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We’re ready for back to school. Kind of. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Each of the boys got to pick out their own special pair of back to school shoes and Indie even got a pair, covered in glitter. He told me afterwards “you my best friend.” bc I got them for him, even though last night he told Ryan he was his favorite bc I hadn’t kissed him goodnight. 😂 I can’t believe the summer is officially over as of Wednesday and it’s back to drop offs way too early in the am. I had half a mind to take the boys on a epic last minute adventure this morning but then reality set in that we couldn’t get haircuts and new shoes if we escaped to the river, so I made the grown up decision and I’m still regretting it. 😭 In other random thoughts, Stone will either do amazing going to kinder and not look back and I’ll be the one crying or he’ll be a puddle of nerves and I’ll have to walk him in every day this year. The vote is still out. Finn, however is so happy to go to school bc 1. He misses his friends and 2. this summer wasn’t as amazing as he thought it should be. See. I shoulda taken them to the water. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #theqboys
. . I sat with my anger long enough, until she told me her real name was grief. - author unknown . . I was angry for a long time. Three, four years actually. It took me awhile to get angry. I figured they just must not know. And then, it turned to anger. I was angry at the silence, the blatant refusal to acknowledge that others lives should matter as much as our own. I raged at the injustice, I begged family and friends to understand,to wake up with everything in my being. And now, I grieve.
. Passive aggressive public service announcement coming in hot :: just because the internet isn’t talking about it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. . . Remember #childrenbelonginfamilies and how you all were outraged? Remember when it was all the internet was talking about for a week? That was six weeks ago. But even though the internet has died down on the topic, there are STILL 700 children separated from their parents. 400 because we’ve deported their parents already. Babies alone and scared out of their minds. Don’t quench the outrage bc it hurts. Embrace it. All the grief, the heartache, the don’t know what to do feeling. Imagine yourself in their place. Imagine you are the parents. Use the rage to fuel yourself into action. Call, donate, speak out. The fight hasn’t even started and one post to IG doesn’t fix things. We must do better, be better, push harder and break the damn ceilings and burn the bridges if we ever want real change. 🔥 #indiowildegard
When the skatepark has skate camp going on the first morning back. 😢😂 #stonewolfermoon #stonemeltsdown
10/15 of the Quiz cousins. I think. 🤔 #quizcousins
Nina Anna, our favorite baby named Atlas, and Indie’s arm. I love this photo sooooo much. And yes, those are kiss marks all over his cheek. Bc auntie loves his so. 😍😘 #vsco
Forgive me for posting photos a week later, but my VSCO login isn’t working and the photos are killing me. #quizcousins
Proof my kids aren’t perfect. 😂😂 I turned around to Indie beating Stone halfway through family photos, most likely, bc Stone was being a punk. Where’s my boy moms at?! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ #boymom #theqboys
Bc they’re so f’ing cute I have to post at least ten more photos from the wedding. Sorry:: not sorry. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️💥🎉 #theqboys
Wellllllll we didn’t get the epic family photo I was hoping for, mostly because my kids were melting down wanting cupcakes and the ceremony had just ended and when we tried to take one they sulked and look like I’m ruining their lives in the photos. 🤦🏻‍♀️Which, obviously, I was in that moment. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ But, we did get a selfie, I didn’t take photos during the unplugged ceremony OR didn’t stand behind the photographer and shoot over her shoulder as i desperately wanted to, and my boys had as many cupcakes and sodas as they wanted at the end of the night. Sooooooooo, all in all, we’re still winning. 😂😂 But back to the selfie:: my favorite part is Finn covering his shaved off eyebrow after telling me he loves it for the last week?! Or maybe Indie’s death stare from behind Ry’s hair. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️✌🏼💥#selfieswiththeqs
Since I gained like 400 new followers yesterday (hiiiiiii 👋🏼) I decided to do a #fridayintoduction a few days early bc 1. I make the rules and 2. I wanna make sure you know who you’re following. So hi. I’m Abi. I’m not here on IG to win a popularity contest of pretty photos and perfect content, although admittedly, i love both. I’m here, mostly, to make White people uncomfortable in their privilege. I believe #blacklivesmatter and will be stand alongside anyone fighting injustice always. I am sick to death of people posting about social justice issues once they trend, and ignoring important conversations and dialog in everyday life. I was raised in church but I believe the church (read the white church in general) is failing people of color. I believe in justice for #niawilson and that the News stations and papers that post racially biased photos in an attempt to paint the narrative for their stories should be boycotted. ( Read :: White murderer = high school photos + Black victim = any photo they can find that paints them in a bad light.) I’m also sick and fucking tried of police being able to apprehend horrible people without any violence and killing Black kids for running from them at traffic stops. I teach my children real history and they know current events. They are also taught to hold their hands up if I’m pulled over bc my 8 year old looks like a 12 year old, which reads like a 16 year old to cops. They’re taught not to look in car windows at their reflection bc someone might think they’re up to no good. We boycott places that don’t share our beliefs (which has resulted in tears from both my boys and me 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ ) and don’t celebrate Fourth of July . We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving either. I don’t believe we in the land of liberty and justice FOR ALL like I once did but will fight for that to be a reality until my dying day. I read the letter from Birmingham jail a hundred times a year. It’s my favorite. @shaunking and @iamderay are my favorite news sources and I fact check everything, but I do sometimes fuck up. You should fact check too. So that’s me. Stick around if you’re ready to get uncomfortable. Otherwise ✌🏼 #realtalkwithabiq #selfieswiththeqs
It’s a little embarrassing that as a photographer, this is the last professional family photo I have of us. FOUR YEARS AGO. But omg I love it so much. And look how little my babies were. And how short Finn was!!! 😱😱 Of course, as it always has been, i was photographing the wedding and we didn’t get a snap of all of us together until the boys were covered in dirt and marshmallows maybe? BUT GUYS. In two days we’re hitting Chicago bc Ry’s littlest sister is getting married (yo @twiggie98 !!!!!) and I get to attend my first wedding in eleven years?! Like attend. Not bridal party, not photographer, not maid of honor / photographer (true story). Just attend. I’m so excited. And Finn’s so excited to dance with me and has been asking me to practice with him. Ah. Dead. ❤️💥 I’m not even worried that one of my sons cut a chunk out of his brothers afro or that another son shaved off his eyebrow bc he thought it would look cool. Bc what can you do but laugh. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Cross your fingers we remember to get a family photo before we leave the hotel bc the outfits my boys picked out are so damn good . ((And involve a Drake tee, lace up boots like LaBron and a gold chain. All different boys, all special requests.)) 😂😂🙌🏽 #ourqniverse photo by the talented amazing red head @braillegold 🙄😍😘
Monday thoughts. Let’s discuss.💥 #blacklivesmatter
Tuesday mood. I’m feeling a little 😱 like Stone and a little 😖 like Finn. Internet out since Thursday, preschool closing in three days with no notice, no openings at any local schools, and mama’s leaving for a wedding in Naples, FL tomorrow at 6am. I also haven’t packed yet and have thirty minutes until pick up. Send gin. ✌🏼 #theqboys
My Wilde one. Friday y’all. ✌🏼#indiowildegard
FYI::: this is Finn and Stone’s “cool pose” and they kill me. . . Stone’s no longer in preschool so Tuesdays and Thursdays are no longer Mom-and-Finn days (which makes me kinda sad) but they’re now Mom-stone-and-Finn days and that makes me kinda happy. Last week we introduced him to “the junk shop” and searching for treasures and today we introduced him to the fun errands we run while Indie’s in school which included things like the UPS store and the post office and returns to multiple stores where I don’t have to run after Indie when he decides he’s done waiting in line. Although truth be told, Stone did initiate the day by hiding in a clothes rack which resulted in a “if you do that again you’re going back to preschool” talk but damn if it isn’t easier crossing streets with only two hands to hold and not three. Especially while lugging the bathroom sink that arrived in twenty seven different pieces back to the store. 🤦🏻‍♀️ In other news, at my herbalist/ chiropractic appointment today i learned that scorpions can be used in a tea to treat nervous system disorders. How fucking cool is that? After my appointment I feel like I got hit by a train which might be bc of the tape that’s now on my body to help my nervous system?! My dr is a magician but I’m not sure I’m buying this tape thing. Also, I’m wondering if the boys can make their own dinner that’s actually something other then ice cream and chips. Dads working late and I’m laying on the couch and icing my back bc slipped disc and wishing it wasn’t super #badmom to tell Finn to make me a drink. On the agenda until dad gets home:: letting them watch as much tv as they can handle. . . How was your Tuesday? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️🍸#theqboys
I have a section of personal photos on my website called “boys of summer” and taking photos for it is one of my favorite things. They’re the type of photos you take and love bc they’re quirky and beautiful and full of light and summer and then realize fit in the section and it’s this happy little surprise that always makes my day. I guess saying i don’t seek the photos out, they just find me is a better way of summarizing it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, when this sideways shadow hits our outdoor stock tank converted to swimming pool in the late afternoon it makes me so happy. In full disclosure, I will be attempting to take a epic photo of each boy here this summer bc that lightttttttt. 💥💥 . . In other news, I took the boys to the skatepark early this morning for several hours with one of my favorite mamas thinking they would be happy and worn out and could spend the afternoon watching a movie while I tried to work. And at the end of it Indie looked like he’d been crawling through a desert for a month and they were all crying for water bc we ran out and now, three hours home and they’re scream crying at each other and I’m wondering if 5pm is to early for bedtime?! 😖🤦🏻‍♀️ But back to this photo. . . Wolfie Moon | summer 2018 #stonewolfermoon #abiqphotography #childhoodunplugged
New boards for the babies (who Ryan was informed aren’t really babies the other day- ) but I’m going to call babies even when they’re grey bc 1. I can and 2. I’m their mama and that’s what moms do. 😂✌🏼 Also, buy local, support local, always. #theqboys
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