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Asked @uber_uae to show us the best sunset in town. It did not dissapoint 😱 @visit.dubai #visitdubai
Always in awe of how amazing sea creatures are 😱 @dubaiaquarium @visit.dubai #visitdubai
First cheesy picture of 2019 is a fact @jalil.sam @visit.dubai #visitdubai #AD
Was trying sooo hard to keep my eyes open but it wasn’t really working in the sun😂 Who else makes the ugliest faces in the sun😌? @visit.dubai #visitdubai #AD
Happy newyear!!! We’re sooo blessed with our view this year. 😍 Hope you’re having a good one with your family❤️ outfit @qabeela
Running through the desert with my little big love. Thank you @platinumheritage and @visit.dubai 😍Abaya : @modestrail #visitdubai #AD
I can get used to the beach life in december😌 @atlantisthepalm @visit.dubai #visitdubai #AD
At the top of Burj Khalifa on the 148th floor balcony which is the highest balcony in the world. By the way, I know we look like mum and daughter goals lmao, but if you scroll through the pictures you can clearly tell that Maya has had enough of my random kiss attacks during the day. She’s like “let me go, crazy! I have things to explore😂” My pantsuit is from @esprit @visit.dubai #visitdubai #AD
Lost in fantasy land. @visit.dubai #visitdubai #AD
Oh Dubai, you’re just something else. Dress : @muntheofficial @visit.dubai #visitdubai #AD
Dubai activities with my little big love! Btw, @danielwellington had 10% off every giftset. You can customize your own set and use code HIJABHILLS for an extra 15% off during the holiday season! #DWforeveryone #ad
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