Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Smithsonian's museum of international modern & contemporary art. #atHirshhorn Legal: http://s.si.edu/legal

Tomorrow: Dolcezza Coffee & Gelato (@dolcezzagelato ) officially opens #atHirshhorn 🎉 To celebrate opening day, Dolcezza will offer a free small drip coffee to each visitor between 8am and noon! 😍☕️ 📷: @reallyfarrah
▶️ #HiroshiSugimoto on transforming our lobby! 🛋🙌 Sugimoto reimagined the lobby as an immersive, functional artwork, giving visitors an entirely new community space for creative inspiration. His design was brought to life through his Tokyo-based architectural firm New Material Research Laboratory. #atHirshhorn
Happy Birthday, @yokoonoofficial ✨ 💕 We’re celebrating with #ONOCHORD , to send the ONOCHORD message: “I LOVE YOU” by repeatedly blinking the light in the frequencies and durations required for the message: from ships from the top of the mountains from buildings using whole buildings in town squares from the sky and to the sky. Keep sending the message to the end of the year and beyond. Keep sending the message everywhere on the Earth and to the Universe Keep sending. For individuals: send the message by hand or using flashlights or with lighters The message I LOVE YOU in ONOCHORD is: I i LOVE ii YOU iii
#WeekendVibes : #AnnHamilton ’s “at hand” is on view through Sunday, Feb. 18✨ 📷: @mica4life #atHirshhorn #IGDCHirsh
#CurrentMood : Happy Valentine's Day! 🖤 🎨: Jessica Diamond "T.V. Telepathy (Black and White Version)," 1989 #BrandNew80s
Launching the preview of "Brand New: Art and Commodity in the 1980s" with Guerrilla Girl Kathe Kollwitz! Explore the exhibition Feb. 14- May 13, 2018 #BrandNew80s 📷: @johngordy
“…the 30-year-old projection appears to me today strangely familiar and at once unbearably relevant. More than ever before, the meaning of our monuments depends on our active role in turning them into sites of memory and critical evaluation of history as well as places of public discourse and action.” – #KrzysztofWodiczko Starting tonight: Wodiczko’s iconic large-scale, 1988 outdoor projection will be restaged for our new exhibition #BrandNew80s ! On view Feb. 13-15 from 6:30pm-9pm, free and open to the public!
“My idea was to transform the Hirshhorn’s lobby into an artwork that symbolizes what is unique about both the building and the collection. Ideally, this piece is sculpture, furniture and conceptual art, all at the same time.” – #HiroshiSugimoto 🎀✂️ Preview the space, including Dolcezza Coffee & Gelato #atHirshhorn , this week during special evening hours from 6:30-9pm, Feb. 13-15. The museum will stay open late to celebrate the opening of both "Brand New: Art and Commodity in the 1980s" and a three-night-only restaging of an iconic 1988 outdoor projection created by artist #KrzysztofWodiczko .✨ The lobby and café reopen on Feb. 23.🗓
Hello from @LACMA ! We’re taking over the Hirshhorn’s Insta story today to celebrate the work of #MarkBradford .
#SneakPeek 👀: After two years of design and three months of construction, we’ll unveil our transformed lobby Friday, Feb. 23, reimagined by acclaimed Japanese artist #HiroshiSugimoto 🎉 The new space will also feature the specialty coffee bar Dolcezza Coffee & Gelato at Hirshhorn (@dolcezzagelato ) ☕️🍨 The artist-made furnishings are inspired by the fundamental shape of the Hirshhorn - the circle - and the ways in which the shape appears in nature. Including: twin glass-top tables crafted from the roots of a 700-year-old Japanese nutmeg tree and chairs inspired by the helicoid shape of DNA 🌀 Preview the space during our special evening hours Feb. 13, 14 and 15, 6:30 p.m.-9 p.m., we’ll stay open late to celebrate the opening of both "Brand New: Art and Commodity in the 1980s" and a three-night-only restaging of an iconic 1988 outdoor projection created by artist Krzysztof Wodiczko. #atHirshhorn
Happy Birthday to #OlafurEliasson ! 🎂 Imagine what it would be like to stand inside of a kaleidoscope with Eliasson’s “Your oceanic feeling,” made of hand-blown colored-glass triangles.✨ This work was just installed as part of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s transformation of our lobby, opening this month! #atHirshhorn 📷: @amy_bower
Opening Feb. 14: “Brand New: Art and Commodity in the 1980s,” an expansive exhibition exploring the pivotal moments in the 1980s when artwork became a commodity and the artist, a brand. The nearly 150 works in #BrandNew80s examine the origins and rise of a new generation of artists in New York City who blurred the lines between art, entertainment and commerce, a shift that continues to define contemporary art today.
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