . I will be donating proceeds to this amazing non-profit NAMI Southern Arizona, which helps support and fund those suffering with Mental Illness . LOVE CAN HEAL ALL . Creative Designer @y0ungflexican
❗️I NEED YOUR HELP ❗️ . #SUICIDEAWARENESS month is in September!! . I am releasing a new design this week 🙈 with a #SUICIDEPREVENTION concept again . I NEED YOUR HELP FINDING A SPECIAL SUICIDE AWARENESS PROGRAM TO DONTE A PERCENTAGE OF MY PROCEEDS TOO 🤞🏽 . Comment below of some places you know about please!
HI 😀 . Are you wondering why I smile while my wrists are bleeding? . Many people ask me, “How are you always happy.” . My answer: I’m not always happy, I am however, always positive 🙏🏽 . The difference? . I hurt, feel pain and know loneliness very well which are unhappy moments. But I take all of those powerful, negative emotions and produce something magical with it. Like a smile!! 😁 and inspire myself to not drown in water, but swim and create something positively powerful as my counter attack . We all can swim!! . Does this make sense? That even if you’re unhappy at the moment, you can still and should be positive? . Comment below if this makes sense . ‼️NEW COLOR GRAY 🔥🔥🔥ONLY $20 ‼️
Don’t always listen to your thoughts. Sometimes what you think is influenced by what they think. Listen to your little heart. That’s seriously where the truth is at. The part of you that says I CAN DO IT, that’s your heart speaking
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