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@klarity was one of my first friends and first collaborators when I moved to LA 8 years ago. Here’s a shot from our upcoming spot for @novafitnessstudios. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who dreams as big or works as hard as this guy right here. We’ve got a lot to accomplish in 2019.
You’re only as good as your collaborators. This year I was fortunate enough to work with some incredibly talented people. Thank you to everyone who let me point a camera at you. Who’s shooting with me next year? • • • • • #justgoshoot #photographer #instagood #travelphotography #igers #igdaily #canon #picoftheday #travel #cinematographer
Shanghai, China - 2018 6 years ago things weren’t really clicking for me in LA, so I took my job search global. Cold emails to every major city on the planet looking for anyone in the world who would pay me to shoot. Eventually I had an opportunity for a job in Shanghai, but I had to get myself there. I took a risk, maxed out my credit card, and booked a flight. I was working for a 5 star hotel but drinking at the hostel down the road because cocktails were $2. Well that trip lead to more trips and slowly built the foundation of the work I’m doing now. The thing about growth is that sometimes you don’t feel it at all. Sometimes success happens so slowly it feels like failure. You just keep trying to do better work, be a better collaborator, and focus on that momentum. Then 6 years later you come back to that city and realize maybe you’ve grown more than you thought you had.
Rainy day here in LA has me thinking about Scotland. My ancestors left there over 300 years ago to start their journey to America, but I still felt an incredible connection to the land they called home. Scotland, this is my love letter to you. Shout out to @rkmstudios_color for the color work, @jordanbalderas for being my co pilot, @djiglobal for making a drone that somehow survived the wind and rain, and @landonlarue for staying with me when I stopped the car every 5 minutes to “just get a shot real quick” • • • • • #DJI #Mavic2 #travel #justgoshoot #photographer #instagood #travelphotography #cinematographer
Walking into the weekend like
Isle of Skye, Scotland - 2018 40mph winds and rainy today, sadly couldn’t get the drone up in the air. Luckily some places still look ok from the ground.
Scottish Highlands - 2018 Been looking forward to this all year. A dram of whisky and a fireplace in the Highlands. A long overdue moment to take a breath and reflect on an absolute bender of a year.
Speyside, Scotland - 2018 The River Spey in all her glory, giving life to more whisky distilleries than any other region. My home for the next few days.
BAEcation2018 is off to a great start.... Next stop: London!
The last in my series from Uganda. I appreciate everyone sticking with me as I post older photos from my travels. I’m grateful to be in a position to spend time with people all over the world, and if I’m lucky, I get the opportunity to share their story and let them shine.
Mbale, Uganda - 2016
Mbale, Uganda - 2016
Mbale, Uganda - 2016 My favorite photo from my favorite trip. Spent a week in Uganda with some great people building clean water wells. I was photographing some kids playing soccer when my buddy shouted “son, look behind you!”. Turned around and snapped this photo. Always good to have someone watching your back and making sure you don’t miss your best shots.
More from the #AllDayHustle campaign I Directed and shot for @underarmour. For every project I do with @therock we ask ourselves “how can others apply this in their lives?” Because Project Rock isn’t just about the big man, it’s about all of us. So we grabbed some everyday superheroes and hit the gym. Agency: @sevenbuckscr @chetgulland @kat.gootz @thedaveramirez @nicolekaralekas Producer: @ihavegoodtaste Production: @americanblackmarket Superheroes: @chelsea.aguiar @adelejackson26 @brianmazza Taejahn Taylor Camera: @arri Lenses: @panavisionofficial @lex0003 Color: @sofie_borup @company_3
Thrilled to share the All Day Hustle campaign I Directed and shot for @underarmour. We wanted something authentic. No rehearsals. No focus marks. No second takes. No regrets. @therock brings the power, we capture it. Agency: @sevenbuckscr @chetgulland @kat.gootz @thedaveramirez @nicolekaralekas Producer: @ihavegoodtaste Production: @americanblackmarket Camera: @arri Lenses: @panavisionofficial @lex0003 Color: @sofie_borup @company_3
#AllDayHustle Under Armour spot I directed and shot with @therock drops on Thursday. Very proud of our work on this one and can’t wait to share it with the world. #TeamNoSleep
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