▪Freelance Make-up Artist/Hair , Montreal 🇵🇪 🇨🇦 ---& Spraying my "Chilla" © ▪Elevate Love and Support the Youth 💞Let's Help

TRUE that It's because of the kids that I decided to share my CHILLA more, but the title "RISING" of this piece it's because of all the women that are speaking out NOW , empowering eachother and the youth fighting for their human rights which is really inspiring to see. I draw/paint ALL diversity included, because at a certain moment in time any of those women from all walks of life had and still inspire me to grow some how. Kids are watching and I care.💖 #Surfaces au @quartierdesspectacles_mtl till October 28th. Promenades des artistes #quartierdesspectacles #childrenfirst , #womenunited , #cantstopher ,#peace , #love ,#empowering ,#montreal . #mtn94 @le_sino . ** C'est vrai que l'effet de voir les enfants m'approcher en peinturant m'a motivé à partager plus mon personnage "Chilla". Mais le titre "Rising" (Ascension) de cette piece je l'ai choisi dût à l'union des femmes du mouvement metoo , l'émancipation des femmes et des jeunes qui se "battent" pour leur droits humains. C'est inspirant à voir. Je dessine/peintures des femmes de toute les diversité incluse, car à un certain moment de ma vie.Celles -ci de tout les milieux m'ont inspiré et continue à me faire grandir. Je sais que les enfants nous regardent et j'y tiens. 💖
"The Silky Way"© #solanchilla .It was nice to see the acid colors changing and popping even more while I was washing the silk and the sun was blazing on it. C'était beau 😊 👌🏼🌈. And a little visit from my favorite loulou 📽@_shaifly_ 💖 #textiledesign ,#montreal , #silk ,#soie ,#apprentie , À suivre... 😉✌🏼
The @camillecotehats FW2018 collection has arrived. The original ©#croppedhat , 👀camille-cote.com . And They ArE GORGEOUSss!! . 📸@elisa.cote // model :@afro.dyte wearing (Bronx Noir ❤) // •HairMakeup by me. #solanchilla ,#makeupbysolanchilla ,#designer ,#camillecote #montreal ,#chapeliere .
At @mtlbliss 👌🏼 Good vibes. . It was actually the first time I freestyle in front of people marker style in this way. It actually felt like back in the day when I would get bored in a club and find a good spot to sketch, except this time the music was good and I was invited to do so without looking weird because of it hahaha. Thanx 📸 @alan.hg for the shot 😉 #montreal #womenempowerement ,#chillas ,#queens ,#love , #blackandwhite #her_montreal , #kidsfirst . ✌🏼💖
And another One with the "ORIGINAL"@camillecotehats A/W collection / with the super charming beauty @afro.dyte /📸@elisa.cote / Mua: Me #makeupbysolanchilla , #chapeliere , #fashion , #camillecote ,#montreal ,#pink , #original #croppedhat . A MUST !!!
Thank you🙏 to the OBNL Mr. Cando team for letting me be part of the magic of this week-end. (@zek156 👌🏽"C"✏, @___stare___ , @specialkaylogg , @montrealone ) and the rest of their team. For putting together this historical wall pour Le Chef. All graffiti styles combine, 100 artists. In your loving memory Alex @mrcan_do 💙 #ontaimemonami , #lechef #kingscan , #arthistory #graffitiquilt , #montreal ➡️**You'll be able to see it from the new ramp of the Turcot interchange , a surface of more than 8500 square feet. 👀☝️© #scanyourock
☄💛👟☄🎨@axelalime (le petit tannant au top du #shoe 👌🏽)---------- #kebecgold
🙆‍♀️@marilynbdry 💖for @ardene /📸@sergeibergen /🎨💄 by me #solanchilla . @festivalmodedesign . #iamwhatimakeup @covergirl #fmdmua # fmd2018,#montreal ☆The second pic was just a random one for fun I took, before a guard gently asked us almost in silence that we couldn t be there hahahha. I graciously thank him for his participation 😉.
CE SOIR//TONIGHT! at @lelivart hommage to one of a kind @mrcan_do . L'expo à NE PAS MANQUER // An expo not to be missed. #montreal BE THERE!. It's a must for your personal knowledge of art history. And of course to celebrate The KING.
"RISING" est up,gros merci au team du @quartierdesspectacles_mtl 💕 ///@le_sino ✌🏼 SURFACES – l’expo d’art urbain Jusqu'ai 28 octobre Une production du Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles, Montréal (PQDS) en collaboration avec: @agcmtl , @ashopcrew 👌🏼 ,@up_mtl @LNDMRK , @MASSIVart Au Promenade des artistes – Quartier des spectacles #her_montreal , #childrenfirst ,#diversityisagift , #women ,#flygirls ,#montreal ,#surfaces
Merci aux girls @les_charlottes pour votre accueil ce matin au @cism893 ✌🏼💖 #montreal
"UNITE" serie going to @skateboardsforhope . There's a 4th one! 🤹🏽‍♀️ Much love from @her_mtl © ✌🏼💛xx ••••••Using #mtn94 ,#mtnmarkers @le_sino --------------------------------------------------------------#childrenfirst ,#skateboards #womenunited ,#takecare ,#skateboardsforhope ,#montreal #fashion ,#her_montreal
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