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Cambodia - 2014 Worth waking before the sun. One of the few places in the world that lives up to the hype.
Cambodia - 2014
Cambodia - 2014 Back to basics. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of the business and lose sight of the heart of a project. This year I’ve been trying my best to cut through the noise start each project at the base level. Whether it’s a commercial, narrative, music video or doc, I think you’ve got to humble yourself and really think about what you’re tasked to do. At the most fundamental level, you’ve got to ask yourself “What story are we telling, and how can I most effectively show that with images?” That’s what we’re here to do. Everything else is just window dressing.
Cambodia - 2014 I started my career by working with charities. It’s how I first started traveling, and how I learned to tell story through images. As artists and storytellers we have the unique ability to take people on a journey. To show them the world through the lens of a camera. No matter where my job takes me I don’t want to lose focus of how I got here. If nothing else, I want to be a good steward of story, to use my skillset to give a voice to the lives of others. In 2006, the 6,000 residents of a garbage picking village where forcibly relocated by the Cambodian government to make room for a five star hotel. Those people were then dropped off in a field on the edge of Phnom Penh. That community grew from a refugee camp into what is now the village of Andong. Andong was, and is, home to some of the worst poverty in the world, but It doesn’t look like this anymore. Garbage and grey water once filled the streets, and now there are roads. Multiple families used to live in tin sheds, and now there are permanent structures. There are now schools and markets. There is progress. Four years ago I met and worked with the wonderful people at People for Care and Learning, who have been spending years on the ground in Cambodia, approaching poverty from a holistic perspective. Start with education. Inspire hope. Give people the tools to build themselves up so they can help build others. www.PCL.is
Takam Village, Cambodia - 2014
Takam Village, Cambodia - 2014 Even being years removed from this trip, it still brings up a lot of emotion. My next few posts will be pretty heavy, so here’s a pretty picture of kids playing. From what I could gather, the objective of this game is to catch the string with your foot at the highest height possible. This girl kicked all the boy’s asses. #GirlStuff
Tonlé Sap Lake, Cambodia - 2014 Morning traffic
Tonlé Sap Lake, Cambodia - 2014 A remote fishing village about a 90 minute boat ride from Siem Reap. Hundreds of families living on barges and boats, forming a floating city. Think Beasts of the Southern Wild meets Waterworld. After I schooled this kid in a game of PIG on their floating basketball court, he grabbed his younger siblings and headed home for lunch. Totally surreal experience.
Seoul - 2014
Seoul - 2013
Ho Chi Minh City - 2013 Even if you’re lucky enough to do what you love for a living, work can become overwhelming. I love this photo because it reminds me to pause, take a moment for myself, and find some peace in the chaos.
Ho Chi Minh City - 2013
Tokyo - 2013
Shanghai - 2013 A trip and a photo inspired by Skyfall. Mendesing is a common theme in my work. It’s where I channel Sam Mendes and have someone stand in an epic location with their back to the camera. Let the setting do the heavy lifting for you.
Hong Kong - 2013 In terms of cool shit per square foot, there are very few places like Hong Kong. There’s a story around every corner, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice to not hit pavement.
Hong Kong - 2013 The first time you see this view sticks with you forever. There really is no place in the world like Hong Kong. Next week I’ll be returning for my 7th time in 5 years.
Changshu, China - 2012 My last post from this incredible year. I promise we’ll eventually get to my current work. I’ve got a massive backlog of content that’s never been posted, and stories that have never been told. I appreciate all of you coming along for the ride!
Inner Mongolia - 2012
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