Theresa Bumbaco

1992 | dog-mom | veg 🥑 pop-cultured | cinephile 🎬 Sephora | glitter-fanatic ✨ LA Devotee | ! | 🌵 Chappelle | David | Rock | Radnor

Spending time with my long-lost first dog-son, Wall•e has been cleansing for my formerly heartbroken soul. #whatgoesaroundcomesaround #ithinkmyluckisturning
Living my best life. #KanyeTaughtMe it’s okay to never smile in photos.
My happy place. The countdown is on. ✨🥀🌴
oh, word?
Coachella dreamin’ ✨🌴
✨my hair is full of secrets✨
I saw #TheDisasterArtist FINALLY & was blown away. What a film. #JamesFranco @sethrogen #justiceforjamesfranco
Here’s to shooting more photos in 2018.
You fooled me once with your eyes. Now, honey, you fooled me twice with your lies.
I love you so much. Thank you for everything you have done for me these past 13 years. Nuts you’ve been my favorite for over half my life. Never burn out or fade away. 💕 @brendonurie
Hey Moon
Cannot wait to play! #SaintAndSinner @katvondbeauty
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