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We have mom and Indie days every Tuesday that start with gymnastics and end with a treat with a whole lot of errands in between. Sometimes we get lucky and have lunch with cousins and sometimes we hit Sephora and try on all the new eyeshadows and lipglosses and marvel at how plump our lips look. Mostly we laugh and talk about the need for both ice cream and cookies and listen to the music we want to when brothers aren’t around. And it’s all kinds of perfect. . . . In other news, the shutdown is on day 24 with no signs of letting up and paychecks and food stamps are stalled and so many people in your own neighborhood and town are affected and hurting. National parks are being trashed, libraries are closed and that’s not even the worst of it. If the shutdown isn’t impacting you directly , how have you reached out to your local community to offer a helping hand this week? Our country is in a tug of war and i don’t see it letting up anytime soon. Now is not the time to sit silently by or publicly bitching on social media and not be DOING anything to change it. Have you called your reps to urge them to end the shutdown but not back the wall? Let’s be the change we wish to see instead of waiting for someone else to do it. You hear me? Link in profile on the how. 💥💥 #indiowildegard #realtalkwithabiq #selfieswiththeqs
Rainy days. #indiowildegard
My Wilde. #indiowildegard
For the first time ever, it wasn’t a meltdown, it was joy. 💥💥 #stonewolfermoon #stonemeltsdown
Can we just talk about how laying in bed with no set plans is literally the best feeling in the world?! I get so excited when i have a weekend off and we can lay in bed and drink coffee and talk. The boys pile into bed and cuddle and Ry plays the guitar and it’s my favorite ever. But along with laying in bed being the best thing ever, can we also talk about how school drop off is the worst thing EVER? I never thought I’d be a bus mom but i really wish we at least had carpool once a week. 😫 My kids literally walk up to get a tardy slip everyday and are always shocked when we’re early enough to not get one. 😂😂 #hotmessmom anyone?! Also, I’ve decided I’m just posting what I love whether it’s a good photo or not. This photo makes my heart explode and so, here it is.
Sunroofs :: letting kids behave badly while mom finishes her podcast. In a world of perfectly curated feeds, I’ll be the one keeping it real, lego ninjago shirts and bad attitudes and all . Hey Tuesday. We ready for ya. ✌🏼✌🏼 #indiowildegard #childhoodunplugged #vscocam
Since it’s a New Years Eve, I figured it was time to post a Christmas picture. Merry merry from all of us to all of you. #theqboys
Shopping with the littlest is the best but also the worst bc we both like all the pretty glittery things that make your heart explode and I can’t tell him no. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, totally got two new ornaments that we didn’t need but who can say no to a lucky kitty and a fish with a crown?! 💥 #indiowildegard #childhoodunplugged
Dressing up with one of my best boys always requires a selfie. Finn performed his powerful name Manifesto at his third grade community dinner and rocked it. 👊🏼 So proud of him and the glimpses i see of who he will become. 😫😭🖤🙌🏽💥#selfieswiththeqs #finleyasiimwelane
He’s always running, but lately has been showing signs of slowing down. He held my hand on our walk today, more than once, and not always when we had to cross a street. Loves unicorns more than anything in the world, except maybe glitter. Notices the small things. The bird with feathers ruffled in the wind. The leaves falling like rain. Adores his Tia @karlaquiz and told me he loves her more than me. Favorite food is spaghetti and ate it every single day in Bali. Second favorite is pancakes. Can’t wait to go to kinder and be “the best breakdancer “ in his class. Loves gymnastics. Has a wiggly front tooth that I don’t think is from a trampoline accident. Almost 5. And killing me softly as I watch my squishy little disappear. 😭😭 #indiowildegard #abouttheqboys
Thanks @cavallopoint for the amazing night last night and @vsco for having us. 🖤💥
Just a boys world I’m living in. ✌🏼✌🏼 #indiowildegard
Does anyone else get the dropping off kids who don’t want to be left at school making you feel like the worlds crappiest mom feeling? Especially when it’s all three on one rainy day when you don’t really wanna be out either and totally get it. 🤦🏻‍♀️😫 Here’s a throwback of us climbing lava rocks in Bali with a Volcano behind us less then two weeks ago, because I have to believe they’ll remember this more than the tearful goodbyes today. And that they’ll remember and appreciate their mama worked hard to provide them with all the adventures. 🖤 #runawaywiththeqs
“I love you Indie Wilde” I tell him “I love you mama Wilde.” He tells me back. 😍😭 #indiowildegard #selfieswiththeqs
HOME. Heart overflowing, wild satisfied for the next few months, and happy. So so happy. #runawaywiththeqs #theqboys
Two days left in Bali. Trying to savor the lazy and the quiet and the calm but also missing my bed and my Padmé pup. Not looking forward to having to cook again.
Telling life stories with rounds of rum tonight and it’s my new favorite thing . Be prepared. If you’re in my circle it’s happening and I want to know every detail . ✌🏼✌🏼🖤🖤 #runawaywiththeqs
Day five:: went to the monkey forest despite most of us not being too keen on the idea. It was worth the $3 entrance fee, if only for the bald little baby we saw getting smacked around by his mama. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Hit the market, bought two beautiful blankets and ate some amazing wood fired pizza. Also got ice cream. Always ice cream. Ran home in the rain. Which was followed by swimming in the rain. @br3ntsp34d and @5hyla and Vox joined us in Bali in the afternoon. Went to dinner after hours of swimming only to be greeted once again by rain and a hurry home run walk down the ally’s back. Currently listening to the rain. I forget how much I miss it until it’s here. #runawaywiththeqs #indiowildegard
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