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What inspires you? (I’m truly interested). For me, it makes me extremely happy and inspired to imagine and think about the future. Isn’t crazy that we, as humans, are able to shape up and change so many aspects of our lives only with determination and imagination? We can build a different body, different habits, different relationships, only with the power of our mind (and using our body to make it happen). It’s so exciting!!! What we are living right now is a combination of the decisions and acts we implemented in the past, just like Math, just like science! Oh my, life is awesome!!!
They say that what differentiates being good at something and amazing at something is the ability to stick to it even when you don’t feel motivated at all. Stand up and keep on going, don’t give up. . #keepon #keeponkeepingon
A soul in need needs a way to express it. Silence is never the answer. But when there’s so much going on inside you...society expects us to stay silent. . 📸 taken by the love of my life @ekapellmeister
Pretty much the only type of climate that I experienced in Hawaii Big Island. So I had to push it and embrace the grey and moody sky. After long 11.5 miles trekking through the Pu’u Loa (via the Puna Coast Trail) I arrived at the Halapē campsite. Despite the grey weather and dense fog (which turned my photography goal very hard) I feel very lucky because I was one of the last people to enjoy that beautiful campsite for a while (the Volcano starting erupting the following night of this shot and the entire access was closed shortly after that) and it was all for myself. I haven’t seen any other person after the first half a mile of the trek and nothing at all besides spiders, ants (tons) and butterflies all the 8:30 hours way to the campsite. Solitude in its finest. ⛺️
What’s your favorite(s) instagram accounts? Sorry for the Peru overpost, but I can simply not get over these amazing views 😍.
To start going up you need to leave the first step behind. Your new life is going to cost your old one and the process teaches us to see the beauty on the climb, on the struggle. And if you leave everything that holds you back behind, get rid of that extra weight (that includes bad habits, negative people, having a job that you hate or anything else destructive) you will find that the way up is not as hard as it sounds and it will come naturally. See you on the top. 🙏🏻 . Caption inspired by some of @lewishowes and @jasminestar amazing content.
I speak with trees, with mountains I fly high with birds and butterflies I blend together with people, with sounds, with feelings I travel on time I hug the space I dance in the air, in the music, in different colors I feel the breath of the dust I melt down into drops of sweat I breathe your soul And when we are like this, we don't care about who we are There's no boundaries There's no me There's no you We are just pure love Pure sensation Pure music Pure bliss
The way there looks so long, so hard, and it seems really difficult to get where we want to get. But believe it, you can do that, we got this. Believing in ourselves is the harshest part. Because we are trained to believe that we are not enough, that there’s always someone better, prettier, more successful than us out there. It’s not true, we are beautifully unique. Nobody sees the world the way you do, nobody feels exactly the way you feel. Nobody will step on that trek looking at it the way I looked, feeling the way I felt, with the weather the way it was, altogether. Every experience for every single person will be different and unique. Even a small single step forward is one step closer where you want to be. Take action and believe. We got this. 🤜🏻
Where was the most photogenic place you have ever been? I don’t know exactly if Huaraz was the number one but for sure it’s among the top list! The combination of the glacier and montains with the color of these lakes is just soooooo tastyyyy!! Waiting for suggestions, maybe it’s exactly what you are going to see on the next posts 😁 (deciding on next destinations). . . . #peru #experienceperu #traveltoneverland #artofvisuals #lightroom #beautifuldestinations #amazingtravelbeauty #visual .collectives #adventurenthusiasts #huaraz #lake69
What’s the number one challenge of traveling solo? Safety? Loneliness? Boredom? No, no, and no. The biggest (and maybe only one) problem of traveling solo is that most people suck on taking pics. So now, instead of getting pissed off (ok, I still do sometimes, but seriously, how can someone possibly miss the elephant and only take a shot of my face when asked to take a pic of me petting one? It’s a damn elephant! 🙄) I just feel extremely happy that I’m able to eternalize that moment for someone else. Any stories of fail pics of that perfect moment? . #adventureland . #tentlife . #bbctravel . #heat_the_road #earth_deluxe #bigislandhawaii . #amazingtravelbeauty . #jumpscare . #exploretocreate . #ratatrip
No way!! Did you guys realize that we have dinosaur emojis now? 🦕 🦖 Seriously 😂 I wanted to write something else but nothing could possibly be more important than that! Hahahaha What’s your favorite? . . . . #laketahoe #lakes #bbctravel #guardiantravelsnaps #camperlife #adventureland
All the corners on Earth. 🌎 . . . #heat_the_road #bonito #lakes
Everybody that we happen to cross paths with in life have something to leave and something to take from us. Sometimes we don’t understand right away why things happen the way they do, but just focus on that: we always have something to take with us and always leave something too. What are you leaving for people that surround you? What are you taking? If the final answer is something that doesn’t make you feel good about, maybe it’s time to let it go, to make a change. This guy on the picture hosted me in Hawaii for three days (through Couchsurfing) and oh my, that was NOT a good experience and encountering this person in life didn’t make me feel good at all. But after all, I left very good things (a full decorated house, a car in the garage, new connections, thoughts on making peace with his girlfriend, etc etc) and what did I get? Well, I took with me a very good picture with a very beautiful sunset to remember... . . . #heat_the_road #hawaii #earth_deluxe
Where would go if you could be anywhere right now? . Onde vc estaria se pudesse estar em qualquer lugar neste exato momento?
Part III: When the hailstorm started I became to feel actually really worried. Would I end up finding my husband and our friends? How was he doing? (I had the tent and blanket with me on my backpack, he had nothing to warm up). Where was everybody? The hike started to become even steeper, and it was so cold. I wanted to go faster but to be honest it was one of the only times in my life that I felt real exhaustion (if not the only one). The landscape was beautiful..mountains, snow, white, so peaceful, so perfect. But man, I was done and still lost (the track started becoming confusing and I couldn’t think straight anymore). When I was about to start feeling slightly desperate I saw a shadow coming down from the other side of the rock. A girl informed me that she just saw one tent with three people around in front of a lake 10 minutes further up (she was coming down). It had to be them!!! I grabbed with all my strength my last few long breaths and ran up. There they were! We were safe, we would have a place to sleep that night. We all had people to care and to be cared for. We would have a warm meal that night. When I found my husband I allowed my body to feel. I bursted into tears, I was shivering, I couldn’t feel my legs, my hands were frozen. I was nauseous and weak but my heart was beating. Six months ago a Canadian guy went to do this hike and was never found again, the stickers made by his family and friends were spread everywhere. He is disappeared. Life can never be taken for granted, it doesn’t matter if you are on top of a mountain or on the bus going back home from school. But today, my heart and your heart are still beating. And what a day to be alive 🙏🏻.
Part II: So, after the Lake 69 we had to get a mini “bus” (if you can call it like that) to go to another little town - Vaqueria - where the trail starts. The bus itself was already a journey. The roads were so high and steep. No protection whatsoever on the roads 😂I seriously thought the bus would fall at any moment and all the locals were looking at us like if we were crazy for being afraid haha. The town had seriously 7 people living in there 😂 and don’t even dream about finding someone that speaks English haha. On the day after we started the trail by 5 AM, everything cute, everything good until after the first hour the hike started becoming very steep climb. Up, up, up, non-stop. My husband started getting really tired and wanted to stop every little bit to catch some breath (totally normal for a first-timer) but I started getting a little annoyed and told him that I would keep going and meet him in the second campground (where we and another couple we met planned to camp for the night). Big mistake!!! I started climbing so fast that ended up finding really weird that I was not seeing anybody else for over one hour. I decided to sit down and wait for the others, afraid that we would get lost. Waited for 20, 30, 40 minute. That was weird!! Decided to leave my backpack somewhere on the trail and run back down to see if I could find someone. Around 40 min going back on the trail I realized that I was so focused that missed the sign to Punta Union (the top of the mountain and highest point of the trail). I had to run back 40 minutes to get my backpack and go back to where the sign was located. I ran into a mud pod and lost my shoes 😅, found them and had mud until my knees (not very pleasant but didn’t have time time to complain). Next, don’t know if you ever experienced running UP 2 thousand meters (around 6,500 feet) in less than one hour but maaan, it does NOT feel good! Your stomach and lungs feel like it’s gonna explode at any moment. My belly looked like if I was 6 months pregnant. I still couldn’t find anybody at all!! And? Started raining ice rocks? Really? A hailstorm? The story is longer than I expected so I will tell the rest on the next episode 😂
📷 taken at the beginning of one of my biggest life adventures - the 4 day challenging Santa Cruz Trek in Huaraz, Peru. It can look that I was having fun but I was actually just trying to survive 😂, it is SO HARD to breathe in such a high elevation and the lake was filled with these dinosaurs-like MASSIVE flies 🐜. I didn’t know flies could actually bite. Bite through your pants, socks, long sleeves 🙄, insane!! Why fo those things even exist in the first place? Haha Three hours hiking up to get to the Lake 69 (Lagura 69), two hours hiking down and the 20 minutes that I gave myself to chill and enjoy, I found myself being eaten by flies and couldn’t even stand up without almost falling off of dizziness. Life is hard 😂. Was it worthy? Absolutely!! These moments are the ones that teach you lessons, make you tougher and more humble! And that wasn’t even the start of the struggle that was the Santa Cruz trek, stay tuned for the next episodes, (specially if you are a little sadistic 😂).
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