Heritage Brickwork Restoration

Restoring historic buildings to their original condition & creating new buildings using traditional methods and materials. Based in Kent.

Loving our job 🏰 We are currently rebuilding the facade of a historic cottage in the grounds of the beautiful Godinton Park. It’s so peaceful here with only the sound of the birds to be heard. Godinton House has a Jacobean style exterior and is built around a medieval great hall. The roof has a distinctive system of Dutch gables. Tours of the house are led by expert guides unravelling it’s 600 years of history. The walled formal gardens include one of the longest Yew hedges in England.
Spring time in the city 🏡🌸🌱 Comment below, which city/town you live in! We'd love to know where our wonderful followers are from! We're based in the seaside town of Whitstable 🌊🐚 Please head to our website to enquire about restoration projects > link in bio < 📷: @dy_ellie
Have you heard what's happening at Arundel Castle this weekend? Built at the end of the 11th century by Roger de Montgomery, there are nearly 1,000 years of history at this great castle, situated in magnificent grounds overlooking the River Arun in West Sussex. This weekend April 14-15th they are hosting a wonderful family Living History Weekend! Explore the castle and its tranquil spring gardens, enjoy crafts in Stone Hall and meet historical characters. Watch combat and armour demonstrations with warriors in the Duke Henry Courtyard 🤺⚔️🏰🌷 📷: @odhunte
This week's #HeritageSpotlight is the stunning Lincoln Cathedral. Did you know that #LincolnCathedral was the tallest building in the world for 238 years, higher than the Great Pyramids? 🏰 The cathedral is the third largest in Britain after St Paul's and York Minster in floor area, being 484 by 271 feet. It is highly regarded by architectural scholars and was described by Victorian writer John Ruskin as "Out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles". Over the years the cathedral has been ravaged by great fire and damaged by an earthquake but thankfully still stands today prouder and more glorious than ever. As well as boasting a fine silver filled treasury and magestic organ, for a small fee you can also get onto the walls of the Castle and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the town. Who fancies a visit? 🏰 📷: @dy_ellie
What did you get up to over the long weekend? Did you visit anywhere interesting or perhaps you were hunting for eggs? Comment your weekend in 3 emojis, this was ours 🐰🏰🍫 Happy Easter 🐣 📷:@monalogue
Spring has sprung! 🌸🏰 Have you ever visited The Moat Garden at Windsor Castle? It's the perfect place to wander on a sunny Spring weekend. The garden started out as a defensive moat dug by Saxon labourers of William the Conqueror nearly one thousand years ago. William built the central keep of his fortress on a mound for defensive purposes, which resulted in a dry moat that became overgrown with wild plants over time. As the need for defense lessened and the gardens became more popular, the Moat Garden was born. 📷:@lauriebracewell
Explore the remains of Scotland’s largest and most magnificent medieval church. Even in its ruinous state, the cathedral remains a prominent landmark highly visible from the sea. The Cathedral of St Andrew is a ruined Roman Catholic cathedral in Fife. It was built in 1158 and became the centre of the Medieval Catholic Church in Scotland. It fell into disuse and ruin after Catholic mass was outlawed during the 16th-century Scottish Reformation. The ruins indicate that the building was approximately 119 m (390 ft) long, and is the largest church to have been built in Scotland. For all restoration enquiries please head to our website > link in bio < 📷: @ranalddinsdale
Who knows a little girl that would love her own pink castle? But surely there's no such thing...🌸🤗🏰 Nestled on a picturesque hillside, the elegant pink tower of Craigievar Castle has enchanted thousands over the years with its spellbindingly beautiful. Built in a Scottish Baronial style around 1576, this iconic tower house is among the best preserved and the most loved in Scotland; its exterior remains virtually unchanged since William Forbes completed it in 1626. In accordance with the former owner’s wishes, artificial lights have not been installed in the upper floors. This means that the castle's extensive collection of historic artefacts and art is seen in the shifting light from the sun pouring in. 📷: @monalogue
So we know the snow is nearly all melted but we couldn't resist just one more frosted frame...❄️ St Paul's Church in Strasbourg really is a sight to behold! This masterpiece of Gothic architecture was built between 1892 and 1897 by the architect Louis Muller. The church’s graceful twin towers are 76 meters high and allows for it to be admired from a great distance. We don't think we could ever get bored of this view! For all heritage brickwork restoration enquiries please head to our website >link in bio< 📷: @tonyrammath
#HeritageSpotlight I Musée du Louvre 🇨🇵❄️ Have you visited? Originally the building was a fortress and down in the basement you can see the original walls which date from 1190. In the 16th Century it was turned into a Renaissance style palace which housed the royal art collection which consisted of paintings by such artists as Leonardo di Vinci and Raphael. This grand palace museum now holds wonderful collections of Western art from the Middle Ages to 1848 and is visited by over 7 million people every year. We're currently working over in France coverting a old barn into a beautiful wedding venue for @chateaudedohem. If you have a restoration project you'd like help with please head to our website > link in bio < 📷: @_aya.lulu_
Brrrr 🌨️❄️ As it's turning colder than the North Pole this week, we thought we'd show you one of our favourite buildings, splendidly dusted in snow...St Pancras you frosted beauty! ❄️ #HereComesTheSnow 📷: @snowflakesfairy
Who else loves getting lost in London and just taking in the architecture? Can you guess from this beautiful, carved brick corner which building we came across? Comment below 🏰 📷: @elensham
Do you notice anything unusual about this passage way?...It's amazing the things you can discover by simply looking up 🛡️✨ The cloister ceilings in Canterbury Cathedral were completed in the early 1400s and contain over 800 medieval heraldic devices. Together they form by far the largest assembly of 15th century shields and badges in England and represent the benefactors who helped make it possible to build. The shields are adorned with family symbols, everything from peacocks to sewing bobbins. What would your family shield be decorated with?🛡️ Animals, transport, tools, flowers? Tell us in the comments below 🦁🚜🔧🌹 📷: @jonreid
Would you like to live in Bridge House? ✨ This quaint and quirky dwelling over Stock Beck in Ambleside was originally built in the 14th century for the influential Braithwaites family. Enabling the family to access their land either side of the river aswell as being used to store apples from their orchard. Over the decades Bridge House has been used as a counting house for the mills of Rattle Ghyll, a tea-room, a weaving shop, a cobbler's, a chair maker's and, at one time, a home to a family of eight! If you'd like us to build you your very own bridge house, head to our website > link in bio < 📷: @joedanielprice
Welcome to Newnham College! This stunning site contains a number of Grade II* and Grade II Listed Buildings and sits within the West Cambridge Conservation Area. Basil Champneys was Newnham’s architect from 1873 to 1913. During that period, the College grew from the original building “Newnham Hall” to a total of six major buildings, plus the Laboratory and the Yates Thompson Library. All buildings designed by Champneys are in the so-called “Queen Anne” style, with lots of red brick, white-painted sash windows, curly pedimented gables, steep roofs and curving bay windows. Do you like this style? 📷: @dy_ellie
Would you like to come and stay? Welcome to the grand entrance hall of our beloved 19th century @ChateauDeDohem which we spent 2 years restoring. We've had an absolute blast over the last year letting the house for family holidays, golfing breaks, pamper weekends, rural retreats and this year we're adding wedding venue to the list! Converting our old barn in the courtyard into a beautiful, bespoke wedding venue. Situated in Northern France just 35 minutes drive from the #Eurotunnel it's the perfect break to escape to the countryside. If you'd like to come and visit please head to @ChateauDeDohem. Oh, one last thing...white or red? 🍷 #ChateauDeDohem
Happy Sunday from Karpniki Castle in Poland 🌙✨🏰 This 15th century castle was rebuilt in a Neogothic style in 1844 and is now a beautiful 5* hotel! Would you like to stay here?! #karpnikicastle 📷: @marekgaworski
Happy Burns Night! Who's celebrating tonight? Today's #HeritageSpotlight is the cliff top fortress Dunnottar Castle located in bonny Scotland. Steeped in history, this romantic & haunting ruin is a photographer’s paradise, a history lover’s dream and an iconic tourist destination. The rock the Castle sits upon was forced to the surface 440 million years ago during the Silurian period. A red rock conglomerate with boulders up to 1m across known as Pudding Stone. Over the years the castle has been graced by William Wallace, Marquis of Montrose and Mary Queen of Scots. However most famously, it was at Dunnottar Castle that a small garrison saved the Scottish Crown Jewels, the ‘Honours of Scotland’, from destruction. 📷: @connormollison
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