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We create many things 👕 👚 👔 Our primary focus is creating happiness I hope you have a beautiful day ❤️

🎄🎁❤️ HOLIDAYS are here!! And we are all trying to FIND THAT PERFECT GIFT to make that special someone... Feel happy! Why not write them something unique and heart warming and then have it printed on a customized HOODIE, ZIP UP, LONG SLEEVE in the forearm area. They can read it throughout the day, but also look fashionable too 😍 #HeartSpoke
Christmas Collection 🎄🎁 ❤️
My gift to you this #CHRISTMAS is a simple wish ⭐️ a wish that all of your WILDEST dreams come true! And that you and your families have the best of happiness and health ❤️ 🎁 🌲
Standard poems you can choose from, written by yours truly #HeartSpoke • WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE? Comment below ☺️
Winter drip 💧
I LOVE, LOVE • I know it has only been several months. But I feel like I’ve known you all my life. The memories we’ve created are permanent, and they are like tattoos to my brain. I always think to myself ways I can repay you back for the happiness you’ve provided me with. But that is priceless. So in return, I promised myself I won’t ever touch your body with dirt, but rather with passion and gold and at the end of every night, have you feeling like a queen. And I hope you know I always need you there because I can’t walk without you. I love you #HeartSpoke
❗️NEW RELEASE❗️ Are you looking for that special XMAS GIFT that will melt his or her heart? Like a candle but without the burn 🙈 trust my company to do just that!! You can write something cute, meaningful or whatever it may be on the forearm of a Hoodie, Zip Up or Long Sleeve so they can wear it fashionably during the day or sleep with it passionately at night . DON’T WORRY, YOUR ORDER WILL COME WELL BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Need help with a writing? Message or text us at 520-603-0163 ❤️ . Link in bio
LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ . I don’t need you. I can find happiness and care in some other shape or form. I can survive without you. But I want you. Which makes it more amazing. The fact that I don’t need you in my life but still want you in my life... #HeartSpoke . ❗️RELEASING TONIGHT❗️
On her arm reads... “You are my lungs when I breathe and my dreams when I sleep. You are the happy thoughts that stop the weeps. Honestly, you’re everything to me” . I have a feeling she won’t ever take this sweater off ❤️ #christmasgiftideas . RELEASING 12/1
❄️ RELEASING SATURDAY 12/1 ❄️ . Are you already searching for the perfect #christmasgifts ❓ . I seriously got you covered ☺️ write him/her something meaningful on the forearm of this hoodie!! It’s super special and fashionable 🙂🎄🎁🛍
Whatever it takes, that’s what I’ll do. And if it means sacrificing it all, I won’t break that rule #AMBITION . 📷 by @thealebalmaceda
Welcome to my office 🤓 . Want to know what breaks my heart? The fact my mom works at 6:00am and comes home at 7:00pm. This has been going on for 20 plus years now. How can I end that slavery? I have no idea. But I can tell you I’m up at 5:00am and come home at 11:00pm working hard to find that answer. Much love to you momma... One day it’ll all make sense #HeartSpoke
Don’t focus on the cost of success. Because truthfully, it cost so much. It can cost you sleep, friends, time with family and a whole lot of stress. And if you think about it too much, you’ll begin to wonder, “Is this worth it?” And the long term answer is, YES! Yes it is worth it my Friend. Even though I know you’re doubting it. Just remember you’ll be paid all of it back and then some once you reach that goal!! Never quit okay? Message me if you feel like quitting . 📷 by @thealebalmaceda
Please welcome #HeartSpokes very own little helper ☺️ his name is Carlos Mendoza Jr and he loves dinosaurs!! He says he wants to become an entrepreneur when he gets older and also loves working on everybody’s orders ❤️
YES!! Your dreams can come true 😃 But also, your dreams can not come true 😒 I think parents and teachers are wrong to not add that part in. We tend to live our youth years believing our dreams are possible no matter what ☺️🤞🏽 but the truth is, a lot actually matters. If you’re not disciplined, if you’re lazy, if you’re not coachable, and if you don’t have a burning desire, your dreams won’t come true. Let your loved ones know that success doesn’t come easy okay? And that it requires a whole transformation of yourself to get there.
⭐️ OFFICIALLY RELEASED ⭐️ . In both t-shirt and long sleeves <3 . I crafted these shirts specifically to help inspire you to live your best life. I hope you wake up #positive and are fueled by powerful #ambition . But honestly, most of all, I hope you learn to love yourself #selflove more than you love anyone or anything else/ Because when you do, nothing can ever break you and you’ll have the magic to spread love to others . The link is in my bio okay? ❤️
⭐️ NEW STYLE ⭐️ . Ambition: Whatever it takes, that’s what I’ll do. And if it means sacrificing it all, I won’t break that rule . Releasing Thursday 11/15 . Today I told my younger brother, “Why did you leave the gym an hour early!!” His response was, “I was dehydrated and felt like I was going to faint”. I told him the cold hard truth about success. I said, “THAT’S WHAT IT TAKES!!!” . If your fighting for your goal and you quit before you faint, throw up, black out or even die, then you quit a little too early. The path to success is savage and will require all that you got . I want you to wear this shirt with confidence and I challenge you to go to war with it every day, okay?
⭐️ NEW STYLES ⭐️ . POSITIVE: It doesn’t mean I’m always happy. It means when I’m drowning, I’m actively finding ways to swim . This is ONLY THE 1ST DESIGN, tomorrow I’ll have another word. Full collection will be available THURSDAY 11/15 . But hey if you’re reading this... I DOUBT YOU’RE WEAK. YOU JUST HAVE YOUR MIND IN THE WRONG PLACES. Focus your thinking okay? Have a beautiful night 🌙 💫
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