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Hi guys. 👋🏼 I was rehearsing my day in my head and decided it was time for another round of #fridayintroductions full on confessions of a #badmom who somehow got on the PTA board yesterday. 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is my attempt of making you feel a little less alone, or at least make you feel better about your day/parenting skills /car cleanliness / all of the above. Ready?! It took 5 tokens aka TEN WHOLE MINUTES to vacuum my car. I don’t know if I should be impressed or totally ashamed at this. Though, to be honest, I was mostly ashamed as I thought about my niece judging me every time she gets in my car with each token I added. #youknowwhoyouare and yes, I probably should get a truck instead of hauling sod in my trunk. But also, YOLO. I should also probably add that in the process of vacuuming said car, I got my hair stuck IN THE VACCUM. For a solid minute, maybe more. #hotmessmom But, it is cleaner than it was, even if there’s still sand all over the back and it could probably use a good five more tokens to actually get it resembling something other than a beach. I’ve never considered getting my car detailed before bc #money but as a lay over the backseat with my hair stuck in the hose, I was definitely considering it. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 In other news, my kids chased each other through the house with half a full grocery bag and now I have 6 less eggs than I came home with. As I was cleaning up the eggs all over everything :: read: THE WHOLE KITCHEN the cat escaped out the back door, over the fence and down the street and almost got hit by three cars, all in a row as I chased behind in my socks yelling 💥💥💥. I came back inside to a kitchen floor colored in pink sharpie bc #art . Which somehow led to all three boys crying on me in unison until I got them quiet enough to send them outside for the rest of the ... day? I told them I needed alone time to process the day and am pretending to clean out the fridge while really I write this and my other groceries melt on the floor and think about making a drink. But also, don’t want to move. I’m so fucking tired. And so thankful it’s Friday. Can I get I amen? And maybe a long distance cheers to motivate me? Motherhood y’all. 🍸🥃 #allaboutabiq
Hashtag goals.
Can we just talk for a second about the fact that the boys section always has the longest shorts and never any glitter and always the worst truck/animal designs while the girls section has amazing stuff? Whyyyyyyyyyy. Also. I hate that gender neutral clothing is always muted tones. Boys like pink too yo. And really, for the love, can someone please make a line of clothing with glitter for boys? Please and thank you. 💥🙌🏽❤️ #indiowildegard
To my boys, Today I want to thank you for making me a mom and who I am today. For being strong and brave and loving me with your whole beings (even when I don’t give you ice cream for dinner or take you to target for the third time in a week to look at legos as one of you reminded me today when I was told “you aren’t the best mom in the whole world. But you’re a really good mom” . 😂😂) For being honest with me and letting us hit the reset button when we need to on the day. For the goodnight snuggles and the bedtimes stories and the early morning kisses. For calling me princess randomly when you’re in an especially good mood and for continuing to do it, because I laughed out loud the first time you did. For making me soda water. For getting pedicures with me and teaching me the exact sound a light saber makes and how long you make the sound when the light sabers hit. For showing me the difference between a LEGO shadow trooper and a LEGO storm trooper because I wouldn’t of known if you hadn’t of taught me. For the forehead kisses because I told you they’re my favorite and you remembered, and sometimes when I’m sad you do it because you know it makes me feel better and it melts me at how tender you are. For the knock me down hugs and the makeovers and the little gasps you make when I braid my hair. Being the mama of you three is my joy and fills my heart so full I sometimes think it might explode. Our life might be mostly chaos and noise but I embrace this life with you wholeheartedly and love it mostly because you’re beside me. I love you I love you I love you. And yes, I think the stock tank might just have to become you’re very own pool. I’ll let dad know. Xxxx #theqboys
Feeling it. ✌🏼✌🏼 #theqboys
I realized the other day while tucking the boys into bed that I only had roughly 3650 days left of bedtime snuggles and stories and memories left with my oldest... if he lets me tuck him in until he’s 18. And, I cried for all the nights I’ve hurried them to bed and all the nights I’ve told them I’ll tell them a bedtime story tomorrow. And because I’ve probably cuddled him more than half of the amount of time he’ll let me cuddle him and because when he told me the other night that my stories are the best because I have such a good imagination, it made my heart explode. So I cried, and I told them two stories that night. Just to make up for lost time. #finleyasiimwelane #childhoodunplugged
Missing the red dirt today. #runawaywiththeqs #childhoodunplugged
I found a old photo of me from two kids ago and five years or more when my wrinkle lines in my forehead weren’t there and my legs were thinner and my hair was blonder. And I missed the old me. But then I realized I like the new me too. The new me is wiser and stronger and softer in the best ways and cries easier and feels deeper and is slowly becoming the old women I want to be. And I now know what it’s like to be a mom of three boys and I can handle chaos with more grace and I like that me, missing thigh gap and all. . . . In other news, Stone told me when I become a ghost I can live with him in this house. And when he dies he’ll be a ghost with me and we’ll keep Indio company. And then he got super stressed out that ghosts don’t have hands and HOW CAN THEY EAT FOOD and what happens if he becomes a zombie and not a ghost? BECAUSE HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE A ZOMBIE HE WANTS TO BE A GHOST BC THEY LIVE IN FAMILIES. And I don’t know how he got this knowledge, or how he’s so certain that zombies don’t have families too but I comforted him by telling him I’d ask and I was fairly certain we could definitely be ghosts together. And when we were we’d scare the crap out of his brothers. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 . . . All nothing to do with this photo. This photos from a few weeks ago in the back of a car with the Ugandan breeze in our faces. Me and my wrinkles and my tiny squishy whose no longer tiny or squishy but who will always always be my baby. #selfieswiththeqs
Currently drinking African tea and listening to Fortune Spice bc the longing is real. ✌🏼😭💥
I legit cried when Ryan left the house for work and am a bit dreading life returning to normal : but not like good normal, sucky normal bc both the babies have fevers and are sobbing on the couch about different things. 😭😭 Happy Monday y’all.
The boys are jet-lagging something fierce: indie slept 12 hours straight in the plane on the ride home (and idk if he’s ever even slept 12 hours straight in his whole life?! 🤔 ) and then he fell asleep on the drive home and again after his bath and dinner without complaint and slept until 5 this morning which I call a major win. Stone keeps crying about everything and hiding himself away for alone time. Finn cried last night when we tried to feed him food and begged to just go to bed instead. Padmé laid with her head on my legs all night long and Stabber even came and cuddled with us and we let him. 😂😂 Me and ry mowed the lawn (it was knee high in the back! )and weeded our plants and are feeling pretty damn good even though we’re a tad wobbly and there was no coffee this am. 😂 Thank goodness for Instacart and 2 hour delivery! 💥💥 In other news, my neighbors paid their gardener to mow my front lawn bc it was so bad. 😂🙌🏽 #runawaywiththeqs
Traveling is exhausting. And my middle son is a bit of drama. 😂😂 29 hours in and 2 more to go. ✌🏼✌🏼 #stonewolfermoon #runawaywiththeqs
This is what a four year old on a boat safari looks like. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #indiowildegard #vsco #runawaywiththeqs
We might be sitting at the airport but I’ve got like 8 million more photos to post and another 30 hours of travel sooooooo #quizcousins
In a family of selfie lovers getting a official family photo is harder than you’d think.✌🏼✌🏼 #runawaywiththeqs #vsco
I loved Uganda before. I am in love with every piece of her now. Head over heels, butterflies in love. #runawaywiththeqs #quizcousins
Packing our bags and hanging laundry around the living room and trying to post as many squares as I can before we head out. Currently the airport is having issues, something about it being underwater?! but we are expected to fly tomorrow night/ Thursday at 4am. Cross a finger for us/ send good vibes? The boys are officially homesick and missing Padmé and Stabber so very much. Poor hot lava, I think they forgot you. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂🤭🐟 He is still alive though bc I checked this morning, so #winning 🙌🏽🙌🏽 #runawaywiththeqs
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