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It was worthy to sleep at Target’s (supermarket) parking lot to wake up and hike up to this view. This is one of the only green sand beaches in the world, and it gets its olive color due to erosion out of the volcanic cone (tuff ring).
It was hard to breathe. Not only because I was at 5,250 meters (17,200 feet) above sea level but also because I know that in around 7 years from now this will all be over. We are eating, harming, melting the planet, our house, our Mother. Nature’s beauty and power is so mesmerizing and it feels really sickening that this Glacier and so many other natural wonders like the Dead Sea, Maldives, Great Barrier Reefs, Antarctic Peninsula, Swiss Alps, etc are disappearing so fast that we can barely realize it. And when I comment that with people I usually hear “Oh, wow, I better go there before it’s gone”. Yes! Go there, stay in a comfortable hotel, eat your premium steak, buy all types of products for your body, help finishing up, no worries 🙄. No sense of making an attempt to spread awareness, to keep our natural treasures whatsoever. Please take responsibility for your actions! And if you happen to be lucky enough to be around one of those amazing spots, care for it. Care for it even from the comfort of your couch/home. We all know what to do, right? Avoid plastic, avoid consumption of cheap products that are not local, avoid eating meat and dairy products, etc. If we are fortunate enough to be able to travel, to have access to the internet, we have the responsibility to be the change, to be the example so we can continue to enjoy and love this beautiful planet! Happy (but responsible) travels.
Do you sometimes feel completely disconnected from your surroundings? Live a lot more on your thoughts than in the present? Or the other way around? I think I’ve been so connected to the present, to my actions, activities and even to my own body that I kinda lost my inspiration, my thoughts. Don’t know exactly when my last dreams started and where my next steps are leading me... Spaced out mode it is..
Close your eyes and let the sun kiss you 😘 📍Bonito, MS, Brazil 🇧🇷
Is it possible to be happy and inspired at the same time? Posting from Lima 🇵🇪 memories from Hawaii 🏖
That was one of the last moments of boiling lava before the eruption (which happened 7 hour after). Such a powerful moment for me.
And after a lot of rain, the sky came out to play. The good side of being lost 🌅
What road are you taking next? While the Hawaiian vibes don’t start showing up on my feed (wish I had an assistant to take care of social media while I’m gone 🤯) a photo to remind us that every road can lead us to amazing places. Can’t wait to start sharing everything from this adventure and thanks for all the DMs and feedback ❤️.
Look around. What do you see? Problems, stress, schedules, traffic or joy, green, fresh air and beauty? Close your eyes. What do you feel? Anxiety, fear, frustration or happiness, love and peace? The outside is a reflexion from the inside, like a mirror. Breathe, relax and look around.
A massive amount of fear Means you’re doing it right Keep going, open that door like it is a world As it is (Victoria Erikson)
The sun is there, shining for us Beautiful, powerful, immortal The sun shines for us all It doesn’t care if you are single or married, tall or short, black or white It doesn’t care to know how many years you have lived, how much money you have, which specie you belong It doesn’t care for your past, the plans you have for the future or the shape we came into life The sun is just there, democratically shining for us all, allowing us to exist And even with the power to engulf our entire planet and its entire existence He chooses to just humbly be there giving us warmth and beauty to look up to No greed, no ambition, no discrimination Oh, if human beings could just for a little bit be like the sun...
The clouds were welcoming when I first stepped in Hetch Hetchy. The sky got misty and hazy on the following days and just one day after I left, Yosemite was closed for visitors due to flood (6 inches of rain fell over two days as rivers swelled in). Roads within Yosemite were swamped by up to 4 feet of water that affected electrical and water system in the Valley. Tell me about timing...and I thought that my waterfall crossing was the scariest thing 😖
I cannot now tell exactly, it was so long ago, under what circumstances I first ascended, only that I shuddered as I went along (I have an indistinct remembrance of having been out overnight alone),- and then I steadily ascended along a rocky ridge half clad with stinted trees, where wild beasts haunted, till I lost myself quite in the upper air and clouds, seeming to pass an imaginery line which separates a hill, mere earth heaped up, from a mountain, into a superterranean grandeur and sublimity. What distinguishes that summit above the earthly line, is that it is unhandselled, awful, grand. It can never become familiar; you are lost the moment you set foot there. You know the path, but wander, thrilled, over the bare and pathless rock, as if it were solidified air and cloud. That rocky, misty summit, secreted in the ckouds, was far more thrillingly awful and sublime than the crater of a volcano spouting fire. (Henry David Thoreau)
After getting my wilderness permit, I started my 10 mile trail to the Rancheria Falls and backcountry campground. It was my first time doing such a distance carrying all my gear (tent, sleeping bag, oven, food, bear canister, etc) on my back. And with an excitement I can’t even explain, I left my car on the backcountry parking area and started walking. Passed by the day parking area to fill up my water bottle and a lady looked at me with her big eyes and said “Where are you going with all that and by yourself?” and I said “Oh, i will camp in the are for the next days”, she glanced and again, said “There’s not a lot of people around here, you are a girl, please be careful”. And she was not the only one giving me advices. On around the first two miles of the trail (the easy and busy part), I heard the same advice from another 3-4 people. “You are a girl by yourself, be careful”. While I do appreciate care and concern, I couldn’t help my thoughts on how many girls got demotivated on traveling and doing things by themselves because of excessive care of our fearful society. Funny, because I’ve seen - and still see - women being treated like garbage by their partners, emotionally abused. I still see every day women that think they are not capable, that are not even able to get a bus/train without depending on a guy. Funny, that nobody tells you that it’s A LOT more dangerous to drive home from a bar on a Friday night and be killed by a drunk driver than by a bear in the forest. And that people die of depression a lot more than for being lost in the wilderness. Go! Don’t let fear discourage you! The unknown is exciting! Go! Find your strength! You don’t need anybody to read a map or set a tent for you. You can figure out everything by yourself, I promise. Go! The best makeup you can wear is dust and a sun kiss! You are strong, smart and capable, and after you realize all that nobody and no fear can hold you back. Go...
It's a mystery to me We have a greed With which we have agreed You think you have to want More than you need Until you have it all you won't be free Society, you're a crazy breed I hope you're not lonely without me When you want more than you have You think you need And when you think more than you want Your thoughts begin to bleed I think I need to find a bigger place 'Cause when you have more than you think You need more space Society, you're a crazy breed I hope you're not lonely without me Society, crazy and deep I hope you're not lonely without me There's those thinking more or less less is more But if less is more how you're keeping score? Means for every point you make Your level drops Kinda like it's starting from the top You can't do that Society, you're a crazy breed I hope you're not lonely without me Society, crazy and deep I hope you're not lonely without me Society, have mercy on me I hope you're not angry if I disagree Society, crazy and deep I hope you're not lonely without me (Eddie Vedder)
When I was about to cross this waterfall I was scared, nature can be unforgiving sometimes and the water stream was SO powerful. But just like crossing this waterfall, as soon as your learn how to overcome your own fears you will get to discover a whole new world. One that has been there forever but is still so unknown and mysterious to our “civilized” existence. And absolutely nothing can compare to its beauty and majesty, nothing can compare to the feeling of our roots touching and connecting, realizing that we are all born from the same source, the same energy. Nature, I love you, I love your simplicity, generosity, delicate beauty and the power you have to change lives. I will forever want to be close to you.
I prefer the saddle to the streetcar and star-sprinkled sky to a roof, the obscure and difficult trail leading to the unknown, to any paved highway, and the deep peace of the wild to the discontent bred by cities. Do you blame me then for staying here, where I feel that I belong and am one with the world around me? (Letter from Everett Ruess)
“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks” (John Muir)
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