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Simple advise to mama’s out there..... 👉🏻Keep doing what you are doing👈🏻 Keep guiding. Continue loving. Give lots of hugs, even if they push you away. Always be supportive. Listen. Give. Teach values. Just keep doing what you are doing! Because today, as I sat in Luke’s class and listened as he read a speech in front of the class about how much I inspire him. How much he appreciates me. And how much he loves me..... With tears welling up in my eyes, I realized that even though being a mom is hard at times, there are days like this that makes it worth every ounce of hard work it takes. #HiggsLifestyle
I was up cleaning out the twins closet yesterday and I came across this tee. It was Luke’s back in 2011. Talk about a trip down memory lane..... My life was an absolute mess in 2011. It was year I got divorced. I threw myself into biking and won this particular race in Olney, IL. I put the tee on yesterday.... Slept in it.... Taught class this morning in it.... And went to the gym in it. And still haven’t brushed my hair. 🤣 Easily, I could have looked at this tee, and put it back in the boys closet. Instead, I put it on, and over the past 18 hours, I have thought back to that year, and I didn’t think about that year in a negative way. Rather, I am thankful to 2011. That year was freaking hard, but without the hardships of 2011, there wouldn’t be the many wonderful things that have happened in my life since then leading up to 2018. Thank you 2011 for changing my life and teaching me a whole heck of a lot of life lessons. #HiggsLifestyle
Have you ever been bullied? I was. Mainly during my middle school years. Those years where the hormones are raging and the body is changing. Kids were down right mean! To this day, I still remember what some kids said to me. Why was I bullied. Two main reasons.... 1. My hair 2. Because I was too smart And this was back in the late 1980’s!! What kids go through now is even worse with social media and peer pressure. There is SnapChat. Where someone can send a degrading picture or mean message to someone else, and then it suddenly disappears. Like it never happened. Instagram makes everyone’s lives look so perfect, even if their life is a mess. Facebook....well teenagers say Facebook is for old people like myself. 🤣 Then there is verbal bullying from classmates and teammates. Bullying sucks. My boys can tell you. EVERY SINGLE DAY when I drop them off at school, I say....be nice to the other kids, make sure to include every kid in what you are doing, smile, and be nice and polite to your teachers. NO ONE deserves to be bullied. Even if their hair isn’t “in style”, or the clothes they wear are dated, or if they aren’t the best on the team, or even the smartest in the class. Parents, teach your kids to be kind. They watch and mimic what you do. Be good role models for them. #HiggsLifestyle #BeKind
Cutest conversation between me and an older gentleman that is around my dad’s age at the gym this morning.... Him: Good morning! What type of gun do you like to shoot? Me: Excuse me? 😲 Him: What’s your favorite gun to shoot? Me: I am confused, I don’t shoot guns. Him: Your shirt. It says Girls Just Want To Have Guns. Me: Ohhhhhhh, guns, as in muscles! 💪🏻💪🏻 Him: Oh my! (And then he goes into a long story about which guns he likes to shoot) He reminded me of my dad. So I just stood there and listened, even though I know nothing about guns. Maybe he is a widow? Maybe he has no family around? I do not know his story but… Sometimes we just need to listen to others talk. Oh yeah, and he invited me to the shooting range to shoot guns with him! My goodness… He reminded me so much of my dad! #HiggsLifestyle
I have been chosen to be a #JustStrong Brand Ambassador! Super pumped about this growing opportunity and excited what it will bring to all of you very soon! Just Strong empowers women to be strong, positive, and uplifting!——totally right up my alley! 😉 #BeJustStrong @bejuststrong #HiggsLifestyle
First run since I tore ligaments in my ankle 8 weeks ago! 👉🏻Was it pretty? Oh my goodness no! 👉🏻Did I feel like I was back at square 1? For sure! 👉🏻Was it challenging? YES!!!!! 👉🏻Did it take a little bit for my heart rate to adjust? Yes...just look at what #MyZone said! 👉🏻Did I get my a$$ out of bed at 4:30am for a 5am run? Heck yes! I have a goal for 2019 to compete in a Spartan Trifecta with some friends. Getting back to my normal pace will be a challenge, but NOTHING is impossible! #HiggsLifestyle #DoWhatYouLoveMonday
Cardio is NOT the answer to losing weight or transforming your body! 😮 Lift weights. 💪🏻 Heavy weights...💪🏻💪🏻 And...NO...you will not get “bulky”, trust me! #TruthBomb 💣 When you lift weights, your muscles get STRONGER (not bigger). Yes, really! Sure.... if you eat way more calories than you are burning every day, you will most probably get bigger and gain weight. If you lift heavy weights, and eat in a calorie deficit and fuel your body with the right kinds of food.... your muscles will get stronger and denser and you will burn fat. Picking up light weights for 20+ reps will build muscle endurance, sure, but it does NOT build dense, strong, lean muscle. High rep exercises are good to do to mix your routine up....but that shouldn’t be the only thing you do. And you should not do that most of the time. You need to use a “challenging” weight for you (everyone is different). And cardio 😳! Get off the hamster wheel of doing the same routine, day in and day out on cardio equipment. You WILL stop seeing results. (If you haven’t already) This is why I encourage you to constantly challenge yourself and CHANGE things up so that you discover what your body is truly capable of doing. Otherwise, how will you know? 🤔 Do NOT be afraid of lifting heavy weights. So what if you are a girl, a mom, a wife....doesn’t matter! Girls can life heavy weights too! 💪🏻 Strong is the new skinny! Be proud. Be Just Strong.💪🏻 Photo credit: @chetpiotrowski #JustStrong #JustStrongClothing #HiggsLifestyle @bejuststrong
Before cell phones and crystal clear pictures, there is this photo of my hero...my dad. He served in the Air Force from the year he graduated high school in 1960-1965. He was young, yet he served our country. Thank you Dad for everything. #MyDad #MyHero #HiggsLifestyle
Woke up to a message from this guy. ☝🏻☝🏻 A guy that TOTALLY changed his life with Isagenix and exercise. (but not hours upon hours of exercise....who has time for that?!?!) I mean, REALLY take a good look at these pictures. His weight loss, then muscle gain, then weight loss again. He currently weighs 194 pounds. 👍 Look at what he did in these photos (lost weight and fat---gained muscle---lost fat and maintained muscle gain)💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 How did he do this? His answer....👉🏻👉🏻Isagenix. 👈🏻👈🏻 Isagenix is not only for weight loss, but the SAME exact system and products can be used, along with fork and knife meals, to gain lean muscle mass. Opie is truly a product of the product and shows us that ANYTHING is possible! @obese2isabeast
You know when I said a few months ago that I wouldn’t have another challenge group until the New Year? Well....... Transform In 4..... Coming Soon Unlike any group I have ever done before! #HiggsLifestyle
And Mr Hunter does it again! Second one of the season with his bow! Story behind this one.... Gehl didn’t want to go out last night. He was getting frustrated with hunting recently. I told him that he needed to go out. What if last night was the big night to get one?? You aren’t a quitter sweetie, just go! Reluctantly he went. And he is sure glad he did! #HiggsLifestyle
I worked many years in a job where I would come home crying every night because my boss was outright mean to me. A few years later, after birthing twins and going through a divorce, I decided it was time to be my own boss! What a rewarding experience to own my own brick and mortar business! But with that business came 50+ hours of work, 7 days a week, and no time to be able to go away on vacation because I was married to my business. That is what successful business owners do. Then I was introduced to direct sales. Whoever invented this profession is absolutely brilliant! ✔️Make my own hours ✔️Work when I want to from wherever I want to ✔️Get paid while I sleep and while I am on vacation, or even when I am at my boys sporting activities ✔️Eat dinner with my family every night ✔️Have the financial ability to start my own online lifestyle coaching business ✔️Spend all day, every day with my husband ✔️Be able to buy my kids gifts, “just because” and not have to worry about not having enough money to pay off the bill My life isn’t just shakes and supplements. My job is transforming others lives so that women are more comfortable in their own skin! That men are able to do their physical jobs without being exhausted! To help men and women meet physical goals that they never thought were possible! And much more. I no longer cry tears each night because I don’t like my job. Instead I lay in bed with a full heart with a smile on my face and thinks about about all the lives that were changed today! Bring on tomorrow! #HiggsLifestyle
Keep the Treats For Troops coming!! All of this just came in today!! Thank you so much for those that have donated so far! We will be collecting candy until next Monday at my house! Message me for my address. Can’t wait to ship all of this to the troops!! #HiggsLifestyle #TreatForTroops
Funny story! 🤣 Luke: Mom, I have something that will make you happy! Me: What? Luke: In my Speech class I had to do a paper on someone that I admire. And I wrote about you. Me: You did?!?! No way!! (As I jump up and give him the biggest hug and hugest smile 😁☺️) Luke: Yea. I knew you got really upset when I wrote about Dad last time and how he was my hero, and I didn’t want you to be upset again! Me: 🤔 Luke: So you will need to come in class soon. Me: Really??? I am so excited! What should I wear! Boys....did you hear that Luke wrote a paper about me? Noah: Yes Mom, we heard you do a happy scream from down here! Me: 😁——still smiling ear to ear! Ok, so his dad is his hero. And I come in second in his mind. I am ok with that! He thought about my feelings! He has a big ❤️! #HiggsLifestyle
They stopped me in my tracks today. I was in a rush, and it was like the brakes were put on a fast moving train. 🚝 The wheels on my cart squealed as I stopped. There they were.... the Reese’s Trees! 🎄My absolute favorite. 🎄The perfect ratio of peanut butter and chocolate. 🎄The perfect snack size. 🎄Yum factor of 🔟! Anyone else LOVE the Reese’s trees more than any other chocolate peanut butter candy out there??? #HiggsLifestyle
You are looking at the 2 newest INSANITY live Certified Instructors! Had a blast with Jennifer Pitcher Thoele this past weekend! 💪🏻💪🏻 Look for MORE Beachbody classes coming your way soon! We have a lot up our sleeves 😉 Thanks to Philicia Moll for being the best Master Trainer! #HiggsLifestyle #INSANITYLiveCertified
Luke: MOM, you NEED to get those two deodorant!! I had to hang my head out the window when I picked them up from basketball!! Me: 🤣🤣 Now you know how I felt when you were 12!! #HiggsLifestyle @lukeflaig16 @noahj.flai @itsthednation Perot credit: @chetpiotrowski
STARTING TOMORROW!!! Want to get rid of the extra Halloween candy that you are secretly getting into each night after your kids go to bed?? Somehow those Reeses Cups and Snickers taste WAY better at nighttime! ;) StudioT NutriFit, Inc (my business) is an official drop-off site for @SoldiersAngelsOfficial Treats for Troops program! This great program collects excess Halloween candy and ships it to deployed service members and hands it out to veterans in VA Hospitals across the country! So—if you get stuck with those extra sweets from Halloween trick or treating, or the many parades, stop by my house at 201 East Elm Ave Effingham and drop off your candy starting November 5th! In exchange for your candy....you will receive a healthy gift from me, plus kids will receive $$$ to put in their piggy bank! Please share this to spread the word! #HiggsLifestyle
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