Heike Kellen

typical Sunday for Doggi❤️
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Doggi❤️ iphone covers for sake paypal: Muffbear@emailn.de 33,- plus 3,90 shipping and handling
Doggi❤️ is in the news
Doggi❤️ playing with her gifts her fans sent to her
Doggi❤️ and Crusoe Win a pawprint signed book by Crusoe with the Name of the winner
Doggi❤️ likes to snell her Roses
Doggi❤️ loves her Takkie🐾
My friend Manny❤️🐾 from Amsterdam
Doggi❤️ and Crusoe inside the Baden-Baden Casino
Doggi needs Help PayPal moneypool - Thank you❤️🙏🐾
Doggi❤️ reading your comments
Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes to my 18th Birthday (total more than 6000 people congratulated Doggi❤️
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