Haydn Christensen

Wouldn’t want to obsess over LEGO franchise movies with anyone else. Happy Valentines Day, my love♥️
Graduated from my CNA program along with an award for academic excellence. Excited to take my next steps on the path to becoming a PA♥️ Thankful for the new friendships I made through this journey. Hope to see you all back on the floor some day!
Happy birthday Beyoncé! Missing you and can’t express how much your friendship means to me. Don’t forget to take a shot for me while you’re studying for the MCAT♥️🎂🍾
#thebeesons2018 💍♥️👰🏻
You’re kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much always on my mind♥️
Great Gatsby feels
Pier Pressure... give into it🌊
I’m that guy in Jurassic World who grabbed his margarita before running away from the dinosaurs 🍹🦖
stay salty☀️
ziplining and rock sliding🤟🏼
I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling... stressed because I have to study for finals on my birthday #22
When I count my blessings, I count you both twice♥️
Laughing because Arkansas doesn’t know what’s coming for them💙😈
BIG EAST CHAMPIONS♥️🏆💙 #ringseason 💍
Big East Regular Season Champions💙❤️ Lucky to play my last collegiate conference series with my b(ridesmaids)est friends by my side
The Einstein to my Mileva... or Elsa... or Betty...🧠♥️
Growing up, my dad always told me that you could be sitting next to the person you are going to marry and not even know it. Well, I never imagined I would fall in love with the boy from Mrs. Hughes third period English class. Happy Valentine’s Day my love, I can’t wait to spend forever with you♥️
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