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My mum just said that modelling is a bad industry and that I’m never going into it 😬☹️ We’ll see 🤷🏻‍♀️
Shalom backstage Versace
Linda backstage|| I might go back to a black and white theme because I’m not really finding anymore candids or backstage pics
Naomi and Kevyn|| on an unrelated note there’s this girl in my school who looks a bit like Stella Maxwell
Nadege and Gianni backstage
Carla for Claude Montana 1992
Linda and Kristen backstage
Comment a model and I’ll give you my opinion about them (can’t remember whose idea this originally was sorry) #naomicampbell #claudiaschiffer #christyturlington #cindycrawford #karllagerfeld #90s #90sfashionweek #90shairstyle
Naomi ❤️
Hairstyles during fashion week
Linda at Karl Lagerfeld 1992
Shalom backstage at Rifat Ozbek
Linda, Naomi, Carla and Nadja and Vincent Perez
Nadja backstage at Karl Lagerfeld 1994
Naomi backstage
Karen backstage
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