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Ever since I came out as Non-binary, I've been so free to reclaim my femininity. initially getting misgendered made me feel like I should be making more of an effort to present more masc. But I've realised that really I should be focused on how I feel about myself. My clothes don't determine my gender. Inside I'm still a boygirl. And I've never felt so good 😊 let non binary people be who ever they are! I thank my girlfriend for these pictures. I really love them! . . Also for peeps who are asking where I got the dress : I got it for £3 in a cancer reseach charity shop, honey! . . #thisiswhatnonbinarylookslike #enby #genderqueer #queerartist #enbyartist #queerart
I've just realised I havent put a watermark on this work.. please just dont take it without properly crediting. I will leave it up in good faith. . . Sometimes people will project their awful feelings on you. Sometimes people will try to bring you down because they don't want to understand you. Don't let them destroy you. They will never stop our community from being a light. It will never stop us from thriving ❤ . . Harrassment and hate crime can be a regular experience for many trans people. This year it was reported that 53% of young trans people have experienced hate crime in the past year because of their gender. Trans people are twice as likely to be victims of hate crimes compared to other members of the lgbt community. 48% of trans people in the UK are scared to use public toilets. 12% were attacked at work by a colleague or customer. Only 1 in 10 of trans people have a family who supports their identity. 1 in 7 of trans university students said they they had considered leaving school because of discrimination. It's not easy to exist as a trans and/ or Non Binary person in the UK. So how can we start making moves to reduce these statistics? . I want for non - trans people to start raising their voices when they witness harassment or hate crime - both in person and online. I want non trans people to start talking positively about trans people, and to intercept transphobia when they hear it. I want non - trans people to support us, to learn and to listen when we speak. I want to see active allyship. All I want from other trans people, is that you keep your light alive. That you succeed for us. I want you to carry on being excellent. I want you to believe in yourself ❤ . . Actually this one goes out to my friend @sarahdayarts aswell. She really has been such a wonderful source of support and light. I was so close to giving up for a while, but she just brought me right back. Love u Sarah! ❤ #nonbinary #nonbinaryartist #queerart #queer #oneofthem #lgbt #trans #transgender #love #enby #enbyartist #genderneutral #genderqueer #selflove #positivity #instagood #artist #art #illustration #illustrator #illustratorsofinstagram #artistsofinstagram
Just a gentle reminder that you are valid. Nobody has the right to invalidate who you are as a lgbtqi+ person. The truth is that you are valid FULLSTOP. Your experience is true and real. Keep doing you, because you are loved and needed. Tag your friends to remind them ❤ . . This space is not for “truscum” and “transmed” fanatics. It’s not for gatekeepers. It is a safe space for people who wish to progress. Love you 💕🌈 . . #queerart #queer #oneofthem #lgbtqi #queerartist #nonbinary #nonbinaryartist #enby #genderqueer #genderneutral #trans #transgender #love #art #youarevalid #feelgood #positivity
Sometimes you just have to go head and be yourself....Growing up I knew that I was a lesbian. It wasn't until 17 that I had the nerve to tell everyone. I was still, however so uncomforable peforming femininity that I had been branded with at birth. I felt awkward, gangly and out of place. It wasn't until I studied 'queer writings' at uni that I discovered that there were words for people like me. Non Binary. Genderqueer. Gender Neutral. I felt a moment of pure happiness, which was then accompanied with fear. I felt fear because I knew that I couldn't ignore that feeling anymore. I couldn't ignore who I was. And I had no idea how people would start to treat me afterwards. . . Ever since I've just been trying to make myself as comfortable and confident as possible in my body. I've made all efforts to be proud of the body I occupy, despite what others might say about me. And I want to be as open as possible about this, in an effort to try to be the person I needed when I was younger. . . To young people who might be questioning their gender, I want you to always fight past the fear in order to be your most honest self. Its okay to be a work in progress and its okay to change your mind. Moreover its brilliant to be different. I want you to know that you can achieve your dreams despite what others may think. I want you to know that there are millions of us who are like you. And we're thriving! Love you! ❤ . . . #genderqueer #genderneutral #nonbinary #nonbinaryartist #queerart #queer #oneofthen
Hullo there everyone 💕 today I want to get us talking about Queer mental health. To begin with, I want to be open about my own experiences, in the hope that you might find some solidarity in this vulnerability. . I am a Non Binary Queer person diagnosed with Bipolar 2. I’ve made a few points about my experiences in the art. Although I cannot really capture exactly what it has been like to be me. I want to start by saying that I view my Bipolar 2 as a gift. My Bipolar got me making art, and it’s given me so much energy to make it. It also means that I really have loved intensely. And I feel thankful for that. But I won’t pretend that it has been easy. It’s meant that I’ve had to deal with a lot of my manic or depressive actions, which can really be exhausting- and it’s exhausting for the people around me too. It’s meant that I have sometimes lost friends. And it has been quite isolating at times. But I will say that now I am on the correct medication and routine, I’m dealing with it well! Having Bipolar does have its ups and downs (excuse the shameless pun hehe)but it’s not the beginning and end of who I am. I am a kind person, I am a loving person and I am so much more than a mental health condition. And so are you! I think it’s really important to start talking about queer mental health, and how we really are experiencing the world. Did you know that @stonewalluk ‘s mental health statistics this year reported that 64% of non binary and trans people felt at some time in the past year that they had felt like life was not worth living? Did you know that 52% of LGBT people said that they had experienced depression in the past year? We have a real issue with mental illness in the community. I believe that if we start lending open ears to our queer friends, if we make it common place to ask our tender queer friends how they are and if we are more honest and brave about opening up about what we are going through, we can start to change this. Obviously there are so many factors can cause a queer person to become mentally ill. I’m just starting to think about ways that we can help each other out. Love you ❤. . #enby #nonbinary #queer #bipolar #bipolar2 #mentalhealth
@shopbontemps . Some time well spent... ❤ My partner likes to take pictures of me working on the train. Here's one on our way into London, and on the way back. I really love making art. I can't stop and will never stop making it. I always bring my iPad with me places, so that I can fit in a few minutes of experimentation here and there! It also means that I can always catch moments of inspiration! Honestly moving much closer to London has been great so far. Its a very exciting place. Although housing is just so expensive! I'm waiting for the day when my girlfriend and I can move into a flat! (I know so many people from London must feel this way!) We're getting there folx! ❤ luv 2 u as always xxxx #enby #timewellspent
. ~ Q U E E R M A G I C ~ . Queers are magical to me. We are a force of nature. We are brave, we are kind and we are excellent! . . I had great fun designing my own little reality for this t-shirt! It’s available via the link in my bio until December 4th! I’ve already bought mine!! 🌈 #everpress #hellomynameiswednesday #queermerch #queerartist #enbyartist #nonbinaryartist #queertshirt #lgbt
It’s here! To celebrate reaching 16k I want to give one of you angels a set of limited edition, signed postcards! You’ll notice too that one of the designs has never been seen before! To enter, you just need to share this image in your story, follow me and tag 4 people who might like my art in the comments 🌈 I’ll announce the winner EDIT: Monday at 8pm (GMT) . Thankyou all for the constant stream of encouagement and support. You have all changed my world. Love you!!! 💕
Hulllooo lovelies 💕 today I wanted to make a painting to introduce some of the thoughts that can go through a Trans and/or Non -binary persons head when considering coming out. The community is so diverse, so this can not possibly show everyone’s thoughts. But I think it’s important to start raising awareness of the anxiety and fear one can feel when considering being open. I think it’s especially important that cis people can see this, and to reflect on how they can better support people to not feel like this. With regards to ‘transitioning’, I want to see a world where people are free and able to transition how AND when they feel they need to! . . . For those of you who you have felt this way at any time in your life : you are seen. You are not alone by any measure. you are valid, you are needed. Reach out to people in your community. Take it easy on yourself. Remember that coming out is for you, and you alone. Love u 💕 . . DESCRIPTION OF PAINTING : [ colourful text reads : coming out as trans. In the centre is a Non Binary Trans person. There are several thoughts visualized coming out of their head. They read : ' I don't want to confuse or hurt anyone, but I can't ignore this anymore' 'what if they don't want to understand' ' I desperately need to transition for my mental health' 'what if they stop loving me after they know this' 'what if this could threaten my safety?' ] . . #enby #nonbinary #queer #queerartist #trans #transgender #enbyartist #oneofthem #comingout #transart #transartist #artivism #art #nonbinaryartist #queerart #lgbtq #lbgt #thisiswhatnonbinarylookslike #genderfluid #genderneutral #gc2bbinder
Hullo Lgbtqi+ folx! Just a gentle reminder that not only are you magic and fabulous, you are loved, you are ~NEEDED~. Your excellence is needed, your existence is needed, your voice is needed. [Image description : pink letters reading 'You are needed' on a golden yellow background with a happy purple flower ] #oneofthem #nonbinary #nonbinaryillustrator #enby #lgbtqi #queer #queerpride #queerart
People can say whatever they want but they will never stop you. You are a force of nature. You are worthy of magic and love. If they won’t let us into their world, we will carry on building our own 🌼 [Image description: two queer people embracing, surrounded by large flowers and sparkles. Text above them reading 'queer magic'] . . . . #enby #nonbinary #queer #queerartist #trans #transgender #enbyartist #oneofthem #comingout #transart #transartist #artivism #art #nonbinaryartist #queerart #lgbtq #lbgt #thisiswhatnonbinarylookslike #genderfluid #genderneutral
Whatever stage you’re at, never give up because who knows what’s coming next? #nonbinaryartist #queer #queerart
Hulllooooo it me!!! My tee came in the post today! This was my first collab with @everpresshq and I'm seriously impressed!! I can't wait to see your pics! Ps. This tee has been so popular I'm bringing it back soon! Luv to u all 🌻💕 #thisiswhatnonbinarylookslike
So you folx don't even know how excited I am to share this art with you!! My very precious pal @sarahdayarts and I cooked this beauty up this month! . Really I have to say that Sarah teaches me kindness everyday. She's been such a massive grounding force for me 🌻 pls do check out Sarah's art journey with me! It's wonderful to witness! . I actually can't believe we waited so long before bringing you a collab! So finally ladies and gentlethems, I give you SARAHDAY X WEDNESDAY !!! love you all!! . . . [Image description : colourful text reading ' kindness is your gift to share with anyone you choose' two people are underneath the text, one person is hanging the other a ball of magic whilst saying 'and nobody will judge you for regifting' ]
A tender queer moment for you this evening 🌟 love you huns xxxxxx
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