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#ThrowbackThursday : Stephanie Lussier, Paper and Photographs Conservator, and Michal Mikesell, a former graduate intern, test ink application methods in preparation for the installation of Reynier Leyva Novo's "5 Nights" (2014). Swipe to see the artwork currently on view ➡️ In his series “The Weight of History,” Novo employs INk, a software developed to compute the weight, volume, and area of the ink used in printed documents. "5 Nights" applies the INk software to five revolutionary texts that constituted the basis of totalitarian regimes in the twentieth century. The literal weight of history here is no more than the few milligrams of ink that make up these texts, but each dark rectangle is freighted with a heavy legacy. #HirshhornConservation
“All art takes its inspiration from the power inherent in nature, and my hope is that as visitors enter the museum, they will experience the balance of the man-made and natural circles.”- #HiroshiSugimoto 🌳🌀 On #NationalRelaxationDay , celebrate with ☕️+ 🎨 in our new lobby designed by Sugimoto. 📷: detail view of the tables featuring a 700-year-old nutmeg tree, above it hangs the shimmering “Your oceanic feeling” (2015) by #OlafurEliasson . Photo: @reallyfarrah #atHirshhorn
🌤 📷: @markalanandre reminds us to #lookup and take in all the details #athirshhorn ☁️
“It is an honor to have given my art collection to the people of the United States as a small repayment for what this nation has done for me and others like me who arrived here as immigrants. What I accomplished in the United States I could not have accomplished anywhere else in the world.” Happy Birthday to our founding donor, Joseph H. Hirshhorn, born #OTD 1899 🎂🎨 📷: Joseph H. Hirshhorn with Pablo Picasso and Edward Steichen
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WINNER: congrats to @avelezcortes 📚🎉 Thanks to everyone for sharing, browse the comments for some great recommendations! 🎨 GIVEAWAY: To celebrate #BookLoversDay we want to fill your bookshelf and summer reading list with art! ⬆️📚🎨 To Enter: Follow us on Instagram and add one comment about your favorite art book! Catalogue, biography, instructional guide??? 📕🤔 Full details of the Giveaway 📲 link in bio. All eligible entries will be entered into a drawing, with the winner chosen at random and announced on Friday, August 10. #atHirshhorn
Conservation interns Bhavani and Chelsea had some special assistance today as they cleaned Yayoi Kusama’s “Pumpkin”🚰 Thanks to @smithsonian Secretary Skorton for lending a hand! 🧤 The pumpkin is made of a glass fiber-reinforced plastic that has been painted and coated, it was washed with a gentle soap and then they applied a very thin layer of clear wax using soft cotton cloths. The wax serves to protect the sculpture from the elements throughout the year. After the wax has slightly hardened, they buff it to both strengthen the wax and to get that high-gloss character of the sculpture back. ✨ Bhavani and Chelsea participated in the Mellon-funded Conservation Internship for Broadening Access, learn more at smithsonianofi.com 📲 #HirshhornConservation 🎨: #YayoiKusama "Pumpkin," 2016. Courtesy of Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo/Singapore. © Yayoi Kusama. #infinitekusama
Sculpture garden sketches ✏️🌱🎨 🖌: @amy_wike #atHirshhorn
Artists take you into their studios with exclusive #HirshhornEye videos! 🎥🎨 Hear directly from artists like #NancyKienholz , try our instant mobile art guide on your next visit! ‪hirshhorn.si.edu/hi 📲
We're celebrating #AndyWarhol on what would have been his 90th Birthday! 🎂🎨 Warhol is best known for appropriations of images from popular culture—advertisements, mass media photographs, and celebrity portraits—that challenged the conventional definitions and subjects of art. 📰🎥 "Self-Portrait" (1986) was created a year before the artist’s death, during a period when Warhol was doing many portraits and the artist bestowed upon himself the celebrity status that he had documented of others. In painting himself, the artist used the hallmarks of his personal style: repetition of images, vivid colors, and a silkscreen process which has a mechanistic quality; reducing the human subject to an image which can be reproduced ad infinitum. The self-portrait likens the sitter (Warhol) to a sellable, mass-marketed commodity. #OTD
Full house to learn about @stablearts at Hirshhorn/AM 🎨☀️☕️ Thank you to @tim.doud , @caitlintealprice , Rebekah Pineda, @linnmeyers for joining us today! ✨
Can you guess which sculptures are all wrapped up in blue? 🧐 Collections staff have been busy prepping this very special cargo 🎁 and our friends @ncartmuseum have a loan coming their way! 📬 #HirshhornOnTheRoad
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