Snapchat/twitter: @hidayahijazi

High-end model for a low-end brand please buy his merch so he doesn’t go broke
I have a surprise that’s gonna make you wish you weren’t born 26 years ago, happy birthday @zane
fedora the explora
This crown fit everyone’s head except for mine, all aboard the Forehead Express!
Half shady half princess
how can u hate us from outside the club??? when u can’t even get in???
I look so evil in this lmao
Surprise I’m getting married!! Lol jk, but it sure does look like I am thanks to the best brother for putting me in his 200th video which is out TODAY.....he is forcing me to say this (@lukefontana )
Keeping up with the hijabis
My mom posted this as my profile picture for a Muslim dating site and put “someone please marry her” in the bio like she runs the page
Zane’s here you know what that means...
The floor is haram food
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