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Join our Team! Applications are open for our 2019 Gallery Guides! 🎨 Gallery Guides connect diverse audiences with the challenging and powerful art of our time. Facilitating close looking, critical thinking, and conversation, they promote meaningful and memorable experiences #atHirshhorn . This program provides an excellent opportunity to develop career experience and a deeper connection to art. Gallery Guides learn about art and artists in the collection and special exhibitions through trainings and independent research. 📚 Initial trainings focus on skills and strategies for gallery conversations and tours. Guides build their modern and contemporary art expertise over time, based on personal interests. Learn more on hirshhorn.si.edu📲 Applications due Nov. 4 🗓 Please submit a resume and cover letter to hmsgguides@si.edu. . [Image Description: a group of four guides stand arm in arm in a gallery space, they're all wearing nametags with text that reads "Ask Me."]
🚨🗞: #MarkBradford ’s large-scale exhibition “Pickett’s Charge” has been extended through 2021, following international critical acclaim and more than 700,000 visitors during its first year! 🗓🎉 Bradford drew inspiration for this work from French artist Paul Philippoteaux’s nineteenth-century cyclorama, currently on view in Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania. Philippoteaux’s cyclorama depicts Pickett’s Charge—the final charge of the Battle of Gettysburg, which historians cite as the critical turning point of the Civil War and, consequently, of American history. Working with a combination of colored paper and reproductions of the original, Bradford transformed the historic Gettysburg imagery into a series of eight powerful, abstract paintings. By cutting, tearing, and scraping through the layers, Bradford reveals the hidden textures and complexities lurking just beneath the surface. . [Video Description: Multiple views and quick cuts to show large abstract paintings on the curved walls of the Hirshhorn's inner-ring gallery. Detailed views feature layers and ropes in the paintings. The top layers feature earth tone colors, with smaller sections of neon color popping through cracks.]
Explore the vibrant colors in #SeanScully ’s Landline series 🌈🖌 “I try to paint this, this sense of the elemental coming together of land and sea, sky and land, of blocks coming together side by side, stacked in horizon lines endlessly beginning and ending, the way the blocks of the world hug each other and brush up against each other, their weight, their air, their color, and the soft uncertain space between them.” -Learn more in @smithsonianmagazine 📖 📷: installation view . [Image Description: a nine-foot sculpture stands in the foreground. It looks like a stack of thin boxes, each in a different color featuring shades of blue, red, yellow, orange, gray, and black. A curved white gallery wall is in the background with six paintings featuring thick stripes in similar colors.]
Final Week: don't miss #TinoSehgal 's "This You"! On view in our sculpture garden, this is the first exclusively live work acquired for our permanent collection. Experience a living sculpture this weekend, on view 10:00am-5:30pm through Sunday 🗓 📷: Four of Sehgal's eight interpreters (from left): Jahnel Daliya Slowikowski, Sadie Leigh, Briona Jackson and Lara Supan. Photo @erinschaff . [Image Description: Four women stand in a row facing the camera, they are outside on a stone walkway. Behind them, a green hedge and cut grass.]
Perfect setting to discuss architecture 🙌 Thank you to @deane_madsen for hosting a Hirshhorn/AM on Brutalism today! Brutalism is often considered “...forbidding in nature, sometimes called ‘mean architecture.’ But it’s a little bit more about the integrity of materials.” -DM Some characteristics of the Hirshhorn include the expressed structure (look up at the coffers) and the exposed concrete. Explore more brutalist buildings with his adventures on @brutalistdc ⬅️ . [Image Description: a group sits in the lobby, listening to a speaker centered in the room. The view behind them is a row of windows that look out on the plaza, highlighting the round architecture of the Hirshhorn.]
Celebrate #NationalPoetryDay with collage-poems by the Chicago-based artist #TonyLewis ! 📝 To create "Anthology 2014–2016," @_tony_lewis_ deconstructed hundreds of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, reordered them, and ultimately shaped them into poems through a process of erasing, editing, and rearranging dialogue. ✂️✏️Each poem is assembled as a collage of individual drawings that explores the collaborative nature of creativity and authorship, leaving meaning open to a range of interpretations. 📷: detail view of “The Beach” 2015 . [Image Description: Nine boxes of a comic strip are arranged on a page in different sizes. Each box is colored in with graphite, except for the speech bubbles, and smudges cover the page. Sections of text are erased, leaving key words in each box. Text reads: the beach/ refresh my memory/ my wine/ a cigarette/ cool/ you've made enough trips to the water/ already/ if we imagined we could pretend/ it's not unlike/ here.]
New Program 🚨 Hirshhorn/DRAW is a free drop-in gallery sketching session that pairs an artwork with a drawing exercise ✏️ Throughout October, explore the richness of Huang Yong Ping’s “Abbottabad,” an installation of terracotta tiles and live plants through line drawing. No prior drawing or art experience needed. All ages are welcome. Just drop by, pick up a pencil and a clipboard, and draw! Join us at 2pm every Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon #atHirshhorn 📷: @erinschaff . [Image Description: A figure leans over a black table, their face and forearms are in the right side of the frame. They’re drawing with a pencil. Pencils and paper are visible in the background on the table.]
Happy #WorldArchitectureDay ! 🏛🎉 Gordon Bunshaft (1909-1990), a Pritzker Prize-winning architect and longtime partner at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (@skidmoreowingsmerrill ), conceived and designed the Hirshhorn as “a large piece of functional sculpture.” The hollow-centered, elevated cylinder floats above nearly four acres of landscaped grounds for sculpture. Join us for special tours and programs all day as we partner with the @nationalbuildingmuseum ! Full schedule on our website 📲 hirshhorn.si.edu. 📷: @matthew.p.g.l. . [Image Description: view of the inner plaza of the round brutalist Hirshhorn building on a sunny day. Three rows of windows refect both clouds in the sky and the ring of windows from across the plaza. A few visitors are walking beneath the coffers.]
We’re partnering with @nationalbuildingmuseum to celebrate #WorldArchitectureDay ! 🏛🎉 Join us on Sunday and Monday, Sept. 30 + Oct. 1, with activities #atHirshhorn and the National Building Museum for art and architecture lovers of all ages 🏠🏙 Don’t miss special Storytime programs, tours, talks, and more! Explore the full schedule 📲 Hirshhorn.si.edu. 📷: @gokateshoot . [Image Description: view of the inner plaza of the round brutalist Hirshhorn building, shaped like a ring and elevated on four legs. A large crowd stands beneath the opening of the inner ring, light comes from above, and a row of windows is visible above the crowd.]
“Painting is not about an experience, it is an experience." Celebrating #MarkRothko , born #OTD in 1903! 🎂🎨 📷:In the collection, Mark Rothko “Blue, Orange, Red,” 1961, oil on canvas 🖌 . [Image Description: The canvas fills the full frame. Two blue rectangles are centered and stacked. The top blue rectangle is larger, and both are painted with feathered edges. Red paint borders these blue sections, and at the bottom of the canvas is a thin orange rectangle.]
“The use of color in my paintings is of paramount importance to me. Through color I have sought to concentrate on beauty and happiness, rather than on man’s inhumanity to man." ~#AlmaThomas , born #OTD 1891 🎂🎨 📷: "Earth Sermon - Beauty, Love And Peace" 1971, acrylic on canvas. [Image Description: Vertical stripes cover the entire canvas, made up of small brushstrokes with a thin rectangular stroke, in a spectrum of rainbow colors.]
Calling all museum lovers! Join us tomorrow for the 14th annual #MuseumDay , a nation-wide event celebrating boundless curiosity hosted by @smithsonianmagazine. All day, participating museums and cultural institutions around the country will open their doors to visitors, free of charge. 🏛🎉 We’re offering special tours for all ages throughout the day, details on hirshhorn.si.edu📲 📷: photo by @qinyili , with Emile-Antoine Bourdelle’s “The Great Warrior of Montauban” (1898-1900/cast 1956), bronze. [Image Description: A bronze sculpture of a figure with the left arm outstretched, the right arm raising a sword above the head, and a heavily muscled torso. A visitor in the sculpture garden mimics the pose with their body.]
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