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From @socialgazette - Mountaineer Komal Uzair has become the second Pakistani woman to scale the Spantik peak in Nagar Valley of Gilgit Baltistan, a private TV channel reported on Sunday 🇵🇰 She dedicates her achievement to daring women of Pakistan 💕 - Happy Independence Day #Pakistan #Spantik #gilgitbaltistan #India #Nepal #Bhutan #Tibet #Pakistan #Himalayas #KeepHimalayasClean #BeKindToHimalayas
From @maahipirta - The inhabitants of Leh Ladakh are originally Dards from Indo-Aryan ethnicity. But there are also migrated Tibetans, Muslims and Afghans. Despite being the original inhabitants , Dard population is lesser than Tibetan population and the Tibetan impact can also be seen in local dishes ( Thukpa etc) and architecture ( small square windows, dragons etc). . . Ladakh has a rich and colourful culture and life there is peaceful, free of both crime and poverty. I stayed in a guest house and the lady went to meet her friend leaving the whole house to me unlocked. The lady also didn't charge me for the tea, snacks and breakfast and took care of everything like I was her own daughter. It wasn't like a hotel. I really stayed there, we talked about our families , I played with her little kid, clicked pictures in her dress and exchanged phone numbers. . . From my personal observation, people there go out of their way to help you. Everyone is innocent, helpful, hard-working and cheerful. If you haven't been to Leh, you must plan a trip as soon as possible. It'll cleanse your mind and soul. 💞 - #ladakh #jammukashmir #India #Nepal #Bhutan #Tibet #Pakistan #Himalayas #KeepHimalayasClean #BeKindToHimalayas
From @theroutecause - Gulmarg maybe India’s favourite Ski Destination but it struck me as the kind of place where I can just make myself at home without doing much through the day except wander about. Shot on #Canon600D #Gulmarg #Kashmir #India #Nepal #Bhutan #Tibet #Pakistan #Himalayas #KeepHimalayasClean #BeKindToHimalayas
From @wandering_dreamcatcher - "The Little Boy and the Old Man" Said the little boy, "Sometimes I drop my spoon." Said the old man, "I do that too." The little boy whispered, "I wet my pants." I do that too, laughed the little old man. Said the little boy, "I often cry." The old man nodded, "So do I." But worst of all, said the boy, 'It seems grown-ups don't pay attention to me." And he felt the warmth of a wrinkled old hand - "I know what you mean," said the little old man - Shel Silverstein. . . This has always been my favorite click I've taken of this ladhaki man. I stayed at his home at a stop during my winter treks in Ladhak. A copper smith by profession he comes alive with happiness when tourists passing by show an interest in his work. Tiny bowls, spoons and copper plates he immediately removes from that bag of his. We all come alive with happiness when our work has been shown appreciation and value, don't we. At his age at being left behind in the village during winters by his children while they go off to search work in the cities, he finds a sense of self worth and value through selling these pieces rather than selling it just for the sake of money. I smiled at his happiness then, and I smile at the memory of it now looking at this old photograph - Anne, Wandering Dreamcatcher. #leh #ladakh #Kashmir #India #Nepal #Bhutan #Tibet #Pakistan #Himalayas #KeepHimalayasClean #BeKindToHimalayas
From @elitehimalayanadventures - Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.- “Caroline Myss Here’s our team standing above the the clouds at the death zone 8,600m on #k2 2018 expedition. Elite Himalayan Adventures is running a “bespoke one off expedition” to Aconcagua from 3-23rd December 18. The aim of this expedition is to provide a life time opportunity for those who are aspiring to climb 8000ers or Everest in the future. We are bringing some of the World’s most successful exped leaders and guides to help you achieve your goals. This is a “one off” exped so grab the opportunity. It always matters who you climb with.🙌🏽🙏🏔 . . Visit @elitehimalayanadventures for more information. Links in bio.🙌🏽🙏 📷 by our sherpa sardar @mingma_david_sherpa #K2 #skardu #gilgitbaltistan #India #Nepal #Bhutan #Tibet #Pakistan #Himalayas #KeepHimalayasClean #BeKindToHimalayas
From @quynhanhphoto - Mubina from a tiny border village Turtuk in the #Karakoram mountains, still one of my favorite portrait person. She must be much more grown up now. Claimed by Pakistan after the end of British rule in 1947, Turtuk was annexed to India in 1971 during the Indo-Pakistan war. Turtuk, which was kept secluded for a very long time not only by the government but also by its geographical location, served once as an important gateway to the ancient Silk Road. #turtuk #kashmir #India #Nepal #Bhutan #Tibet #Pakistan #Himalayas #KeepHimalayasClean #BeKindToHimalayas
From @kartikiselena - During my brief acclimitization stint at Leh, inside the beautiful 344 year old monastry of the Drukpa order, tucked deep in a hidden valley surrounded by the Himalayan peaks lies the Hemis Monastry. Image : My favourite moments with one of the monks at Hemis monastry yesterday. #leh #ladakh #hemismonastery #India #Nepal #Bhutan #Tibet #Pakistan #Himalayas #KeepHimalayasClean #BeKindToHimalayas
From @mapthenature - At the small food eatery of kangra, I found this cute little guy. It was raining heavily when we stopped there to have some coffee and maggi. Because it's mandatory for me to enjoy the rainy weather with these two things. So just I met this spunk doggo , his name was Pluto and he was totally resembling to that disney one's. He was too friendly to everyone indeed, I purchase milk and cottage cheese and gave him. And he was very happy to have the meal and started licking me. At mountains, this is the quirky experience with these small guys, they became your true friend without any complaints and demands!! - #kangra #himachal #India #Nepal #Bhutan #Tibet #Pakistan #Himalayas #KeepHimalayasClean #BeKindToHimalayas
From @vincentschnabl - Always feeling small in the mountains...but after watching some of @neildegrassetyson talks about the endless stars, galaxies, planets, and possible multi verses I’m really feeling small. It’s so inspiring knowing just how small we really are in the grand scheme of things. I don’t know what comes after this, but I’m going to enjoy the now on our beautiful planet as much as I can for as long as I can. Get out there! - #kathmandu #pokhara #India #Nepal #Bhutan #Tibet #Pakistan #Himalayas #KeepHimalayasClean #BeKindToHimalayas
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