Hina Altaf Khan

Think of me as nemo ! 🐟

Are you looking to click brilliant selfies? Look no more! The new #OPPOF7 comes equipped with an amazing 25MP front camera that captures the perfect and real you! Are you ready for the launch on 20th April? I sure am! #CaptureTheRealYou
Sun ain’t stopping me ! THANK YOU @tuhura.athletics for this super cool gym stuff ... loving it ❀️
Being absolutely useless at my work πŸ˜’
Do you want to join me at the grand #OPPOF7 launch event on the 20th April 2018? #YouandI can attend the star studded event and click selfies together! All you have to do is tag 3 friends in the comments with the hashtags #YouandI #OPPOF7 and #F7IsComing
Janu peeping from there πŸ‘€
Thank you for this kick ass styling @ifrahhumayun and thank you @ak.galleria
πŸ‘—Wardrobe @mango Heels @mango πŸ‘  Styling @ifrahhumayun THANK YOU SO MUCH IFF for doing this for me... I owe you big one ❀️ thank you @ak.galleria πŸ’•
Oh no ! 🀭
Say ❀️❀️❀️ hi to my janu 😌😌😌 GAPPPALAAAAAAAAAAA... I wanna eat him :(
Another treat for your eyes ! RED HEADPHONES for you all !!! THESE ARE MINE πŸ™ˆ giving away my side profile so my sweat and jawline is visible ... sssshhhhhhhhhhh 🀫🀫🀫🀫🀫🀫
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