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🎼 “Oh a sailor’s sky made a perfect sunset, and that’s a day I’ll never forget” 🎼
Reminiscing this morning of that long dirt path.
Expecto Patronum.
Prehistoric backroads.
CA-101: “Redwood Highway”
#TBT to our drive down to Campo to start the Pacific Crest Trail. We detoured a bit and hustled our way down the trail to Horseshoe Bend just in time to catch the sunset above!
My view the first morning I woke up engaged. 😍
My gorgeous view this afternoon...the lake’s ok too I guess.
One of the most famous views of Yosemite National Park, and the first you see when entering from the West, Tunnel View.
About a month back we ended up spending nearly a week off the trail for the first time since we started to heal a few nagging injuries and then ending up taking care of a few equipment issues. @michelle_nomadot was so excited to be back in the Sierra again she jumped in the first trailside lake we passed! It happened to be over 11,250 ft and was a bit chilly for my my taste...perfect temperature to drink though! 😋
I always love stumbling upon US Geological Survey markets in my travels and exploration. This one happens to be located at Glacier Point.
Definitely worth the hike (or drive) if you’re ever in the park! 3,300 ft gain in 4.6 mi from the valley floor to the this view! 😍
That moment when you win the Half Dome lottery! That’s right! We (Michelle) got lucky and landed us some permits and we’ll be heading up that beautiful piece of granite tomorrow!
A velvet buck with a gorgeous backdrop.
Nothing quite like a stroll through Kings Canyon to make you feel small.
New blog post up! (Link in my bio) Agua Dulce to Kennedy Meadows. This is from the morning of my 30th birthday on the way to Walker Pass. One of the most beautiful sunrises we’ve seen on the trail so far!
At just under 11,000 ft Selden Pass isn’t anywhere near the highest pass along the PCT and JMT but the view overlooking Marie Lakes sure doesn’t disappoint!!
One of the few, if not the only, PCT signs we saw during the John Muir Trail overlap.
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