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Due to the #GovernmentShutdown , Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo are closed. We will update our operating status as soon as the situation is resolved. We do not plan to update social media other than to inform you of our operating status.
Wishing everyone a bright and happy #NewYear filled with art adventures✨🎨 📷: Wonderful photo by @reggioinspiredcenter , in Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Pulse Room 💡✨ #PulseDC
Happy #BaconDay ! We love celebrating #FrancisBacon ! 😉🥓🎨 British painter Francis Bacon attained preeminence among postwar figurative artists by making images that evoke the violence and anguish of modern life. In exquisitely composed canvases depicting crucifixions, screaming popes, or tortured bodies, Bacon transcribed the brutality and isolation of those pushed to the limits of their endurance. He also created intense, expressionistic portraits of friends and historical figures. On view: “Spinx III” (1954), oil on canvas🖌 #atHirshhorn
Weekend Plans: explore Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Pulse series💡✨ Share your heartbeat and become part of the installation! 💓 #PulseDC 📷: @nicetomeeja by @ayostephens , in Pulse Room
Merry Christmas! 🎄 We're celebrating with #JosephStella 's "'Serenade,' A Christmas Fantasy (La Fontaine)," in the collection, painted in 1937. Best known for paintings that celebrate the dynamism of modern urban life, Stella also painted images that reflect his interest in decorative symbolism and the early 14th century painter Giotto. Reminder: the museum is closed today, but we look forward to your visit tomorrow! We're open 10:00am-5:30pm on Dec. 26.
❄️🦌⭐️🌲🎁 ☃️🍭 An artist with D.C. roots, #IanWhitmore depicts an over the top avalanche of holiday excess using a lush painting style that is as material as the pile of ornaments depicted. 🎨: In the collection, "Christmas Painting" 2005 🖌 Reminder that the museum is closed tomorrow, Dec. 25. We look forward to your visit on Dec. 26 when we are open for regular hours from 10am-5:30pm.
Happy Birthday to #JosephCornell , born #OTD 1903! Cornell used the Surrealist practice of bringing together unrelated found objects, his unique spin involved creating intricate shadow boxes. He was fascinated with eras and worlds different from his own 🌜👑🏝✨ On view: “Sand Fountain” (c.1955-57) #atHirshhorn
“bravura, moody and mysterious” – Read @washingtonpost ’s review of Charline von Heyl: Snake Eyes 🖌 by @sebastian.smee ! 📰 📷: Installation view, courtesy of #CharlinevonHeyl 🎨
Taking 🎵walking in a winter wonderland🎶 to the next level ❄️ 😯 #GuidovanderWerve undertook a special regimen of diet and exercise to prepare himself to stand at the North Pole for 24 hours. While he slowly turned clockwise, in opposition to the Earth’s rotation, he was photographed every six seconds. 🌏 More than 14,000 stills were compiled into a stop-motion animation, its time-lapse editing accentuating the shivering of the artist’s silhouette against the seemingly endless landscape of snow and sky. #FirstDayofWinter 🎨: In the collection,"Nummer Negen (#9 ) The Day I Didn’t Turn with the World" 2007 (still from HD video).
Share your pulse! 💓 In Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s “Pulse Index,” visitors’ fingerprints are recorded at the same time as their heartbeats and projected onto the gallery wall in a Fibonacci-like sequence. At a time when biometry is increasingly used for identification and control, this data constitutes a new way of representing both anonymity and community. Explore #PulseDC ! @lozanohemmer
Join ARTLAB’s Emerging Artists at Generation Eye, a showcase of teen artwork investigating the construction of identity through the lens of twenty-first century technology. @artlabplus 🗓: Saturday, Dec. 15, 1-3pm in the Lerner Room on the 3rd floor 📍 📹: Darius “Camera Evolution”
Want to go “bowling” and discuss raspberry pink? 🖼 Enjoy a playful, child-led tour featuring kids’ favorite artworks at MAKER MORNINGS: Illuminate this Saturday, 10:30am. Makers of all ages are welcome to join us for hands-on activities, including: an illustration of your family’s heartbeat, paper luminaries, circuit bugs and more! 💡🎨✂️🖌🖍Activity details on Hirshhorn.si.edu.📲 📷: Lyla and Josey studying color and patterns for their upcoming tour in “#CharlinevonHeyl : Snake Eyes.” L to R: Dunesday, 2016; Plato's Pharmacy, 2015. #HirshhornKids
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