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Taipei style star @molly_chiang has hand-picked her top items from #HM and #HMHome to stuff into her own – or somebody else’s – holiday stocking. Read the story on #HMMagazine !
Our vision is to lead the change towards circular and renewable fashion. Be a fashion recycler and bring your unwanted textiles to any #HM store. #HMGarmentCollecting
Is your Tuesday as trendy as @natashattodd 's? #HM #HMxME #regram Jacket: 0675319002
The classic knit gets reinvented with a sprinkle of pearls. #HM Fine-knit jumper: 0578422002 Jeans: 0552370002 Dress: 0720251001 Fine-knit jumper: 0676573003 Sandals: 0674387002
Let your holidays be all about togetherness (and style!) #HM @chloeiscrazy Jumper with sequins: 0694497002 Jumper with lace: 0706108001 Knitted jumper: 0701220001 Ribbed jumper: 0673502002 Off-the-shoulder jumper: 0676582002
A quiet afternoon in the hotel lounge turns into a competitive game of Musical Chairs. The question is, who will get the last seat? #HM Blouse: 0671497001 Polo-neck jumper: 0656497001 Fine-knit jumper: 0676573002 Wool-blend coat: 0661095001 Knitted jumper: 0673504001 Coat: 0686581001 Ribbed jumper: 0673502002 Knitted jumper: 0678977001 Headband: 0428291007 Knitted jumper with lace: 0706108001
Never underestimate the power of a patterned shirt. @meyahw #HM #HMxME #regram Blouse: 0667499011
Pair this outfit with a pair of oversized sunglasses and voíla — you're a true '70s filmstar! ⭐️ #HM Scarf/hairband: 0665082008 Bag: 0693708002 Paper bag trousers: 0725324002 T-shirt: 0723667001
This look, this vibe… We're loving it! ✨ @torontoshay #HM #HMxME #regram 📷: @skovro_visuals Faux fur coat: 0668004001
The little black dress — perfect for any party, any time. #HM @plazadeaubrey Calf-length lace dress: 0699493001 Faux fur gilet: 0703206001 Velour dress: 0663986003 Fitted lace dress: 0663988001
It's Saturday, and we're ready to party! #HM @lejonhjerta Faux fur jacket: 0629349002 Dress: 0673930002 Leo dress: 0673930007 Round shoulder bag: 0611783
Ding dong - party service in red, black and white straight to your door! #HM Short dress: 0664485001 Faux fur gilet: 0703206001 Fine-knit jumper with beads: 0679876001 Pleated blouse: 0671488001 Sequined pouch bag: 0635290001
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